Savitri Devi 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir gets back the phone and gets Sunny arrested

Savitri Devi 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir giving water to Sanchi. He says you will realize soon that nobody can love you more than me. Sanchi excuses herself and goes out. She thinks what to do, shall I delete the video. Veer sees Sanchi tensed and comes to her. He asks what are you doing here? Sanchi says she came for important work and going now. Veer holds her hand says, in fact, everyone comes here to work. He asks what is in her hand? Sanchi sees peon taking medicine box and puts the phone in it. Veer says I don’t know what wrong did I do that you don’t want to tell your problem. Sanchi asks him to stop doubting her and stop spying. Priya comes to Gayatri and says she has decided to support her, and will not bear Sanchi’s misbehavior. She says let’s celebrate. Gayatri says you drink? Priya says


The nurse comes and asks Dr. Kabir if he has signed the file. Dr. Kabir says I forgot and takes the file. He realizes the phone is missing. He signs on the file and thinks where is Sunny’s friend phone. He doubts Sanchi and gets angry. She says you have used me again and got phone cleverly. He thinks this betrayal will be costly for you.

Priya and Gayatri drink and laughing. Gayatri gets drunk while Priya throws the wine in the flower vase. She asks why did you get me married to Vikrant? Gayatri says just because I hate you and got you married to psycho Vikrant. She says I used to instigate him against him and he will not torture you now. She says I will tell Vikrant not to hurt you. She says I am a good woman. She says Priya will hurt Sanchi and sleeps. Priya takes out the hidden phone and says you have ruined my life and asks how can you think that I will help you. She says now see what I can do with you.

Ward boy keeps the medicine boxes in the storeroom. Sanchi comes there and thinks where were those boxes. She gets panic and thinks where to search. Ward boy tells her that he has distributed all medical boxes. Sanchi thinks from where to search. Veer hears her and thinks what she is desperately searching. Veer searches in the boxes while Sanchi checks for the mobile. Dr. Kabir comes to Sunny and asks him to tell the friend’s name who made that video. Sanchi comes to the last floor and gets just mobile cover. Dr. Kabir comes and says the phone is here. Sanchi is shocked.

Dr. Kabir tells that he had understood and calls on that number and got it. He says you have always played with my feelings and used me. Sanchi says my intention was not bad and says whatever you are doing is wrong. You are blackmailing and threatening me. Dr. Kabir says you will know in sometime what I can do with your brother. Jaya calls Sanchi. Sanchi goes and asks what happened? Jaya says Sunny…Police took him with them. Sanchi is shocked and looks at Dr. Kabir angrily.

Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that now she knows what he can do and says love is the disease which forces a man to do this. Veer hears them. Sanchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Veer makes a special plan for his family. Kabir is upset with Sanchi. Kabir asks Sanchi not to agree with Veer’s outing plan. Veer tells Sanchi that he has planned the surprise, as Jaya has sanctioned their leave. Sanchi asks Veer to go with the family, she will join him in some time. Veer finds Kabir interfering. He gives Kabir a solid answer. Sanchi asks Sunny to take care of himself, as there are enemies around. Veer says I know Kabir worries for Sunny a lot, but nothing will go wrong by an outing. Sanchi is blackmailed by Kabir. She is happy that her brother is fine. She is making sacrifices for his good future and happiness.

    She has lost people’s trust and love because of Kabir’s cheap tactics. She has hurt everyone’s sentiments, which no one ever expected. Sanchi has done everything by Kabir’s threatening.

    Kabir asks Sanchi to sacrifice her relation with Veer and marry him. Sanchi is ready to do anything for Sunny’s happiness. Sanchi chooses Sunny’s future over her relation with Veer. Sanchi is hopeful that Veer will understand her when he learns the matter. Kabir keeps an eye on Sanchi, so that she doesn’t reveal anything to Veer. He tells Sanchi that he will come along with her on picnic. He wants to show Veer that Sanchi likes him. He is creating situations so that Veer gets upset with Sanchi and breaks their marriage. Kabir plots to compel Veer for divorcing Sanchi. Will Kabir succeed in his evil games? Keep reading.

    1. When will kabir be exposed?

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