Savitri Devi 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi to be presented before medical council

Savitri Devi 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya consoling Sanchi and says Jaya will come. Savitri asks Dr. Malhotra why did he do this and tells that Sanchi is Sunil’s daughter. Dr. Malhotra bluntly asks her to stay away from his hospital. Jaya hides the CD in the bricks kept in the building and runs out. She faints. Some people see her and run to her rescue. Goons see people with Jaya and runs away. Nurse D’souza takes Sanchi’s phone and tells that until medical council meeting is done, she can’t talk or meet anyone. Isha and Pragya that that Sanchi is a reputed doctor and not a criminal. Nurse D’souza tells that they shall be thankful to them for handing her case to medical council rather than handing her over to Police. She humiliates Sanchi. Pragya and Isha tell that even they can show their powers

and takes her side. Sanchi agrees to Nurse D’souza’s demand.

Vikrant shows Sanket to Priya. Priya says he is not Sanket, let me touch him and see. Vikrant angrily asks her to check. Priya touches his face while taking his name. Sanket gets up. She whispers in his ears that she will save him. She takes out gun from her saree and asks Vikrant not to move from his place. Vikrant laughs and says I am glad that you are my wife. She asks him not to move else she will shoot. She cuts the rope and frees Sanket. She tells that she is not a fool like him. Vikrant says you always betrayed me for him. Sanket takes the gun and says he will shoot. Vikrant takes the gun from his hand. Priya hits on Vikrant’s head and runs with Sanket. Vikrant shouts asking goons to catch him.

Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that he don’t believe that she played with patient lives. Sanchi asks him to trust her and says she is innocent. Nurse D’souza takes her with her. Sanket and Priya while goons follow them. They hide. Sanket thanks Priya for saving him risking her life. Priya says you shall not thank me, as you are more than my own life and I can do anything for you, and you have also come to that hell to fight with Vikrant. He is about to kiss her. Priya says we shall go from here as goons can come here at any time. They run. Her pallu gets stuck. He frees it. Goons and Vikrant come infront of them. Vikrant says love birds, what you do think that you can get away from me again.

Savitri calls Jaya and thinks why she is not picking the call. If she is in some trouble. She thinks this is not possible. Veer comes to Savitri and tells that he didn’t tell anything to Dr. Malhotra, but truth came out eventually. Savitri says it is half truth. Veer asks what do you mean? She says she will tell later and says many loves will be ruined..

Dr. Malhotra asks Neeta to handle Pragya and Isha and tells that they come from strong background and he don’t want them to stand for Sanchi. Neeta assures him. Savitri prays to God to send Jaya there. Veer is thinking about Savitri’s words. Dr. Malhotra comes to Veer and says he is so proud of him. He says he saw lie detection test results and asks how did you know that she is Mishra. Veer asks him to come and says he will tell him. Sanchi prays to God for Jaya’s safety and cries.

Neeta brings Pragya and Isha as Sanchi puts all blame on Isha and Pragya infront of Adarsh. Pragya thinks we are getting our life in risk and she is accusing us.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. now when this counsel drama end yaar
    hope kabir support her

    1. Even I hope so…..

  2. I wish kabir support sanchi

  3. Otakustuff

    Finally some development with Sanket Priya track! Bohot torture ho gaya! Would love to see how they escape (they HAVE TO succeed this tym)…And finally main track pe story aa gayi…lets see how Sanchi gets out of this!

  4. Shining

    Waiting for next episode. From my point of view I can find kanchi marriage whether veer support her or not.

  5. I hope veer help saanchi

  6. Nice episode……… please reshmi mam make kanchi pair……..

  7. Apoorva shetty

    Hoping for kanchi

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