Savitri Devi 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikrant fails Priya’s plan

Savitri Devi 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant telling Priya that Supriya was his ex friend and he used to love her a lot. He don’t know how that mannequin come here. He says Supriya eloped with a foreigner and is alive. I couldn’t think of killing her and says when I saw you, I decided to marry you. He says you breaks my heart every time. Mr. Chawla scolds Priya for breaking Vikrant’s heart. Dr. Malhotra says today you have made us ashamed and asks when you will mend your ways. Sanket thinks this man is clever and it is very difficult to free her. Vikrant calls off the party. Savitri asks Dadi why did Priya do this, and asks if she is not happy then why can’t we take her along with us. Dr. Malhotra tells Savitri that Vikrant is a nice and humble guy. Savitri asks are you sure? Dr. Malhotra says yes. Vikrant

says you have not done right, this is not done. Priya is scared.

Dr. Kabir and Veer meet at some shop. He greets Veer and says he liked the way he took the results sportingly. Veer says someone made me understand my time has not come, and when I become capable enough, I will reach that position. Dr. Kabir says sure. They both tell that they are going to attend Dandiya night.

Neeta gives money to a poor couple and says we will give you more money when you gives your son to us. Poor couple agrees. Pragya comes there. Neeta asks Nurse to throw the reports. One of the report falls down, Pragya checks the date and thinks it is of yesterday. Neeta takes the report from her hand and gives to nurse. Jaya calls city hospital and asks can she get the old video records. Nurse says it is in library and asks her to come and take. Jaya gets happy. Pragya tells Sanchi that Nurse took some reports and last day report to the library. They check for the reports and it is torn. Pragya says what we will do now. Sanchi says they shall stick the papers. After sticking the paper rightly, Pragya gives report to Sanchi. Sanchi is shocked and thinks Mrs. Maheshwari is pregnant with a girl, then why Mr. Maheshwari is happy. She thinks why did Neeta asked Nurse to destroy the report and says something wrong will happen for sure. Priya thinks my plan failed again and Vikrant was humiliated infront of everyone, this time even God can’t save me and thinks what to do.

Vikrant comes to room and closes the door. Priya thinks what he will do with me now. Vikrant takes out his belt and throws it far. He takes out his shoes and scares Priya as if he will hit her with it. He then holds her closer and says today he will the meaning of husband. He sleeps hugging her. Priya thinks what he will do now. Pragya tells them that Neeta will trap them. Sanchi says she is right, we have to think something else. They hear someone coming and escape through window. Sanchi says we need that report or its pic. She says she will get it. Isha says it is risky. Sanchi says we have no option than this. She peeps in the window and sees sweeper. He leaves. Pragya and others go inside and find the report missing. They think from where to get report.

Kusum and Savitri give jewellery to Dr. Kabir and Veer asking them to make their bahu wear it. In the dandiya dance, Dr. Kabir is about to give earrings to Sanchi. Veer is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shabnam

    what will happen now can’t wait Monday we want sanveer?????????? don’t want kaanchi?????????

    1. Mee too hifi want sanveer sanveer n only sanveer………???????????????????????

  2. mujhe lagta hain ki jab tak in logon ka dandiya khatam hogi tab tak diwali aajayegi

  3. I hate this stupid hindi tv drama. English shows in 90s were a million times better than today’s hindi shows. Draw comparisons F.R.I.E.N.D.S and shitty Indian drama. Oh wait wrong comparison. That’s like comparing….. Well could have been many bad words ahead… I mean seriously.. They are so crapy that all of them should be shut down. And I don’t know why you guys even watch these shows. Giv these shows no viewship and will take no time to shut them

    1. Suranjana

      They took Ross and Rachel’s “We were on a break” phrase.

  4. Aafiya

    Definitely Kanchi ??

  5. Maisarah

    We want KaNchi….
    We want KaNchi….
    We want KaNchi….
    And I feel it’s gonna be KaNchi??????????

    1. Dhruti

      we want kanchi …..
      we want kanchi….
      because both are perfect as a pair….
      but what’s going on in serial thank god i seen precap only on tv otherwise me to pagal ho jati as usual vikrant ne priya ka plan fail kar diya…..kitna sara negativity he serial me….i’m just pissed off with sdch but tolerate only for kanchi………………..

      1. Maisarah

        Ha yaar…. It’s so irritating? But KaNchi ke liye kuch bhi???

    2. Niyaaa

      Hey dear when u post ur ff.. Its already too late m eagerly waitting for ur ff …plz post nxt asap

  6. Now what will happen?? Next …… I’m soo excited… Ya and I want kanchi to be united and I want kabir to give his jewellery first and propose her first before veer na……..pls make them pair na…..

