Savitri Devi 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Savitri reveals to Jaya about Sunil’s death secret

Savitri Devi 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi seeing patient’s husband standing outside the scanning room. She asks what is he doing? Patient’s husband tells that his wife is taken for sonography. Neeta comes out and tells Sanchi that patient needed sonography due to the complications arising in her pregnancy. Sanchi says there was no complications. Neeta says you didn’t figure it out as you have many cases in hand. She frees Sanchi from that case and asks Veer to handle the case. Sanchi tells Veer that she wants to handle the case. Veer tells her that he don’t want to talk to her and goes. Pragya comes to Veer and tells that even though Sanchi haven’t voted for you, but she cares for you a lot. She tells that Sanchi had written letter for you, which I have stolen so that you both don’t fight.


laughs and tells Pragya that he didn’t feel bad about Sanchi not voting for him. He says he got angry with her first, but then he realized that Sanchi did right as Dr. Kabir can handle the hospital responsibility better than him. He tells that he is acting to be angry with her, so that Sanchi misses him. He tells that he has planned surprise for Sanchi and tells that he will propose her on dandiya night. Pragya gets happy and says she will ask her to wear pink color dress. Veer says let her wear whatever she wants to wear. He asks her not to tell Sanchi anything.

Dr. Kabir practices to say I love you to Sanchi. He smiles. Kusum tells him that she is waiting for the day when he becomes groom. Pragya decides to buy dress for Sanchi for the special day and thinks to take Veer’s help. Neeta congratulates the Patient’s husband and says your wife is pregnant with a baby boy and you will not lose your business to your brother. Man gets happy and thanks her. Adarsh asks Neeta why did she lie, as it is clearly written that the lady is pregnant with baby girl and asks how she will handle the situation now. Neeta tells that she will find poor couple who is willing to give their son to them, and then they will sell rich couple’s daughter and earns double money like this. Adarsh says I never thought you are so wise, and says we are made for each other.

Jaya meets Savitri in the temple and gets emotional. Savitri thanks her for informing that day in the temple about Dr. Malhotra second marriage with Gayatri. Jaya says I watched on TV, what Gayatri had said. Savitri says if you had not told me that day then I would have been in shock. A fb is shown, Veer and Dr. Malhotra searching her in the temple. She says till now I couldn’t tell you that the secret, what happened 15 years back.

She says today I will tell you the truth about Sunil Bhai Saheb’s death. A fb is shown, She tells that night Anand returned home fully drunk and fell down on the ground. She thinks Anand is in shock because of Sunil Bhai Saheb’s death, he shall handle himself. She helps him get up from floor and makes him sit on sofa. She asks him to handle himself and says you are in shock of Sunil’s death. Now we have to make ourselves understand and have to live without him. Dr. Malhotra laughs and says I was very happy that he died, and tells that he was waiting for this day. He tells that he has no regrets as he killed him with his hands on the operation table as I wanted hospital fully. Savitri is shocked and asks him not to say this and says we will talk tomorrow. Dr. Malhotra says there is nothing to talk later and tells that Sunil came to know that Adarsh and I are doing illegal works in the hospital and he was about to expose her and handover us to police, so I have to killed him to protect myself. Savitri is shocked and asks if he didn’t get shame to do this. She tells that Sunil had made this hospital for poor and you had killed him and betrayed Jaya. She asks why did you do this? Dr. Malhotra says for you, kids and our future. Today I am rich and have more money than Sunil. Savitri says she don’t want money which you got by killing him. She says I will not leave you and will expose you. She calls Jaya and tells that I need to tell you about Sunil. Dr. Malhotra snatches phone from her hand and throws it. Savitri says I will handover you to Police as you have done a heinous crime. Dr. Malhotra asks her to listen to him and tells that even he worked for that hospital and he won’t let Sunil distribute their future in charity. While they were talking verbally, Savitri falls down on the glass table and gets unconscious. Fb ends.

Jaya asks Savitri if she will help her to get Dr. Malhotra punished. Savitri says she will help her. Jaya helps her and tells that Sunil’s soul will have peace. Savitri tells that in those days, operation CD’s used to be made and now it is kept in City hospital. Jaya says she will bring the CD.

Sanchi comes to the pregnant lady. Pregnant lady asks her to be with her and tells that she is feeling unwell. Her husband comes there and asks her to have something. He cuts the vegetables and makes her have it. Sanchi thinks he was upset and now happy, there is something wrong for sure. She comes downstairs and sees Nurse taking report. She takes report from her hand and says she will give to Neeta. Neeta sees Sanchi taking Samridhi’s report. She thinks Mrs. Maheshwari’s report is with Sanchi, if she sees the report. Sanchi is about to see the report.

