Savitri Devi 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok giving sweets to Vaidehi and says it is costly sweets bought from this hotel. Jaya looks at them. Ashok tells Vaidehi that he got married now and expanding his work and needs new machines. He says he needs money for that and asks for 5 lakhs rs. Vaidehi thinks to talk to Gayatri and comes inside. Gayatri asks her to give money and says Ashok will work for them. She asks her to give 5 lakhs and take his signatures. Vaidehi thinks to give 1 lakh rs. and keep 4 lakhs with herself. She gives him 1 lakh rs. and asks Sushil to get his signatures. Ashok says 1 lakhs rs. Vaidehi says she has done many investments and don’t have much money now. Ashok signs on the papers. Jaya thinks so she is giving money to them.

In the class, everyone feel sleepy due to tiredness. Veer

shows the tablets and says it will rejuvenates you. Ria also takes tablet. Veer asks Sanchi to have tablet. Sanchi says she is not interested in his bakwas tablet. Veer thinks he will make her have this tablet. Pragya and Isha feel difference after having tablet. Sanchi says she will have coffee to get rid of tiredness. Veer comes there and asks her to have magical tablet to study all night. Sanchi refuses to have it. Pragya says she got energy in her after having tablet. Veer adds tablet in Sanchi’s coffee. Ishs and Pragya see him adding tablet in Sanchi’s coffee. Veer signs them not to tell her. Sanchi says she is going to attend her patient. Veer asks her to drink coffee. Sanchi drinks coffee and goes. Pragya asks Veer what did you go? She says you can’t betray anyone like this. Isha says he helped Sanchi without telling her. Veer says only you understands my feelings else Sanchi and Pragya make me hitler without any reason.

Vikrant is angry as Priya won with him. Rukmini comes and asks them to come and have food. Vikrant asks her to stop and says we will play another game. Priya says she can’t play anymore, her hands are tired and she is very much hunger. He gets angrily, smiles and asks her to come. He asks her to bring his racket.

Veer’s friends ask him if he gave super energetic pill or sleeping pill. Veer asks them to have patience and says this medicine will show its effects. Vikrant and Priya plays badminton. She loses and asks him to come. Vikrant says you have lost intentionally and asks her to play until she wins. Priya says she is tired and hungry. Servant thinks where is she trapped. Vikrant asks Priya to play. Priya plays the game and she gets hurt, blood comes out from her burnt hand. All interns feels drowsy and sleeps. Veer and his friends see them sleeping. They say now nobody can defeat them. Veer says once Sanchi sleeps, my big competition is over. Isha feels sleepy and sleeps on patient’s bed. Pragya says now she is getting double sleep. Sanchi says don’t know what he gave us. Pragya says she is going to get coffee. Sanchi feels sleepy too.

Ashok comes home on the bike and asks Dadi, how is his new bike. Suman says Khushboo is auspicious. Khushboo asks why he haven’t bought car. He says he has less money now, but will buy later. Khushboo does puja. Jaya and Suman’s husband looks on. Suman’s husband asks Jaya who is giving him money. Jaya says she is very cunning. Ashok tells everyone that there are two women behind his success. One is Khushboo and other is Vaidehi. Jaya thinks to find out about her. Sanchi also feels sleepy. Nurse asks if she is fine. Sanchi says she will come later. Pragya brings coffee. She sleeps on Isha’s feet. Nurse tries to wake her up. Sanchi takes coffee and thinks she never got such sleep. She takes coffee and goes out. Jaya asks Sunny to search Vaidehi on internet. Sunny says there is no woman of that name. Jaya asks him to type Vaidehi NGO. He types Vaidehi NGO. Vaidehi pics comes with Gayatri. Jaya understands that Dr. Malhotra is behind Vaidehi who is playing dirty game with her and made Ashok against her. She thinks to break their ego and give an answer to them.

Dr. Kabir sees Sanchi sleeping and calls her to wake up. He says this is not your home, but hospital. Sanchi says she doesn’t know how she got sleep. Veer and his friends laugh. Nurse says all interns are sleeping. Dr. Kabir goes to patient’s ward and sees many of them sleeping on patient’s bed. He says he wants an answer for this misbehavior else he will punish them. Isha says she felt energetic, but how she can sleep. Sanchi says how can I sleep when I didn’t have any tablet. Pragya and Isha looks on tensed. Sanchi asks what did you do? Pragya says Veer added tablet in your coffee mug. Sanchi asks why you haven’t told me. Isha says we thought you will feel fresh. Sanchi says you trust Veer and asks them to get scolded by Dr. Kabir now.

Vikrant continues to play badminton. Servant says now it is 7 pm. Vikrant asks him to shut up and says he is playing. Priya faints and falls down. Vikrant takes her from there.

Dr. Kabir asks interns if they have come here to become doctors or to joke. Sanchi tells him that this is all happening because of Veer. Kabir says he was not sleeping. Veer asks what is the proof? Sanchi says all batch members are proofs. Everyone tell that Veer made us sleeping pill saying it is energy pill. Dr. Kabir tells Veer that he knows that he will never become good and gives -5, and asks others to trust their intelligence rather than on energy pills. Veer gets angry on Sanchi.

Khushboo and Ashok comes home. Jaya asks how was the evening? Khushboo says she really enjoyed. Jaya says your new bike is good. Ashok thanks her. Jaya asks him to thank Vaidehi and invite her home. Ashok says he can’t call her here as she is of high standard. Dadi says she is right. Jaya asks him to call her to hotel then. Khushboo says it is a good idea, may be she will give you more loan. Ashok says ok, I will talk to her.

Jaya calls Sanchi and asks her if she felt bad as she scolded her. Sanchi says no. Jaya asks her to prove that they can’t get good doctor than her. Sanchi asks about everyone at home. Jaya tells her that Ashok bought new bike. Sanchi says good, now he will become serious. Priya wakes up. Vikrant says you needs rest. Gayatri comes there and sees Priya’s burnt hands. She asks him to take care of her daughter. She tells her that she brought few sarees for Priya. Vikrant says some sarees were burnt. Gayatri says they deserves that. He gets a call and goes. Priya asks her to go. Gayatri asks her to call her maa and she will forget her misbehavior if she calls her maa. Priya refuses and says never. Head Nurse tells Sanchi, Isha and Pragya that they will pass if they read notes written by Dr. Kabir which is with seniors now. Veer hears them. They think to get notes from seniors.

Sanchi’s hand gets stuck and she gets hurt because of Veer’s Prank. Sanchi says how I will write exam now. Veer feels bad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. VINAL

    Thanks hasan for updates
    And again sachi scolded bcoz of veers prank prank &precap ????? that veer???? when writers will show paring among them
    Waiting for tommorow episode & want to see what kabeer will do after he came to know what veer has done ?????

    1. VINAL

      And please veer ko jaldi hi pata chalna chahiye is psycho vikrant??

  2. I have became a gr8 fan of this show now……..the way it is…..its quite different!

  3. Wats wrong??!..Y sanveer din cum today?!..?I thought veer was sanchi’s well wisher…I wish tomorrow Sumthin great happens..#sanveer forever❤

  4. I feel really bad for Priya, release her from the mental torture soon and where is Sanket? I like Kanchi pair.

  5. nice epi

  6. Where is 5th July update,some one pls brief the episode ,pls.At least about Sanveer scenes.

  7. oh this vikrank is totally a monster
    so cruel
    and veer is sooooooooooooooooooo cute
    I luv my sanku a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  8. vikrant***

  9. VINAL

    Where is 5 july s update ⏳⏳

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