Savitri Devi 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ayesha steals Sanchi’s roses and wins

Savitri Devi 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi asking Ayesha what is her misbehavior and asks who comes to hospital in towel and talks about discipline. Ayesha asks her to manage good administration first before lecturing her, and tells that water was not coming when she was taking bath. Gayatri scolds Sanchi for bad administration. Sanchi asks Ayesha to come to her cabin. She tells her that this misbehavior will not be tolerated here. Ayesha tells Sanchi that she knows that she is jealous of her as all males are attracted to her. She tells Sanchi that she looks 5 years older than her age. She challenges Sanchi that tomorrow is rose day and will get most of the roses. Sanchi accepts her challenge and says we will compete wearing saree. Ayesha agrees.

Ayesha comes to the hospital wearing saree. Intern stops

seeing her. Ayesha praises herself. Sanchi comes wearing saree. Veer and Dr. Kabir looks at her. Subramaniam compliments Sanchi. Peon compliments Ayesha. Veer says today is rose day and we will give rose to the person we like. Ayesha reminds Sanchi of the challenge. Ayesha and Sanchi gets flowers. Even patient gives flowers to Ayesha. Veer comes infront of Sanchi. Sanchi looks at him.

Veer bends down on his knees and gives her roses to make him a good human being, for trusting him, for building self confidence in him, for making her good doctor. Ayesha and Riya see them. Riya says Veer will not let Sanchi lose. Ayesha says there is no word like lose in my dictionary. She says she will win. Sanchi looks at Veer. Main Phir Bhi song plays…………………

Sanchi reminisces Savitri asking her to leave from Veer’s life. Dr. Kabir tells Veer that these flowers can never wipe the pain which you gave to Sanchi. Veer says true love is very strong and it heals all pains. Dr. Kabir gives rose to Sanchi and says this is for their friendship. Sanchi thanks him and gets thinking. Dr. Kabir aks if she is thinking about Veer. Sanchi says it is very difficult to go far from Veer and that she will always love him. Dr. Kabir tells that he don’t want anyone to hurt her.

The interns and the doctor bet with each other about Sanchi and Ayesha’s love challenge. Garg keeps the boxes. Veer comes and asks him. Garg tells him. Veer orders flowers. Ayesha thinks she will win because of Veer. Veer thinks to give flowers to Sanchi indirectly and keeps flowers on her desk.

Sanchi comes there and sees doctors there. She tells Ayesha that competition is between them, why did she tell them. Ayesha says there is no fun without audience. Garg counts Sanchi’s roses and says it is 98. He then checks Ayesha’s roses and says she got 120 roses. Ayesha smiles. Garg says Ayesha has won. Veer thinks how can this be happen as I have kept roses in Sanchi’s basket. Ayesha recalls stealing roses from Sanchi’s basket. Sanchi congratulates Ayesha. Ayesha asks Sanchi not to feel bad and tells that Veer saved her and ordered flowers for her victory. She shows her video in which Veer receives flowers from the delivery guy.

Dr. Kabir and Sanchi gets doubtful about Ayesha. Dr. Kabir says he has never seen her working. Sanchi says where is she busy then? Ayesha is with her boyfriend in the hospital.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I dont think now sanchi will ever accept kabir..?? practically done with the dont have interest in reading updates also…only ffs are wonderful…than this stupid drama…there is small hope for kanchi but after sanchi saying she still loves veer…totally done with this.

    1. I really agree with u

  2. I completely lost interest from this serial

  3. Don’t loose ur hope may be sanchi will be forced by herself to marry kabir’s as veer is not listening. …….

  4. I don’t even watch this Show anymore once in a while I read written updates for episodes! I watch other shows that are so good! The ffs on the show ware way better

  5. I am just not the way they are portraying Dr kabir’s character. Dr kabir’s character was my favourite in this show. But I feel nowadays they are slowly turning him negative. I just hope kabir doesn’t do anything wrong to get saanchi because then saanchi will never love kabir ?. In fact she will lose whatever respect she has also for kabir.Plz cvs plz don’t turn Dr kabir negative in the show. I began you.

  6. Where is Dr malhotra? Has saanchi forgotten that her mom is in jail. What about kabir’s father? Has kabir also forgotten what dr malhotra has done to his dad. I really hope kabir doesn’t join hands with malhotra to separate sanveer. That will be height of illogicalness. I am really confused with kabir’s character. Sometimes I feel he is just concerned for saanchi and at the moment feels veer is not good for saanchi, that is why he doesn’t want saanchi to go back to veer but sometimes I feel he is taking advantage of sanveer fight in the hope that sanchi will come to him?. I just hate this thought of kabir turning negative. He was shown to be a very kind person. All this plotting was not in his nature. I just hope kabir stops ininterfering in sanchi life and concentrates on avenging Dr malhotra.

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