Dr. kabir asks Kusum why she is looking at him. Kusum says she is waiting for the day when Sanchi becomes his bride. Sanchi hears interns talking about dating Veer, and tells them that they are just on break and didn’t have any break up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. now jaya will tell thetruth to sanchi and she gonna accept kabirs propsal and through kabir she gonna complete her mission this would be good plot
    but but… the cvs are not gonna do it coz they really stretching it long and what the ** hell guys sanchi in precap we r on break nd nt breakup???
    nd if kabir gonna breakdown then kusum also feels sad
    bhootu in zee is rather gud compare to this shit
    but for kanchi only tolearting it

    1. Khamoshi

      Same here Swetha.. i too tolerating this shit just for Kanchi pair..especially for Vikram aka Kabir… Compare to SDCH .. Bhootu is far more better and entertaining.
      This is just making us confused…who the hell is lead pair?

      1. I hope the trp falls so low dat dey have to end this show n vikram comes as a lead in some other show wer der is importance to his character

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Agree with u

  2. Simar Kapoor

    Even they didn’t say today.Sanchi will accept veer or else for time sake she will accept kabir.Later she will express her true feelings and kabir who is loving her truly will allow her to be with veer .If SDCH lead pair is sanveer ,many will quit it.Then there is no importance for Kabir….:S:S:S:S

  3. Shabnam

    finaly Sunil death secret come i think kabir help saanchi but as a frnd wow saanchi is possive about veer love you sanveer

  4. Welcome all commentors of SDCH for share ur views which cvs don’t want to give importance….Adarsh to Neeta : We are made for each other….Ya,right ek chor dusre chor ko hi pehchan sakta hai….itne bade mansion me rehte hai phir bhi aise cheapde kaam….chantomain kah ke…How much negativity they shown…Jaya mataji aur Savitri devi ko jab pata that toh itna drama kyun kiya yaar……who bring these type of twist….At least CVs learn from tu ff writers how to bring twist…..Kya dimag lagaya hai veer ke liye cvs ne…..matlab abhi tak ye si calked natak chal raha tha wo bhi kis ke liye importance ke liye. Sanchi devi ji ne jo precap main bola woh toh sar je upar se nikal gaya…..mere chotu se dimag par itna zor….kahin main pagal na ho jun cvs ke chakkar main…..still confusion who is male lead…..Cvs want whole one year for reveal this……thank god finally cvs reveal sunil mishra’s death so called mystery. Kabir ye toh practice hi karte rahenge….arre yaar itni practice toh maine apne maths exam main bhi na ki hogi…pata nahi kya dikha rahe…..Ye pink colour hi kyun suggest kiya veer ki chamchu ne….oops ….i mean pragya ne….anyone tell me as i am too noticoe small things….jab tak answer nahi milega main apna dimag lagati rahungi….hehe….Are yaar vegetables cut kar ke kon khilata hai….pagal ho gaye hai cvs i think typing mistake in place of fruits. Sanchi devi apni life ko to sambhal nahi paa rahi….phir bhi dusron ki padi haii…..mahan kaise banegi agar maharani ye na karengi .I don’t watch today episode but read update….aur iske baad main apne aap ko congrats karna chaungi sahi decision ke liye ki maine apna time waste nahi kiya….hehe….i am done with my comment guys….at leat saara gussa yahan comment par utar do…i only do this warna mera kya bharosa pata chale tv ko hi tod dun… Finally , they one o my mata of review.

    1. Finally , they done o my mata of show.

      1. Niyati mein na has has ke girne wali hun… u have given the perfect analysis evn i dint see the episode m jst reading updates… sach mein precap to hahhaha no need to see further

    2. Anonymousaa

      Arey woh Malhotra family yese hi cheap harkat karke hi toh big Malhotra mansion afford kar paaye hain.
      About the Jaya and Savitri thing I think they are playing safe.As Savitri almost died trying to support truth and perhaps they are scared of Anand so are trying to gather enough proof against Anand without raising any doubts or suspicion.
      I totally agree with all ur points.But unfortunately I watched today’s epi and the only part I liked was Kabir practicing for proposing.Very simple lines he said actually:
      Sanchi u r very special for me.I love you.
      I found his practice same like I felt when he had gifted cardiology book to Sanchi 🙂

      1. Ya, Malhota mansion is full of cheaps & melodramatic people. Ya, i too think that Savitri & Jaya ‘d track is not bad but still hope for some changents…..Humara kabir humesha se seedha sadha tha….how muchh innocent he….this is make me word…..if he remain hertbroken in their luv shu track…..i am going to destroy their sets.

    3. Niyaaa

      Hey niyu tv mat todna pta h naa mummy papa tumhe tod denge nd dear tumhe sath le jane ki jarurat hi nahi padegi hum sabka bhi yahi haal h sath jiyenge sath mental asylum bhi sath jayenge hehehe…. Or jyada dimag pe jor mat dal fat jayega phir hmein kon hasayega

      1. Dhruti

        superb niyaa mera bhi yahi haal he…….same sab sath jiyenge sath mental asylum bhi sath jayenge hehehe….kitna negativity he show me adarsh-neeta unko to salam he !!!!!

