Savitri Devi 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi makes Isha and Pragya against her

Savitri Devi 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri calling goon and asks about Jaya. Goon says she in the govt hospital and met with an accident. Gayatri gets happy and asks him to get the CD. Goon says she don’t have CD with her. Gayatri warns them. Sanchi cries as she is locked in the room, and accepts to have done wrong by getting admission in the college on fake identity. She says she did it for her Mum. She tells that her mum supported her in every way and when she needs her the most, don’t know where is she? Jaya is in the hospital, and wakes up. She calls Sanchi and closes her eyes again. Doctor checks her and says she got consciousness, but her mind is unconscious. He asks what is your name and asks about her family. Jaya calls just Sanchi. Doctor asks Nurse to keep eye on her.

Isha and Pragya call

Jaya and think she shall have come by now. Neeta calls them to her cabin. Adarsh asks Sanchi to give explanation. Sanchi says she don’t want to tell. Adarsh asks her to tell about her friends helping her. She says she was alone. Neeta shows the paper to Isha and Pragya and tells that it was written in the paper that Sanchi was fraud and nobody supported her. Isha and Pragya support her. Adarsh tells Sanchi that Pragya and Isha’s licence will also be cancelled and says he has a way to safeguard their career. Sanchi asks what. Neeta says your licence will be cancelled. Isha and Pragya tell that they are ready to sacrifice their career for true friend like Sanchi.

Neeta says so much trust and asks them to come and see how sanchi is breaking their trust. She says Sanchi is giving statement to Adarsh.They hear Sanchi telling Adarsh that it was Pragya and Isha’s plan to take Sanchi Agarwal’s identity and also tampered with the proofs. Sanchi says it was not her mistake and they forced her to do this.. Pragya and Isha are shocked and think why Sanchi is doing this and putting blame on them. Neeta says did you hear Sanchi’s trust and asks them to come. Sanchi sees them gone and cries. Adarsh smirks and goes. Sanchi breaks down and cries. She says I am sorry…and says she was helpless to do this. She says if I had not done this, then you wouldn’t have left supporting me and your licence would also have been cancelled. She says she can’t play with their career and hopes they understand her.

Veer takes Dr. Malhotra to Sanchi Agarwal and says she is real Sanchi Agarwal. He says she came out of coma and told him. Dr. Malhotra says great and asks him to bring her tomorrow. Veer says he wants Sanchi Mishra’s truth to be truth and wishes Savitri too identifies Sanchi’s truth. Savitri comes home worrying about Jaya. She sees Gayatri and Vaidehi packing her stuff. Gayatri asks Savitri not to step in her room again and asks Servant to shift her stuff in guest room. Savitri asks what is this misbehavior and says she is married to Anand and this room is hers. Gayatri calls Dr. Malhotra and blackmails him. Dr. Malhotra asks Savitri to leave and tells that he don’t want to stay with a fraud woman. He tells that he knows that she is with Jaya and tells that Gayatri is his wife now. He asks her to take her stuff and leave from his room. He closes the door on her face. Savitri is shocked and thinks if Anand and Gayatri are behind Jaya going missing.

Next day, Nurse D’souza comes to Sanchi and asks her to come. Sanchi thinks today either her career will be ruined or Dr. Malhotra’s truth will be out. She thinks she needs her mum.

Veer presents real Sanchi Agarwal before medical council. Dr. kabir reads the medical council decision and cancels Sanchi’s licence. Her ID card is snatched too. Sanchi cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what to say yaar
    ab comment karne ka bhi man nahi kar raha hain
    atleast kal kabir ko dekhne ki milegi vo padthe waqt

    1. True now it has become borng. Rashmi ma’am plz make some interesting and don’t make it to length. And make pair has kaanchi

  2. This serial is really become a boring plz make some interesting, and make sanchi to win the game. With some romance and tacks don’t make serail bore.

  3. All hope for kanchi go to hell……..

  4. SDCH GO TO HELL 1st kanchi break and now friends I stopped watching b4 now reading also stopped

  5. Now Sanchi has been sacked. Hope it is only her dream. I don’t know why Savitri spoke truth to Veer. But I m sure Sanchi will cum back and show trio i.e. malhora,kabir and veer that she is best. I luved to watch love hate drama and she will win for sure as veer told in previous episode that sach ko jitna bhi chupaya Jai wo khud b khud bahar aa hi jaate hai. It is my view that there is no need for lady to have male helper to overcome her obstacles. Now SDCH show the empowerment of lady to world. Now I luved to watch. I m not in favor of kanchi and sanveer Jodi. Sanchi will more happy to be single. She don’t need dump veer and robot of Dr. Mslhora I. E. Kabir.

    1. Sorry as I saw in youtube sanchi is out of sdch

  6. Ab bs b kar do 4 din ho gye hen ek hi story chl rhi h do something more intresting and stop this all

    1. Dis week will be same story

  7. Are yaar ise to dahka na b nahi chahite worst hogaee

  8. Otakustuff

    There’s no Vikrant Priya part? U forgot kya?

  9. Sanchi will be thrown out of sdch and then the interns will pressurize the management to bring her back ASA i saw it on Akansha Sareen (Riya) story on IG..

  10. Prakruti

    Sanchi will be thrown out of Sdch and then all the interns will pressurize the management tho bring her back as I saw this on Akansha Sareen’s ( Riya ) IG story .

  11. Plz readers don’t throw slippers at me…..if the same super boring track continue then soon this serial goes off air….I can’t believe it has famous stars like varun, vikram still trp r low…..I guess if they start love track then there r chances….personally I vote for kanchi pair

  12. Oh god…Isha and Pragya seperating from sanchii…Sanchi would be zero if they don’t support her

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