Savitri Devi 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi coming to Veer’s party and sees knife stabbed on his stomach. She runs to him and cries, asking who did this. Veer says I don’t have much time and says I want to tell you something. Veer says I made you April fool in June and laughs. A fb is shown, Veer recalls betting with Pragya that he will bring Sanchi to party. Veer bets with Pragya for 500 Rs. fb ends. He tells her that this sauce is good with samosa. He asks his friends to give 500 Rs each. Sanchi scolds Veer and says she is a fool to fall in his prank. Pragya, Isha and Veer asks her to attend the party. Sanchi agrees and says she will attend for half an hour. Ria says now the party will be boring and leaves. Khushboo doesn’t let Ria touch her and tells that she wants Jaya’s room tomorrow. She says she will

trouble Jaya a lot and will snatch house also from her. Ashok looks on. Veer, and others are enjoying and dancing on the song nacho….Some goons come there. Sanchi don’t enjoy the music and keeps hand on her ears.

Goons tease Isha. Veer sees goons teasing Isha and shouts asking them to leave her. Pragya. Goon asks if she is her property. Veer says this is my party and asks them to go. They have a fight. Goons break glass on his head. Sanchi turns and thinks Veer is again upto some mischief. She sees Police and takes Veer to side. He asks him to show his wound. Veer smiles. Police arrests all of them. Jaya calls Veer and calls Sanchi, but her phone is off. She then calls Pragya, and her phone is off too. She thinks to talk in the morning.

Dr. Malhotra talks on phone and is shocked. Gayatri asks what happened? Dr. Malhotra tells her that because of Veer, Police came to the hospital and arrested Veer and many interns. Gayatri thinks Veer is ruining himself without her efforts.

Khushboo sings bhajan to act as adarsh bahu. Sunny wakes up. Jaya asks him to go to school. Jaya says she will make breakfast. Khushboo says she will make breakfast. Suman says she is dutiful bahu. Dadi says you are right and says this girl will make his life better. Suman taunts Jaya and asks Dadi to sit. Jaya thinks to call Sanchi, but her number is still off. She thinks to go to hospital and see, but before that, she has to pack Sunny’s tiffin. She asks Khushboo to give burner so that she can make something for Sunny. Khushboo says she can’t give as she has to make everyone food.

Sanchi thinks she is doing this day because of Veer. Lawyer comes and says Dr. Malhotra sent him and said that all interns are Savitri Devi college and hospital’s responsibility. Inspector agrees to let them go and asks to show ID cards. He frees everyone and asks Sanchi to show ID card. Sanchi says she is not having ID card. Inspector gives his phone. Jaya picks the call and says Sarla Kaki called you. Sanchi calls on the landline, but it is busy. Inspector says you can’t go until your ID is shown and asks Constable to lock her. Dr. Kabir comes and tells Inspector that Sanchi is more than 18 years old, and is an intern in the hospital. Inspector frees Sanchi. Kabir scolds them for the irresponsible behavior and asks them to report him in 2 hours.

Vikrant wishes good morning to Priya and makes her sit. Priya sees many juices and thinks if he is planning to make me drink this. He asks about her favorite juice. Priya says nothing. He asks her to take many drinks sips. He then shows bittergourd juice. Priya says my favorite is pineapple. Vikrant says you are late and makes her drink bittergourd juice full glass and says he will win the game now.

Sunny asks Jaya to give a burner so that she can make tiffin for him. Khushboo says she can’t give. Jaya thinks to give him money, but Sunny goes without taking it. Khushboo smirks and thinks she will take everyone on her stride.

Vikrant plays table tennis and wins. He then asks Priya to play with him. Priya says her hand is hurt and she can’t play in saree. Vikrant forcibly takes her.

Khushboo serves Poha to everyone and says her Poha is world famous. Dadi says it is good and gives her nek. Suman also gives her nek. Ashok gives anklet to her. Jaya gives her shagun and goes. Ashok hugs Khushboo. Khushboo scolds him for giving anklet and says she needs car. Ashok calls Sushil and requests to meet Vaidehi. He says ok. Pragya and Isha are getting ready to go on duty. Sanchi tells that she doesn’t know what to tell Jaya that she was in lock up last night. Pragya and Isha asks her not to worry. They go to hospital.

Priya plays table tennis with Vikrant. Vikrant wins and says nobody can defeat me. Priya recalls Vikrant hurting him the previous night and burning her mum’s sarees and says we shall play again. Vikrant agrees. They start playing. Vikrant asks her to tell him if she is ready to lose. Priya makes him lose. Vikrant says she told that the game will decide. Vikrant fumes.

Jaya comes to meet Sanchi. Sanchi asks why did you come suddenly. Jaya asks why your phone was off yesterday. Sanchi tells her everything. Jaya scolds her from diverting from the laksh. Sanchi promises her. Jaya asks her to go. Jaya goes with her friend then. Jaya sees Ashok with Sushil and goes to talk to him. Sushil calls Vaidehi and says we have come. Vaidehi is playing cards with Gayatri and others. She says it seems her purse is holed. Gayatri asks her to go and says he is the puppet to ruin Jaya. Vaidehi goes. Ashok buys sweets. Vaidehi comes and meets Ashok. Jaya recalls seeing Vaidehi. She thinks this is the same woman who added phenyl in chaklis and thinks….

Dr. Malhotra tells Dr. Kabir that this is the more irresponsible batch. Dr. Kabir says he wants to punish them if he permits him. Dr. Malhotra asks him to do whatever he can, but teach them discipline. Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Kabir comes to them. Dr. Malhotra scolds them. Dr. Kabir tells them that their monthly exam will be held after 3 days. They say that they have duties to do. Dr. Kabir says whoever gets less than 70 percent marks and whoever compromises with their duties will be shown the door, and whoever does top will become head intern. Sanchi looks on.

Veer makes everyone have sleeping bills by making an excuse. Everyone sleeps. Veer says once Sanchi sleeps, nobody will compete with him. Dr. Kabir finds Sanchi sleeping.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. VINAL

    Nice episode loved it ?

  2. Just hate the veer stupid always troublling saanchi hope kaanchi pair show gone on air

  3. Very nice epi but hate the precap

  4. hey u r right kriya I hate veer because always sanchi KO musibat mein dhal deta hai. but I really glad that Dr kabeer help sanchi I wish kanchi ( kabeer and sanchi) pair soon. but I hated precap .

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