      2. Samajh rahi hu main didu….sabko mere ff ki padu hai….kisi ne ye nahi kaha ki tu chali jaegi toh humara kya hoga ….hehe…just kidding. Main bhi badi wali chantomain hu ki main sabko saath lekar jaungi.

    4. Dhruti

      miyati don’t give stress to your brain otherwise what about your own ff…..who will write good good things in your ff(just kidding)….i’m also doing same thing…….sachhi me thank god mene tv pe nahi dekha varna me confusion ke chakkar me pagal ho jati……… i have just one question what sanchi want?…………she totally forgot her father’s death and her mission…….and i’m feeling so bad for kabir when he knows about sanchi love veer IDK what he do?………….i’m just tolerating this show because of kanchi’s pair………….if they not make kanchi as main pair i’m just stop watching this show…………….use achha to naamkaran he i just love neil and avanee’s chemistry……….at last i hope they make kanchi as main pair………for veer pragya is good……….

      1. Dhruti


      2. Mere ff ki toh aisi taisi kar rakhi hai administration ne….kitni der pehle submit kiya tha abhi tak publish nahi kiya…….ab dobara likhna padega…..meri toh greh hi kharab chal rahe hai…..ab toh administration aunt bhi itne zum karne lagi hai.

  5. Sanchi&veer want to be united.
    both are best

  6. Wow break and not a breakup hahhaha… no more exclamation… i don’t understand y every character is being spoilt n my dear sanchi more den her fathers dream and knowing the fact dat he is her father’s enemy ‘s son how can she fall in love with veer… for every daughter father is always the first priority but for her is veer.. its no more a medical drama… n dr kabir i feel so bad for him… one of the most famous doctor, dey r making hos character dumb

    1. Yaar gir mat plzzz….main toh pehle hi stairs se gir kar apna leg tudwa chuki ho ab agar tum bhi gir jaogi….toh SDCH page pe comments ko karega….Agli baar aise analysis nahi dungi pata chale mujhe jail ho gayi ke mere comment logon ko bed se gira rahe hai….hehe…just kidding sweetie.

  7. Sanchi and veer is best

  8. Maisarah

    Sehra and dulhe ki baat jab uthi hai tab to KaNchi is the pair❤❤❤❤

  9. Sandra19

    Guyzz i too truely wish for kaanchi pair. I’m watching this serial only for kaanchi….Saanchi should accept kabir else he’ll be heartbroken because he loves saanchi(kabir’s bittu). I think veer shld be paired with pragya, they r made for eachother(pransters). Plz cvs this is a humble request…..all fans are watching this serial only for kaanchi.If their pair is not there thn trp charts will be a flop because all the fans will stop watching this serial…..plzzz make kaanchi pair yar…..plzzzz

    1. Hey sweeti…..kyun request kar rahi ho cvs se….inhe koi farak na padne wala….raita pe raite pehlaye jaa rahe hai yaar.You are right it will become flop if they pair Sanveer.

      1. Niyaaa

        Nd niyati raite ko koi samatne wala hi nayi wah bas gandagi fala do modi ji safai abhiyaan chala chala k pagla gaye or ye cvs wale h ki mante nahi inpe to youth show k naam per medical drama k naam per dhokha thadi k iljaam me case kar dena chahiye

  10. I hope for kanchi

  11. We are on a break #RossRachel
    And suddenly you realize how third class hindi serials are in front of classics like #friends… #nocomparison

    1. haahaaa….. agreed sweetie….fed up with these typical indian 2 rs drama.

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    Finally they revealed what actually happened 15 years back! Now it will be really good if they show Saanchi focusing on her career and Mission instead of a prolonged love triangle , today’s episode no Sanveer or kanchi scene but at the same time it was completely a medical drama (like I think Saanchi will expose Adarsh-neeta) plus the flashback was shown. They can make this interesting now, this episode give me hopes but the is… now I have to think twice again.
    I think reducing it to 30 min actually favoured this show because they are showing less of Priya-Vikrant-Sanket track and Khushboo-Jaya track now which is good and more of kabir scenes which is how it should be but I don’t like how they make kabir the aashiq surrender Hua type guys, I m damn sure the pair will be kabir-Saanchi and that will be better. And yes idk why they are making veer a possessive one, I want his character to be back with a bang, the prankster types
    Precap has Saanchi lost it why is she behind veer now, sometimes she herself is confused

  13. So guys now what are thinking?will it sanveer or kanchi? The story line has turned in such a point where the story says that it will sanveer.coz joya and savitri both want to punishment dr.molothra but they know if they want to do it they must have needed a stong support .i think they will use veer to shield sanchi by giving married them and kabir sir i think at the last time of kanchi’s married he will get to know about sanveer.but if it not happens then may be kabir sir and sanchi will get married and slowly slowly sanchi will start to like kabir.if this happen then as a varun fan i want a new girl for veer.nor pragya or noone can match up veerin we should wait for real sanchi agarwal come up from coma.they have shown her sis.may be she will have some rule..

