Savitri Devi 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dr. Malhotra humiliates Sanchi

Savitri Devi 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya walking on the terrace railing and talks to Sanket. Vikrant asks what you are doing and asks her to get down. Priya tells Mrs. Chawla that Sanket told that there is so much happiness in that world. She asks Vikrant and his parents not to miss her as she is going with Sanket to the other world. She is about to fall down. Vikrant holds her. Mrs. Chawla asks him to take her to psychiatrist. Vikrant says he will treat her and takes her with him. Veer is about to go to Dr. Malhotra’s cabin. Savitri comes there and asks Veer not to tell anything. Veer says sanchi have done wrong with us and tried to kill you. Savitri says she knows and asks him not to tell anything to anyone now and says she will tell him everything. Veer says ok. Savitri thinks it is good that Jaya sent

her there and waits for her.

Jaya is running on road holding CD. She gets inside the jungle while the goons follow her. Ms. D souza gives lie detection test results pendrive and asks him to check, and says then we will hand over it to police. Adarsh says I know you are in tension, but as you have promised commissioner to handle this matter, you shall see it. Dr. Malhotra plays the pendrive. They see Veer and Sanchi in the lie detection room. Veer asks her if she loves him. Dr. Malhotra says they are still together. They see Veer asking her if she is Sanchi Agarwal. She says yes. Red light blinks. Veer asks if you are Sanchi Mishra. Sanchi cries. Dr. Malhotra stands up shockingly. Adarsh says she has betrayed us. Dr. Malhotra recalls and says Sanchi Mishra, Dr. Sunil Mishra’s daughter and fumes.

Vikrant brings Priya in some secluded place where goons are standing. Priya refuses to step down the car and says they are staring me. Vikrant asks goons to leave. Priya says she wants to go to Sanket. Vikrant takes her to a house and says Sanket is here. Priya sees Sanket tied to a chair unconscious.

Sanchi calls Jaya and thinks why she is not picking the call. Dr. Malhotra comes there and calls her name. Sanchi gets tensed. He asks where you are going? Sanchi says she has taken half day off and have to go and meet relative. Dr. Malhotra asks relative or maa? He says you are going to meet your mum Jaya Mishra. Sanchi turns to him shockingly. Dr. Malhotra says your game is over…Dr. Sanchi Mishra. Jaya goes to the building and sees downstairs.

Dr. Malhotra calls everyone and says I need to tell you all about some important thing. He says we were searching a fraud girl since last few days who had occupied a seat here on someone else name. She has betrayed us and went our against rules and decision. He says she acted to be sweet, but thankfully we got to know about her truth. An intern asks who is she? Dr. Malhotra says she is favorite of you all and says her real name is Sanchi mishra. Dr. Kabir, Veer and Savitri are shocked. Dr. Malhotra says do you all think she shall stay here. Pragya says Sanchi didn’t do any mistake as the lie is because of her. Sanchi stops her. Dr. Malhotra tells Sanchi that it shows how her mum gave her upbringing after her father’s death. He says tomorrow he will make sure to punish her infront of medical counsel, so that nobody thought to ever do this joke. Sanchi is shocked. Everyone go from there.

Dr. kabir tells Sanchi that he can’t believe that she can do such thing. Sanchi is shocked. Savitri prays to God to send Jaya there. Jaya is on top of building as goons come to her. Sanchi prays for her safety.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. NerdyBirdie

    Oh my goodness, everything is going so downhill for Jaya and Sanchi who’ve worked so hard to get justice for Sunil! God! I really am beginning to hate this Dr. Malhotra even more.

    Veer’s character made me so mad in today’s episode. I could write a megalist of things that Sanchi has done for him! Also Sanchi has flaws, she’s made mistakes too. I think that’s fine because she’s human but I don’t think Veer realizes what he has just freaking done by acting out of “betrayal” and “anger”. I don’t think I can forgive Veer unless he does something that is life changing (in a good way). If I were Sanchi, I certainly wouldn’t.

  2. finally truth is out
    don’t know kanchi happens or not

  3. So so interesting episode…….. please kabir support sanchi ………….

  4. I wish sanchi and her friends will handle the matter. She is a girl of today why should he need any one help. To hell with dumb veer and Raja harish chander kabir. I hate both of them for not understanding that what sanchi had done for their mother. I m sure Trio will expose Dr. Malhora and this is the best way of her to tribute to her late father and to show the world what she is.

    1. I agree di…why everytime a girl need men’s support in Indian serial…..I don’t like Maya Character in Beyhadh but I like her quality that she don’t need anyone support in her doing whether it is wrong or right…Hope we will see Sanchi’s bold side.

    2. NerdyBirdie

      I fully agree with you.

      I commented something like this (on another episode) on the fandom and while some people agreed with me I got at least a good four people commenting like “this is my POV, this is my POV”. I wasn’t attacking other people’s opinions I was just saying I’m so surprised how much people who are fans of the show rely on the fact that Sanchi has to have a man or something.

      If they like that, then that’s fine. Even if I don’t agree with it.

  5. I do not know why but I am feeling that savitra devi will tell veer to marry sanchi as she and jays need support..veer will marry sanchi to make savitra devi happy but he will not forgive sanchi….and after that again step mom as sas bahu serial will start…

  6. Did kabir told that thing angrily or in a normal tone…..

    1. He said that angrily that I cant believe this and when she said that she wants a chance to explain he angrily asked the nurse to take her away!

  7. Oh god please savitri tells veer truth ,and veer help jaya and saanchu

  8. Even after seeing the precap.. I feel kabir will help sanchi

    1. I also think the same. I think that he knew the truth somehow and will surely do something!

    2. Me too. I hope he tells his mother, she’ll make him se reason. People don’t just lie about who they are when doing MBBS.

  9. This is my opinion…. viewers of this show r youth I guess not trp aunties…..time is the crucial element for them…..if CVS do not come with interesting story line then it will be difficult to maintain trps….many shows r launched during this month…if some switch to some other serial then it will be trouble……I am saying this bcoz I really love this show this is not like other saas bahu or larger then life dramas….especially I like character of jaya & kabir……2day epi was disappointing for me bcoz I thought kabir will support sanchi…..if someone is hurt by my comment then I am sorry….

  10. I m done with the show….I like kabir character bcoz he responded sensiblely even after rejection…..even in yesterday epi he trusted her but in precap he is not even ready to give her chance for explanation

  11. Pls veer trust her…She has forgiven you many times and you should atleast trust her..I wish savitri tell the whole truth and veer to help sanchi…

  12. Otakustuff

    My fav part of the episode: SANKET is ALIVE! I just love the pair of Sanket and Priya ???they look so cute together!

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