Savitri Devi 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir telling that Sanchi have topped in the exam with 89 percent. Everyone claps for her. Dr. Kabir tells Ria that she has scored low in this exam 59 percent. Ria says how can this be possible. She says how can Sanchi topped in the exam when she is average student and have surely cheated. Pragya says Dr. Kabir checked her and she didn’t cheat. Ria tells that she felt someone’s presence in his cabin and says may be Sanchi was there and had stolen the exam paper. Sanchi is shocked and her bag falls down. Ria picks the question papers and shows to Dr. Kabir. Sanchi says this is not mine. Dr. Malhotra says thief never accepts his crime, and says this paper is found in your bag so it is yours. I think you have blinded to get good marks that you didn’t think once that everyone

will doubt you. He says I have understood that you have stolen the papers. Veer tells him that he had stolen the question papers. Sanchi is shocked and thinks Veer asking if she read the thing in her bag. Dr. Malhotra tells Veer that he can’t take her blame on himself and says I am rusticating her from the hospital. Sanchi recalls about Jaya’s courageous words, and tells him that he can’t rusticate her without listening to her truth. She asks him to take her oral test and says if I don’t answer any question rightly then I will leave this hospital by myself, this is my promise. Dr. Anand agrees and says 10 questions and if you answers any question wrong then….you are out.

Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi, about the vaccination which a 2 years old will have. Sanchi answers rightly. Dr. Kabir asks what drug is given in Malaria and what should be the dose? Sanchi answers rightly. Veer, Pragya and Isha get happy. Dr. Kabir asks her remaining questions and says 5th question. Dr. Malhotra asks if he is asking easy questions to make her win, and says now I will ask question. He asks how you will treat 3rd category dog bite. Sanchi gets thinking. Ria smirks. Sanchi says I will give her antibiotics and will let the wound open and will do normal dressing. Dr. Malhotra asks if she will not do stitching. Sanchi says if she does stitches then there is a chance of rabies. Ria thinks how can average student know about this. Dr. Malhotra asks how she will treat heart attack patient. Sanchi says she will give him aspirin to stop blood clot and to increase blood flow and decrease heart loa, she will give nitroglycerine therapy and analgesic to control chest pain. Dr. Malhotra asks other questions. Sanchi answers all right. Dr. Malhotra says he will ask last question in eye dept and asks her to follow him. Sanchi and others go.

Ashok asks his employees to do more work as they got a big order. IT dept people come there and says they came to know that he has not registered his factory and also haven’t paid tax, and says he will seal the factory and shows the papers with Ashok’s signatures. Ashok and Khushboo pleads infront of him, but he seals the factory along with Chakli’s factory .

Dr. Malhotra takes her to eye patient and tells her that this man’s vision is 98 percent gone and asks her to check his reports and tell why his vision is gone in just 1 min. Sanchi checks the reports and the patient. Dr. Kabir thinks this is not right, this case is complicated, I have to talk to him. He says sir. Dr. Malhotra stops him. Sanchi tells him that MRI report is not in this. Dr. Malhotra asks why do you need MRI report as other reports are there. Sanchi says may be there is a blood leak in his eye and it will be confirmed with MRI. Dr. Malhotra says it is a useless excuse and says I will not wait for you till MRI report comes. Just then Nurse brings MRI report. Dr. Kabir checks the report and tells Dr. Malhotra that Sanchi’s answer is right and he has a blood leak in eye. Sanchi thanks to God. Dr. Malhotra is shocked. Everyone claps for Sanchi.
Sanchi asks Dr. Malhotra if she shall go or stop. She says she will take his silence as yes. She says she will be ready for more tough questions next time, and says she never cheated in her life, and will never be, as she knows what a doctor means. Everyone claps for her. She walks off, others follow. Veer tells Dr. Malhotra that he had stolen the papers, and says if he had agreed then wouldn’t have felt humiliation. Ria thinks how can below average students answers well and thinks to find out. Dr. Malhotra thinks there is something which is hidden from his sight.

Ashok calls Vaidehi, but she rejects his call. Kusum blames Jaya. Jaya asks what wrong did I do? Kusum says you got her face blackened and made her wear garland. Jaya tells that she did wrong with us, and helped Ashok to ruin me. Dadi comes and scolds Jaya for humiliating Vaidehi. Khushboo says she don’t care for us. Jaya says she cares for them and that’s why tried to save him. She says Ashok can work in my chakli business. Khushboo and Suman says no. Pragya and Isha ask Sanchi to give them treat. Veer comes and apologizes to Sanchi. Sanchi says you tried to help me with wrong way. Just then Dr. Kabir comes and says just as you all know that Sanchi have topped in the exam and that’s why she will be head intern. Everyone claps for her. Dr. Kabir asks her to choose her assistant from the interns. Sanchi chooses Veer as her assistant. Veer thinks she has taken a bad revenge. Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that she have the assign the interns, and maintains the records etc. He says he is having off tomorrow, but she shall give him info about every movement. Pragya and Isha think if he is having girl friend etc. Dr. Kabir asks Veer to be responsible and not to disappoint him.

