Savitri Devi 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mishri makes her first rasoi

Savitri Devi 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode with Mishri thinking Veer doesn’t come till now and thinks to check out. Gayatri comes there and says she is looking beautiful. Mishri says she wears black thread to ward off evil eye. She asks about Veer. Gayatri makes an excuse that Veer ran to hospital to save his patient and asks her to sleep. Mishri thinks Mahadev gifted his avatar and thinks who goes to save someone on his wedding night and become thankful to God. She sleeps.

Sanchi gets dream of Veer’s words and shouts. Dr. Kabir wakes up and makes her drink water. Sanchi leaves his hand. He suggests her to sleep and not to think much. He covers blanket on her and goes. Mishri does puja and sings bhajan. Dr. Malhotra tells Gayatri that her bahu must be singing. Mishri sees Veer and thinks my husband slept after working

in night in hospital. She touches his feet. Veer wakes up shocking and aarti plate falls down. She says Meow. Veer asks what was it? She says it is said when something bad happens. He finds her weird. She asks him not to tell anyone about the plate falling down. Veer says ok. Mishri checks sindoor on her forehead and says you are romantic, hero makes aarti plate fall intentionally so that sindoor is applied to heroine’s forehead. Veer thinks she is mad girl.

Sanchi looks for her mangalsutra. Dr. Kabir comes. Their head collide with each other. They say sorry. Sanchi says she couldn’t find her mangalsutra.Dr. Kabir finds it on bed and gives to Sanchi. He then makes her wear it. Sanchi looks at him.

Dr. Kabir’s suit button falls, he tells that he will tell his mum. Sanchi says I will stitch it, you have also helped me. She stitches his suit button. Dr. Kabir gets a call from his cousin who invites him to bring Sanchi there. Dr. Kabir says I am busy in the hospital. Kusum hears him and asks Dr. Kabir to take Sanchi there. Dr. Kabir says I don’t want to force her. Kusum asks him to make an efforts to begin their life. Sanchi comes there. Dr. Kabir asks her to come. She says she will come in sometime.

Mishri is in the kitchen. Servant kaka asks her not to add much ghee as everyone have light food. Mishri says she will make. Other Servant says everyone wants roasted tomato sandwich and asks her to search recipe on net. She searches on internet and cuts the tomatoes and capsicum. She says who adds paper in the food. Servant says it is Pepper. He tries to tell her, but she stops him and says I know. Servants smile and go out of kitchen. Another Servant comes and says we shall help her. Other says we will enjoy today, help her tomorrow. Mishri brings the sandwich and tells that she made for them, specially for Veer. Veer tastes it and scolds her for adding sugar and whole pepper. Savitri asks why did she add sugar. Mishri says both were there, she thought it is salt. Savitri asks from where did she learn? She asks if nobody stopped her. Mishti says that she had sent everyone out. Veer gets up. Savitri says I will make something for you. Veer says I will eat outside. Mishri apologizes and says she will do work carefully. Savitri asks Dr. Malhotra, what kind of bahu, he got home. Gayatri asks her to see her intentions and tells that she wants to win everyone’s heart. She asks her to give her sometime. Savitri goes. Mishri thinks she has to do something to cheer up Veer.

On road, Veer blames Sanchi for ruining his life and asks Dr. Kabir if he went to take icecream for Sanchi and says you are enjoying to make fun of my life. He makes the icecream cone fall on his clothes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. RuCh23

    Mishri seems to be a really nice girl. A bit over dramatic and a bit annoying. But a very interesting person. And she’s gonna face a lot of trouble in Malhotra Mansion. Veer’s revenge plan will hurt her very bad. Just hope he’d come around and support Mishri to make a place in his family as well as his heart despite the many differences between them.

  2. just happy i got to see more of kanchi today

    1. Don’t get so happy for kanchi dear. Ye makers hame jyada din Tak khush nahi rahane de sakte. Sanchi will be in comma soon. There is another segment of kanchi on YouTube. Go and watch it.

  3. You are right yaar………..but riddhi she came out from coma after sometime……… Please cvs don’t separate our kanchi………….they are looking perfect with each other…………

    1. Yes dear she will come out of comma. I was just thinking abt swarda’s last abhi kahani khatam nahi hui hai so don’t come on any conclusion. I was like r they again going to start break up patchup drama? I don’t understand why CVS r not willing us to give us a good story instead of this breakup patchup drama. Agar sanveer kA patch up karana hi hai to abhi Kara dete Kabir to Khushi Khushi sanchi ko divorce de raha that. Anyways I don’t know what CVS r going to show I’ll watch the till there is kanchi and of course if the story will be interesting bcoz above all story should be interesting. Let’s see what happens.

  4. Yeah dear.. But there was a Kaanchi segment by telly masala recently.. Sanchi said that there will be two separate love stories in the show; Kabir Sanchi and Veer Mishri.. So maybe there is still a hope for Kaanchi….

    1. Another IV.? I got only IV of kanchi that was done by entertainment tadka and was posted on YouTube today. And in that IV swarda didn’t say anything like two love stories. Is there any other IV?

      1. Yeah.. Go to telly masala channel on YouTube there is a recent interview of Kaanchi with the caption “Sanchi Comes Back From Coma”.. She’s says clearly that there are two seperate love stories…

      2. Yes dear check Telly Masala channel on YouTube.. Sanchi states that Kaanchi will begin a new love story…

    2. Ok thanks dear I got it.

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