Savitri Devi 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri plans to separate Sanchi and Veer

Savitri Devi 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Sanchi, can they get back together and start afresh. Sanchi says it is very difficult for her to forget everything. Veer says sorry, and says I am hopeful that you will agree and promises to give her so much love that she forgets everything. He says I don’t wan’t you to agree forcibly and lights the candle. He says if you come before 4 hours then I will think you agreed else I will think your answer is no. Ria hears them and calls Gayatri. She tells her that Veer and Sanchi are getting back together, and he called Sanchi as Dean and proposed her. She says shall I call Dad. Gayatri says I will do something to make them separate that they can’t unite in this birth. She thinks if Veer diverts from his path then I have to remind him, he has to be in limits which

I have decided for him. She asks Nurse to give right injection to Savitri and says she has to get back to her senses.

Dadi comes and asks if you gave medicines to her. Gayatri says yes, and thinks she has to send this old woman out. She tells her that she is feeling as if some evil eye fallen on their family, and that’s why she thought to go to temple with her, but tells how to leave Savitri alone. Dadi says she will go to temple and goes. Gayatri asks Nurse to give her double and triple dose and get her consciousness in an hour. Nurse says she may die. Gayatri says she don’t care even if she dies.

Sanchi thinks of Veer’s proposal. Kabir asks her what is she thinking? Sanchi tells him that Veer proposed her again and wants her to unite with him. She says I can’t hate him even though some much happened between them. Dr. Kabir tells that Veer don’t deserve forgiveness.

Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi not to do this mistake and says true love have no place for hatred. Sanchi says I am tired of lying to me, I can’t live without him and going to say yes to him. Gayatri twists Savitri’s hands, and slaps her asking her to gain consciousness, she says you have to gain consciousness else your son will go to Sanchi and you will lose him for forever. Savitri gains conscious. Gayatri smirks. Sanchi thinks your Sanchi is coming to you veer. Veer waits for her in the garden. Sanchi gets ready, applies make up and thinks of Veer’s good gestures and says it seems our togetherness is decided by destiny. She says you realized your mistake and my love is truthful, I will give you a chance, you have to promise that you will not leave me. Veer asks himself to stay positive.

Sanchi comes there and looks at Veer, who is far away from her. Just then a car comes and the goons kidnap and take her. Sanchi shouts Veer, but he don’t see her and thinks it is just his thought. Sanchi asks goon where are they? Veer comes to the hospital and asks wardboy if she came to hospital. He says no. Veer calls her. Sanchi’s phone rings. She picks the call, but goon snatched the phone and cuts the call. Veer thinks if Sanchi’s answer is no. He thinks to wait for her. The goons blind fold Sanchi and take her to Gayatri.

Savitri gives cheque to Sanchi and asks her to leave from Veer’s life. Sanchi refuses the money and promise to leave him. Veer still waits for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Anu88

    Seeing today episode all hope for kanchi go to hell…….I think CVS make Dr kabir character negative……….

  2. ???? ye is show k writers k liye. Ab vo sayad kabir jaise sensible character ko bhi negative Kr rhe hai. SALUTE TO THEM.

  3. Precap was awesome yepeeeee
    But sanchi is phyco are wt she again fall for veer

  4. Dimple457

    Wow hats off to u writers and directors for making the worst show ever and making an awesome character(kabir)negative and again ??????for u to make Sanchi a love sick puppy now what to watch in this show seeing ur fav character turning negative firstly this show was for Sanchi’s dream but now it is only break up patch up drama mind blowing amazing now ab Sanchi ki maa ko na phasi pe chara do tbhi bhi ye destiny hai na Sanveer to hoga hi Kya hoga 2 din tak Sanchi veer se ruth jaaye gi then again patch up sahi jaa rahe ho writers sahi jaa rahe go???

  5. Yar. ye cvs pagal ho gai hai kya kabhi kabhi sachi veer ko rk karti hai to next episod me aalag kar deti hai. Yar ek bar me final kyu nahi karti ki pair kaun hai…..
    But after reading precap still hope for kachi…
    Yar kabir and sachi are best pair for me still today and i love them very much…but this cvs…. Aah…. ..

  6. RuCh23

    According to me and my thinking….
    1) Veer is so selfish and he only think about himself. If he felt Sanchi’s wrong then he’ll treat her like trash and if he felt Sanchi’s right then he’ll treat her soo sweet to the point that people who are watching this show get diabetes!
    2) Sanchi is a brainless fool who is completely going by the literal meaning of the words “love is blind”. Just because love happens out of the blue, she lose all her rationality, self respect, and many more which I’m not gonna write coz I’ll write the whole day if I go through that. Just because she fell in love with Veer, she should forgive everything and forgive him??? This is what wrong with these people. In every tv serial, they show the girl tolerating all rubbish treatment she gets from the boy out of love. Seriously? This is impossible!! I honestly think love shouldn’t make a person weak like this. It should give people strength. And the person we love may not support us in each and every situation, but they shouldn’t insult their girlfriend or wife or whatever like this! If a 1% of this happened to me because of some guy, I’d rather stay single my whole life if can’t forget him, but I’ll never go back to him even if he threatened he’d kill himself. To hell with him and his love and his sorry. A girl should have the strength to decide what’s better for her life without getting her mind clouded by her feelings. Otherwise they’ll be emotional fools.
    3) If I talk about Kabir, is say he is the only person with a brain here. True he supported Malhotra before and that’s very wrong but at least he knew he was doing wrong. And now being the good friend who would support your friend he gave the right advice to Sanchi. It’s too sad to see him considering himself only to be her friend but he’s fulfilling his duty as a friend perfectly.
    Now I know many of you won’t agree with my comment but honestly… I don’t care. As I said at the beginning, this is according to me. So if any of you get angry with me while reading this… get angry… I have no problem ???

