Savitri Devi 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer gives time to Sanchi to confess truth

Savitri Devi 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer holding Sanchi’s hand and taking her with him. Vaidehi tells Gayatri that the CD was important for Jaya. Gayatri decides to find out. Veer brings Sanchi to hospital angrily and tells that Sanchi gained consciousness and told that she is Sanchi Agarwal, an intern of SDCH. He says he wants to know who is saying truth and who is lying. Sanchi gets tensed. Veer says you have time till 9 am in the morning and says he wants to know the truth. Jaya thinks to break Sunny’s FD also and thinks she will not get 10 lakhs even then. Dadi comes there and asks her to take Savitri’s help. Jaya says Savitri wasted her 15 years of life because of me. She tells that the money which Savitri has is of Dr. Malhotra who earned that black money by killing her husband. She says she will

manage to get 10 lakhs on her own and will not take Savitri’s help.

Sanchi comes back to her hostel room and tells that Sanchi agarwal got consciousness and she told Veer about her identity and also that she is an intern here. Now Veer is doubtful about me. Isha asks if he came to know that you are Mishra. Pragya says we will do something. Sanchi calls Jaya and tells her that Veer is doubtful on her and asked her to give her answers till morning. Jaya asks her to handle Veer for 24 hours and says then she will make everything fine. Sanchi says ok.

In the morning, Veer wears his shoes and checks the watch as somebody knocks on the door. Veer thinks Sanchi might have come and opens the door. Sanchi tells him that she is not Sanchi Agarwal and tells that she wants their relation to be concrete and tells that she is the one whom he is searching, Sanchi mishra. Veer is shocked and closes the door. It turns out to be his dream. His friends ask him to relax and have water. Veer hopes his sanchi can’t be mishra and thinks if he loved a girl whom he hates a lot. In the morning, he waits for Sanchi and checks his watch. He thinks if she will not come to me then I will go to her and will know the truth. He comes to Sanchi’s hostel room and asks Isha and pragya where is Sanchi? Isha says she went for emergency duty. Veer goes. Pragya and Isha are worried. Jaya is selling her stuff. Dadi and her employees asks her to rethink her decision. Jaya says she has thought enough and sells factory etc.

Dr. Kabir comes to Dr. Malhotra. Dr. Malhotra tells him that a prisoner is coming to hospital for lie detection test and asks him to handle. Dr. Kabir says ok. Veer asks Receptionist to tell where is Sanchi’s duty today. She has she has no duty today. Sanchi is in hospital and hiding from Veer. She asks fellow intern to give his patient and says she will handle the patient. Veer comes to Sanchi and asks why she is hiding. Sanchi says she is doing her duty. Veer holds her hand and asks her to tell, some things fall down. Dr. Malhotra scolds him and asks what is the matter. Sanchi gets tensed and thinks what if Veer tells him. Veer says it is his personal matter. Dr. Malhotra asks him to go out and solve the problem. Veer tells sanchi that he would have told him, but didn’t as he wants her to tell everyone about her identity.

Veer sees lie detector machine and brings Sanchi there. He asks her to tell if she is Sanchi Agarwal. She says yes. Red light blinks. Veer is shocked and says I hate you Sanchi mishra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shabnam

    thanks Hasan for fast update

  2. This girl can never say the truth. Go to hell sanchi. Nice dialogue by veer in precap.

  3. hope kabir knew about her identity before
    plz don’t make him dumb
    just hoping for kanchi

  4. Wow ab to Jaya need Ghar je paperwork bhi Bach diya. Aur ye Gayatri bhi CD let legit. Ad ma beti bohut bare problem mein phas be Bali Hain.

  5. Really hp 4 kanchi…

  6. App kya naya drama hone bala hae…….not bad episode……. episode is quite interesting

  7. Saanchi and veer is best please don’t separate this cuople

  8. Both sanchi and her mother are going to face lot of troubles and then kabir will help them…Now chances of kanchi is getting higher day by day

  9. Hope Sanchi tell veer the truth ??

  10. In one episode veer love her and in the very next episode he hates her…then he loves her and then hate her.
    CV’s took this love-hate shit little too serious
    Non sense… hoping for Kabir and Priya

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