  14. hey niyathi dear itna sochna math yaaarr warna pagal ho jayenge hum because I want to read ur ffs so plz zyada socho math yaarr apna dimag karab math kar………….waise Maine bhi sirf written updates pad rahi hoon agar galthi se bhi iss serial ko dekliya toh paagal ho jaavungi………agar kaanchi pair hua na dekungi warna isss crap ko tata bye bye……

    1. Hey yaar, ab tum na pagal ho….mer toh din aa gaye he ki main mental assylum main jaane waali hoo…..aur agar main gayi toh saare kanchians ko lekar dubungi including u sweetie… selfish i am…hehe….Ya, same here still watch this 2 rs serial for our kanchi only.

  15. Hope sanveer makes it. If Kabir truly loves sanchi then he should respect her feelings and help her as a good friend.

  16. Hope 4 kanchi..

  17. Ok so itna drama kyun savitr aunty pehle toh vikrant paagal Tha ab Sabke sab paagal hain isShow meinAdarsh air neeata love story better than stupid love triangle of saanveebir lol
    Pragya koi aur kaam nahin Hain Kya
    Ab ye real saanchi Agarwal coma seh Kab uthegi jab saanchi bachhhe ho jayengeye lol imao

  18. Niyaaa

    Mere pass sirf ek word h kehne k liye go to hell sdcah nd last Rashmi sharma apne dimag se ye youth show banane ka khyaal nikal feqo kyunki ye tumse na hoga.. Or jakar ek or sasural simar ja bana tum bhi khush or trp aunties bhi sath dengi nd tumhare pagalpan se hum bhi bach jayein

    1. Dhruti

      he he he superb niyaa sahi he ek dam…………

  19. Sanveer

    I don’t care if they pair SANveer or Kanchi because I love them both♥️ But I think they should pair Kanchi because I don’t want poor Kabir to be heartbroken♥️ Maybe they should pair veer and pragaya! They are cute♥️

    1. Ya, same here at least kisi ke saath toh pair karein…hum logon ko bewakoof bana rahein hai.

  20. Ya , SSK ko toh didu guiness world of record main naam likhwana chaiye sabse bakwas serials main.

  21. Still I think that Kabir is somehow related to their past. I hope its Kanchi,their chemistry is awsome. I think Malhotra will not be exposed so fast. He is really very intelligent,I mean how he signed house papers in name of gayatri but didnt let them registered showed his intelligence. He would never let it be sanveer. Soumi di also said that later he would trap sanchi as he will come to know about Kabirs proposal.Moreover if sanveer happens Ria would be left with no role.Day before yesterdays episode clearly showed thatRia will teach a lesson to Bitto(Sanchi). Veer and Pragya looks great together.Pragya always understand Veer’s feeling and supports him. Moreover she is a politician’s daughter, so Malhotra can try to make her his bahu for his profit. Like he used Priya.Jo pita apne beti ko profit ke liye istemal kar sakta he woh apne bete ko kyu chorega.

    1. Niyaaa

      Yess megha dear agree with u but kya h naa cvs ka kya kare ye sanchi ki shadi bhi kar denge phir kahenge just joking or dream sequence bta kar chalte banege so jab tak kuch hota nahi kuch nahi kah skte nd isse jhel hi isliye rahi hun ki soumi i k spoilers per bharosa h sayad kuch ho jaye finger crossed for kanchi nd last jo baap apni beti ki shadi ek psycho se karwa sakta h ye to phir bhi normal bandi h(pragya) so aisa ho skta h kaash aisa ho praveer share a great chemistry..

      1. Ya, didu same here….infact i also praveer…still hope for kanchi from this 2rs serial.

  22. I too agree with u all that Sanchi should marry kabir … For the 1st tym he has loved a girl n dt too sanchi truely from heart , so he shouldn’t be left heartbroken … I too want sanchi n kabir as the lead in the show ..

  23. Its been a long time still they are not disclosing the lead pairs in the show …
    Sdch Serial has become a gross now a days .. No fascinating moments nothing .. Jzz dragging the show .. Kabir’s acting is gey . so I want him as lead in the show ..

  24. I want veer to be main lead as he deserves leading character..His acting with cuteness made me fall for veer…Dont make veer aside..He should be given strong role ….Kabir he is poor at acting compared to expressions on his face

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