Savitri Devi 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri troubles Sanchi and makes her wear Nurse uniform

Savitri Devi 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking Sanchi to wear dress uniform to take care of Savitri. Sanchi says no need, I can manage. Gayatri says are you feeling ashamed to wear it being a big doctor. Sanchi says nurse is less than a doctor. She says if Maa wants then she will wear it. She takes nurse uniform. Savitri asks why this is needed? Gayatri says she has troubled Veer a lot. She comes to Sanchi and asks her to remove all her jewellery to unburden herself. Sanchi removes her earrings etc. Gayatri asks her to give her mangalsutra and tries to get it. Sanchi stops her holding her hand and says it is not a burden, but my strength, you will not understand as you have never worn it. Gayatri smirks.

Priya asks Savitri how is she? Savitri says she is feeling better. Vikrant signs Priya. Priya says

I will come later and comes out. Vikrant takes her to room and asks her to give him back massage with her hand, and says he is feeling pain. Priya sits and massages his back. He gets upset and asks him to stand on his back. Priya says you can’t bear my weight. Vikrant asks what? Your husband is very strong. She steps on his back. He feels pain and asks her to move. He asks what is wrong with you, you have increased my pain, your weight is increased. Priya says I am not fat, my weight is perfect. Vikrant says your diet will start tomorrow, I want you to be slim and trim.

Mr. Malhotra is in the hospital when someone asks him to sign on the papers as Dean is not here. Mr. Malhotra thinks this is the right chance to get everything back and is about to sign on the papers, but Jaya comes and takes the papers from him. She asks how dare you to sign, and tells that Sanchi is on a small leave. Dr. Malhotra says she will not come and asks who will handle now, you don’t know anything rather than selling chaklis. Jaya says I am not a doctor, but I know what is right and wrong. She says I am giving signing authority and Dean position to Dr. Kabir.

Veer calls Sanchi on landline and asks why you are not picking my call. Sanchi recalls Savitri taking her phone and says she might have kept phone somewhere, so don’t know. Veer says I am restless without you. Sanchi says we will meet in the evening and ends the call. Veer says bye.. Pragya comes to him and smiles. He asks why you are looking at me this way. Pragya asks him to help her and tells that parsi lady is not ready to opt for surgery, and asks him to do some magic on her to convince her. Veer goes to lady and asks what happened, don’t worry. Woman says I am worried about surgery, if I die on the operation table. Veer asks her not to worry and says they have best doctors, infact if you say yes for surgery then I will fix your date with that uncle. She agrees and asks him to do her surgery. Veer promises. Pragya takes him to side and says she is to get heart surgery and you are banned from cardiac dept. Veer realizes and says what to do now. He says it seems I have to talk to Dr. Kabir.

Sanchi is in the kitchen. She hears bell sound and wonders from where it is coming. Gayatri comes and laughs seeing her, and says Dr. Sanchi Veer Malhotra and says you are looking according to your status and says this is the bell sound which I gave to Savitri so that she can call you. Sanchi says I felt good knowing you got this good idea too. She comes to Savitri. Savitri feels bad seeing her in nurse uniform. Sanchi massages her feet and asks her to call her whenever she needs her.

Dr. Kabir asks how dare you to ask me to do surgery. Veer says that patient is not agreeing. Dr. Kabir says I know you well, you are making stories. Veer says I am telling you about a patient’s wish and asks if his ego is more than a patient’s life. He says I don’t understand what is your problem with me. Dr. Kabir says you don’t have that thing which a heart surgeon have. Veer asks really? He says you hate me that you don’t want me to do surgery. Dr. Kabir gives him a chance to do surgery and says if you succeed then I will lift the ban and you can do Masters in Cardiology. He says if you don’t succeed then you can’t do any surgeries. Veer accepts.

Dr. Kabir tells Veer that he will monitor him in the surgery. Sanchi gets a mobile and calls Veer. She gives him instructions. Dr. Kabir finds the ear plug and looks angrily at Veer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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