  7. I want Kanchi as pair

  8. Yeah. Want sanveer..i cant see veer worried…He is best prankster…He is best in acting…He is best as a lover…He is best for sanchi

  9. Next week kabir will give ring to sanchi and sanchi will take and wear it but it might be practice for kabir to propose bitto but sanchi dont know that bitto z none other than she(sanchi).
    But veer will get heart broken ? ? ? again

  10. I want kanchi…….only kanchi

  11. Same here guys.I too want kanchi as pair.But i somewhere want sanveer also

    1. Hehehe sorry dear per tum to cvc or sanchi ki tarah confuse mat ho kisi ek ko decide kar lo sorry per mera irada tumhe hurt karne ka bilkul nahi h

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Agree with u Kriti even though I m a Kanchi fan I have a soft corner for Sanveer

  12. Sanchi will wear Kabirs ring.

  13. I wish it is kanchi…..

  14. Oh i am so much desperate to know that whose proposal will sanchi except.And how she will take her father’s revenge

  15. Oh i am so much desperate to know that whose proposal will sanchi except.And how she will take her father’s revenge

  16. Kanchi plz

  17. Hope 4 kanchi..

  18. Sanveer pls…

  19. Watchg this show only for veer…pls pair veer atleast with helly or tejaswi Prakash

  20. Sanveer Pls
    We want sanveer jodi

  21. I am sanveer fan
    I love sanveer jodi

  22. Aditi kashyap

    I think veer is perfect for shanci..


  23. This is becoming more irritating day by day. l was only watching this for kaanchi. but l can’t see any ray of hope. So l think it’s better to quit

  24. Riyarocks

    yaar koi vikrant ko goli maar do……so irritating………just HATE him……& waise bhi kyun bekaar main umeed lagana….cvs wohi karenge jo unhe karna hai(even though I want kanchi…but I feel sanchi, kabir ka proposal reject karne waali hai)…

    1. Sajnana900

      Same here as u think priyu
      Y these vikrya scene they are adding
      For melodrama/bakwas part
      Gaitry savitri and anand wala hi enough hai phir bhi
      Ek to timing itni cm kr di hai uuper se 12 13 min to ye Malhotra Mansion Chawla Mansion ka scene chalta hai to kanchi/sanveer ke scene hi kat jate hain what to do of this i only tolerate it bcz of kanchi cz i want them to be togather
      Otherwise i never seen this
      And u know what they r jzt stretching the serial as that dandia night convo start from tuesday and will telicast on monday almost a week how could they keep suspence for so long jzt hate all the part except kanchi
      I want kanchi only

    2. Niyaaa

      Hey prinku koi fayda nahi.. Mujhe hi lagta h yaa sabko ki na hi veer na hi kabir is show ka male lead h vikrant aadhe se jyada show m usse hi dikhate h… Nd plzz cvs koi dang ka thodi ijjat bachane wala plan to banaya karo het baar priya bina sabut k vikrant k bare me bol deti h baad me kuch nahi milta pehle sabut dikhao uske baad bola karu kyun bewajah saitan ko jaga rahe ho..nd sanchi mata abhi kabir ko reject nahi karne wali wo angudi pehen legi per anjane me LOL.. New spoiler dear Vikrant will expose Priya and Sanket and going to trap them badly.
      i guess they really dn wanna get rid of Vikrant anytime soon.
      Sanchi will do operation of Veer patient wd her chamchis wdout informing anyone.When administrative run a enquiry on her Kabir is going to say a lie to save her (Will ever Veer gonna do any treatment to his own patient atleast for once)
      Kabir will ask Sanchi for Dinner date and she will go and she even tell Riya that U r Kabir sir’s Bitto which gnna give Ria wrong signals
      Veer is going to witness Sanchi and KAbir in Dandiya night post that he will listen Kabir talking to his mom about Sanchi accepting his proposal
      Veer going to taunt Sanchi sarcastically and gonna asks her not to play with Kabir’s emotion atleast as it pains a lot..
      Kabir & Sanchi going to stuck in lift when Sanchi thought to tell Kabir entire truth but power cut and dnno hw Sanchi gonna fall on kabir and lift door opens where Veer is standing and will see them in that position.. So abhi or drama dekhna baki h.. Jhelo

      1. Hey didu…..kal main itna pagla gayi thi na ki maine comment hi nahi kiya…..mujhe laga koi fayda nahi dekhne ka…..sahi kaha aapne Priya toh bina hatiyar ghus jaati hai jung ladne…..vikrant toh amrit pee kar aaya hai….Kanchi/ Sanveer inn teenon ke darshan hi nahi hote hai…..bas melodrama chalta rehta hai yaar

      2. Riyarocks

        u know what, kabhi kabhi toh mujhe ye bhi lagta hai ki bekaar main hum sab umeed laga rahe hain….kahin aisa na ho ki kabir aur veer aapas mein ladh rahe ho aur koi teesra aakar sanchi ko le jaega……..haha……..hone ko toh kuch bhi ho sakta hai…inn logon ka koi bharosa nahi….

