Savitri Devi 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer tries to convince Kabir

Savitri Devi 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer stopping Kabir for a talk. He says I have no problem with you, I felt Sanchi is going away from me, I hated you because of my love, I know you are a good person, I m sorry, please forgive me and Sanchi, come back to hospital, we all need you. Kabir says move off and leaves in his car. Sanchi asks ward boy to change name on nameplate, get Sanchi Veer Malhotra written on it. Veer comes. She asks him not to feel bad, she is happy with this name, as her name is linked to one whom she loves a lot. Nurse asks them to come fast, pandit has come and calling them for aarti.

Pandit says married couples will do aarti, Malhotra ji has come on time. Malhotra asks Veer to do aarti. Veer and Sanchi do the aarti. Everyone attends. Jaya comes and claps. Jaya calls Sanchi a liar. She

asks them do they have any shame or not. She scolds all of them. Sanchi asks what happened, what makes you say such things. Jaya takes her and shows the nameplate. She says every girl feel proud to change name after marriage, but not like you, after giving lecture on tv, you spoke big things about your dad’s ethics, and then insulted us this way. Sanchi says no, my name… Jaya says I don’t care, you were not a Mishra when you married Veer, now I don’t trust you, you are my enemy’s bahu, I can’t leave my husband’s hospital in your hands, I m the chairman of this hospital from now. Sanchi says I will always have your blood, ethics and principles, I will always be your daughter. Nurse asks Sanchi to come for emergency case. Veer and Sanchi go. The lady refuses to talk to them and asks them to call Kabir.

Sanchi says Kabir isn’t here. Veer says so sorry, that’s not possible, he resigned. Lady asks in which hospital is he working, I will go there and get treated. Jaya comes and asks what’s happening, will patients threaten us now, Sanchi you should be ashamed, this is happening because of you, Kabir isn’t here, you have any idea about the hospital’s defamation. Sanchi says sorry, I will handle this matter. Sanchi calls Kabir. Kabir asks what’s your problem, why don’t you let me live in peace. She says its urgent matter, Mrs. Laxmi is re-admitted, she got an attack, she wants to get treated only by you, please come and check her, I m wrong and did mistake, don’t punish anyone else, you are my senior and taught me to keep personal life aside, please come and check the lady. He agrees. Malhotra asks servant for water.

Gayatri sees him angry and finishes her call. He says Sanchi gave my hospital keys to her mum, I m losing her mind, we should make them out of our lives, I want my hospital, house and family back. She asks him to calm down, let Sanchi break down once. Kabir does the patient’s operation. Sanchi thanks him. Kabir takes Jaya’s blessings. He says bless me, I m going abroad forever. Nurse asks why. He says I got a good offer. Nurse says we will pray for you, we learnt a lot from you. Kabir thanks them. Nurse says you are the best doctor. Jaya stops Veer. Jaya says Sanchi, if you want to save this hospital, go and get Kabir back here, I give you 24 hours, I want Kabir here, lets see how much your dad’s dream matter to you. Sanchi agrees.

Soumya saves Sanchi. She says Harman doesn’t want to be in my life now. Sanchi says if you trust his love, don’t lose courage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pata nhi ye saas bahu drama kab khatam hogs… Bhad me Jaye sdch…. Kabir abroad chala jaye bas … Sambhalne do is tomchi ko hospital… Bohot ghamand h na.. Kya zaroorat kabir ki…. Agar ab kabir negative b hota h to I’m with him ….

  2. Thank God. Today epi no sannomi romance. Ek epi to sannomi Thirdclass romance se rahat mili .hope inn kamine ko ki jindgime me kabhi koi khushi ka pal na aaye .kabir iss Tommie ko barbad kar de kisi layak na chode

    1. i guess they were interns when the show started and now i dnt get what they actually are?? how can an intern perform each and every major surgery alone and can be the dean also… any thing is being potrayed which has no real sense

  3. bakwassss saanchi ne toh pyar main mastri karlee haann?? khud ko toh sahii rasta pata nahi challii saumya ko Gyaann dene. kamineyy kahin ke tommchie. arrey saanchi jaisi ladki shame hai kisi bhi maa baap ke liye. mar jao saanchi chulu bhar paani main. kabhi laut ke na aao. veer barbaad hojaye. kabirr tomchi ko barbaad kardo sark pe laado kaminu ko taake in ka ghamand toh chur chur ho. Badi aayii pyar shyar nibhaane waali. tharkii, aisa kiya dekh liya andhi saanchi ne uss chuchundar main jo sab bhul gayi.

    1. Varunfan

      Just stop bashing Veer for no reason……. Hadh hoti he insab cheezon ki, namecalling karna hume bhi aata he

  4. Anu88

    I just can’t tolerate this how dare she…… she really know what’s call love……..srief dialogue dene se pyaar nahi hota pyaar ko proof bhi karna parta hae jo kabir ne karke dekhaya…… I wants kabir became negative………

  5. Kabir will be back in the hospital as seen video on telly tadka. I want kabir to teach a lesson to gyaan ki devi sanchi mata and should ruin her. I ‘ll be so happy.

  6. I only loved Kabir science only aur Sanchi kya dialogue Diya hai pyaar par Soumya Jo khud Kabir ke pyaar Ka tamasha Bana Di Woh Soumya ko real love ke tips bata rahi hai Jo Kabir ke real love ko chode kar use idiot veer ke fake and third class pyaar ke pass ke bhati hai????

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