Jaya thanks Pushpa for giving her house to start her business. Pushpa asks her to be happy. Jaya tells her that everyone is angry with her and blaming her as Ashok’s business is ruined. She hopes everyone understands her and Ashok joins her business.

Pragya tells Sanchi that Dr. Malhotra asked tough questions. Isha says he didn’t know that Sanchi is a scholar. Sanchi calls Jaya and tells that she stood first in the exam. Jaya says she is proud of her. Sanchi says I will call you tomorrow and ends the call. Sanchi looks at her family’s pic.

Vikrant wakes up Priya at 4 am and tells that he is ready. She says today is the first day of your fast. Priya goes to take bath. Vikrant asks her to come out in 2 mins.

Sanchi knocks on Veer’s room door. Veer’s room mate wake him up. Veer wakes up, opens the door and finds Sanchi standing. Veer says it is 7 am, now, and my duty starts at 9 pm. Sanchi tells him that I will decide your timings, if you want your life to run smoothly then follow my rules, else I will make your life hell. I will go first to take bath, and you will not tell me Sanchi or something else, but only maam. She says you will not do anything without asking me, not even lunch and no pranks, if you do any prank then I will extend your duty. She asks him to maintain a sheet of in and out timings for duty. She asks him to keep his phone off and says she will asks him 3 questions daily, which he shall answers rightly else she will extend his shift 1 hour more, and asks him to bring his diary. Veer thinks she has become teekhi mirchi from Gol Gappa.

Priya comes to kitchen to have tea. Rukmini comes and stops her, and says she will get water only twice, and says food, coffee and tea too. Vikrant comes and asks her not to cheat. Rukmini says your food will be simple and says the more weight you lose, it will be more auspicious for you. She asks her to come and do the jaap. Sanchi assigns depts to interns. Ria thinks she will not let her drama continue and will find out how can she become head intern. Veer comes just then. Sanchi asks if he wants to do extra duty and asks him to follow her.

Vandana asks Priya to fold her hands before the mrityunjay jaap. She have a tough time to read, and tells that she will hear the recording today and will learn. Vikrant comes and says Priya will do the jaap, no recording. He asks his mum to do breakfasts. He takes her video while she does jaap. Gayatri comes there and smirks seeing Priya’s condition. Vikrant asks Servant to continue recording. Gayatri says she came to see her daughter and asks how is she? Priya understands her plan. Vikrant thanks her and says I am your son. Gayatri says I will leave, and tells him that Priya is stubborn. Vikrant says she does, whatever I tell her. Gayatri tells him something. Vikrant gets upset.

Sanchi assigns Veer to chidren ward. Veer says these kids cry a lot and wants to go to loo every min. He says he can’t handle them. Sanchi says she is ordering him. Veer says he needs an assistant. Sanchi refuses and asks him to call her Maam. Veer refuses. Sanchi looks on upset.

Isha and pragya see Veer’s phones and sends his video to Dr. Malhotra by mistake. Dr. Malhotra watches his video on TV and asks Veer to give his credit and debit cards. Veer asks Sanchi how dare she to send that video to Dr. Malhotra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aant bala to sab bala finalally sachi topped & kya aacha jawab diya dr malhotra ko.
    Love episode

  2. Diya30

    @@@Naymaz yes dear I’m Bengali n aronno also…
    n yes I’m a vitharv fan
    tmr ki Twitter account a6e?

  3. Diya30

    @@@aronno yes I like this show
    n plz dear try 2 create a Twitter account n Twitter a almost sob vitharvians a6e…so plz try
    my Twitter id is Diya30_

  4. @diya dear whom pair you like most in this show sanveer or kanchi.
    remember one things dear @pinky di told us we will all vitharv fan meet in vikram new show so please do not forget it.
    In this page I only read veer scene.I do not like anyone like shivani but I dislike shawshank .i think sanky on dating so now I am only athrav fan.Now I am waiting for new show of vikram.I always want to see that younger brother always protect his sis.I wish veer will save his sis and bring again his sister’s love.this show have not seen us brother sister bond .here veer and priya’s life has full of I want brother sis together struggle.veer can get happy if his sis remains happily.
    @diya whom you miss most vikram or shivani?

  5. Diya30

    @aronno I like sanveer
    dear I’m totally Vikram’s fan so I was a fan of atharv n then vitharv but seriously I only like Shivik pair n I’m happy… bcoz in Vikram’s new show Ek Deewana tha vikku may b negative character so o karo songe pair krbe na I think so… n definitely amra meet krbo vikku r new show a…
    coming to SDCAH I see it just bcoz of it’s concept I really like it…totally new concept not a saas bahu drama…
    but dear is OK 2mi jodi Twitter account open krte na paro we’ll meet in vikku’s new show…

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