    3. Anee

      Ri you are absolutly right vikrant ko goli maar deni chahiye…..aur priya ko bhi….pagal kahin ki…..kuchh samjh toh aata nahi…aajati hai muhh uthake…..maidaan main…..ab bhugto pehle kam jhel rahi….eeeeeeeeeeee… much irritating….you know i leave all the irritating parts of the show jzt watch only kaanchi….but…kismat dekho humari kabhi toh ek glimse bhi haasil nahi hota…..waste offf time….&&&& yaar yeh savitri ko koi dubara mar sakta hai kiya…..main supari deti hun yaar maar do isss koo……eeeeeeeeee so irritating acting by her…koi scene ka sense hi nahi hota yaaar….bs ek minara laake samne khara kar diya hai…jo ke…yen bolti rehti hai….dumbb…..Savitri ke aane se humari kusum aunty ka pata kut hogya hai…..yaaar savitri se scene se accha kusum aunty ka single scene dikhaado usss main maza atta hai…yaar…..pata kaanchi hoga ya nahi…haye Raam Kaanchi nahi hua toh main kiya karungi Iss kabir/Vikram ke aane mene purane serial chhod diye…kisi show main maza nahi aata…Har jagaa vikram ko dekhti….ummmm….i think over hogya hai na?…anyways…..bhagwan hi CVs ko SAt budhi de…..Jai shree RAM..

      1. Riyarocks

        Aneeeeee……..kahin jo main soch rahi hoon, woh sach toh nahi…….r u having a crush on kabir?????????…….dekho bura mat maan na…….jis tarah tum kabir ko har jagah imagine karne lagi ho, I felt this…….& hey…..don’t worry…….its absolutely ok…..haha….

      2. Niyaaa

        Hey anee sahi kaha tumne savitri se better to kusum aunty hi thi ab tak sanchi mata k liye kabir veer lad rahe the ab dono ki matayein bhi jung me uttar chuki h hey bhagwan uh le mujhe.. And dear mera bhi yahi haal h jitni kosish kar lu per phir bhi vikram k chakkar me seriel dekh hi leti hun i hate vikram ye is seriel me aaya hi kyun agar nahi aata to kam se kam m shanti se ye show chod deti per nahi RS kam thi jo VS bhi aa gaya.. But seriously mat lena meri baat ko kabir se nafrat chahkar bhi nahi..hehehe.. Kya karu dil h ki manta nahi nd jai shree ram kya pta ek se bhale hum sabki duaa kam aa jaye or cvs ko sadh budhdhi mil jaye per agar aisa hua to ye kisi fairytale se kam nahi.

  25. Priyanshipp

    I’m tolerating this show only in hope that one day kaanchi would be United. Otherwise all rubbish r poured into the show what nonsense everytime priya’s plan fail. Huh I’m pissed with this drama.

    We want kaanchi kaanchi kaanchi.

  26. Anita

    Awesome pardafash Hai seriously Mahan plan that Priya sanket lol isse toh better Tha spray pepper spray in vikrant eyes and then run for ur life lol
    Poori family pagal Hain
    Ye saanchi bilkil thakeli Hain lol
    Sab golmaal Hain Bhai sab golmaal Hain .
    Kya competition chal Raha Hain between Kabir mummy and veer ki mummy mein lol saanchi banegi Meri bahu lol ;pppp

  27. Sukorian

    hi im from udaan section but I like veer n Saachi alot n Veer acting is always amazing ?. I feel bad for priya n yeah I this earring gift could ctrat another mu between veer n saachi ☹

  28. I want kanchi to be united but what makers are doing I am not getting….if the lead pair is made clear it will be useful for us to continue to watch this serial or not…..

  29. We want sanveer. They are perfect for each other.

  30. Let’s see who bcme the lead pair … Hope kanchi … Hope Sanchi accept kabirs proposal …. spoiler alert DT Sanchi will accept Kabir’s proposal n soon ll marry kabir to complete her mission …… Hope she marries kabir …

  31. Sach bolu mughen na sweper pe bhi sak ho raha hai. vo kyu vo report le jayega? vo to files ke upar rakha tha na.I hope kapir is somewhere related to main story.

  32. Niyaaa

    Na sanveer na kanchi i want vikachi both r perfect for each other… Hahaha.. Wase bhi dono ko hi sari footage di jati h kaVeer scene to muskil se 2 min ka aata h

    1. Anee

      hahaaha niya Right dear.pagal saanchi ko pagl vikrant hi jhel sakta..ya yuin kahun ke pagal saanchi hi pagal vikrant ko jhel sakti hai.

  33. Want my Kanchi only .. watching Sdch only for my kabir

  34. i want sanveer please do it

  35. I guess they want vikrant to be main lead…..if that’s the case plz CVS clear us & we will stop watching the show

  36. I want sanveer plz make their jodi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  37. please attention all of sanveer fans check upcoming epi there will new entry for veer.who will love veer and there will be fresh relation between veer and will make sanchi jealous. do not know will he fixed for veer or not..

  38. You tube spoiler is fake so pls don’t believe it

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