    1. Dhruti

      ruwani i’m totally agree with you……………thank god i didn’t watch today’s episode………… r u ruwani?…………….love you a lot…………………….

      1. RuCh23

        I’m fine dear ? a lot

      2. RuCh23

        I’m fine dear ? just a lot irritated with this stupid show. Good thing you didn’t watch it. I didn’t watch it too ?

    2. Hi,
      I was a silent reader and watching this serial regularly
      But after today’s episodes I agree with your each and every word.

      And know? Acording to me
      Sanchi jaisi ladkiyon k karan ladko ki itni himmat Bad jati h

      Don’t know what msg CVS wants to convey to viewers

    3. Lokesh


    4. Anee

      Ru you are absolutely right even my feeling for that person who will treat me like this….your each and every word is absolutely correct about the show and the wrost characters like Veer and saanchi….and stupidity of CVS.

    5. Swethaa

      totally agree…im feeling the same dear…

  7. Yipee after seeing the precap hoping for kanchi to be the pair

  8. sanchi and kabir are best made for each other

  9. Priyanshipp

    Huh such a worst episode. ….. thank God I didn’t watched. …. n from 2morrow bye bye sdch. …. I don’t feel they r doctors I mean ek zhagda hota h pura hospital jama ho jaata h tab patients ko koi problem nhi hota n what a nice episode ????? salute to veer now he completely forgot his mother n saanchi use jaya ko jail se nhi nikalwana kya….. apne papa ka sapna b nhi pura karna sab bhool gye dono 10 minute me. …huh such a crap… kabir ne ek glti kiya usse sidhe muh baat tak nhi krti thi n veer ka kiya dhara sab bhool gyi. …. dhanya h saanchi mate n cvs. …… ????????????????

    1. Relax Priyu ….I already quit this 2 rs serial….Sanchi mata ki toh jai ho..? ?

  10. Wow now they are slowly destroying even Dr. Kabir character! Hats off to the cvs of this show, they just love making every one negative. What wrong have we kabir fans done that they are destroying even his character ?. Till today we kabir fans have not got anything what we demanded. Neither sabir pairing nor screen space for kabir nor any imp role for kabir ?. Where the he’ll is Dr kabir father?. Why is kabir not taking revenge against Dr malhotra? Plz kabir stop interfering in saanchi life. She is not worth it. She will love only veer. Plz teach malhotra a good lesson.


    Those viewers who have problem with character DrVeer & Story, Stop watching this Serial & Quit from this Show. & Don’t Give lectures on Moral or Any Character bcoz No 1 Deserve the acceptance of Morality in this show. Every Character doing Mistakes in this show no use of Greatness 4 Anyone Character. & Ur logic & Moral things will not put any effect on story. It’s better to ignore finding logic & other moral thing. Only watch this show 4 enjoyment.
    Dr VEER MALHOTRA always doing mistakes bt this human Nature so, his character belongs to some merit-demirt of reality. His uniqueness & unpredictability is Beauty of Character & the Show.

    1. Everyone has right to express their view

    2. Anee

      we are also viewers of the show then we have right to express our views our thoughts even you haven’t right to restrict anyone from expressing their thoughts….if you satisfy from the current track of the show then tell about the story, not about other viewers….

      1. I am agree with Anee & Simi…..We never complain when u guys expressing ur views , then now why do u this… You have full right to express ur view & if u like the storyline , then it is amazing….Enjoy the show but don’t disrespect others views


        I Know India is a Democratic Country & Freedom of Speech is Fundamental right in India. That creates big problem sometimes.
        My problem is that why r guys continuously repeating 1 sentence from last 8 months “Dr.Kabir will be -ve & Kanchi Will not Happen” Without any announcement or update. & putting blame on Veer 4 not having scene b/w S & K. Finding morals qualities in Veer Character.
        & u guys said we already quit watching this serial so, from urs comments there will be no effect on CV’s. It’s better to not find logic or moral in characters & repeating 1 sentence long time. & after this, u knows better what u want to do

  12. this show has become so irritating…..I think now sanchi will agree for marriage with kabir but as always veer will do something and sanveer will be married…. and our dear kabir will be turned into negative…..soooo boring…..

    I think if kanchi will be paired then it will be superb and if sanveer then please I don’t want to see this stupid show on TV…..
    I have got information about a new girl’s entry creating misunderstanding between sanveer so I think there’s still chance to see KANCHI as a lead pair
    fingers crossed hope this will happen please please please make kabir and sanchi as lead they are so so so so so cute and awesome

  13. I think dr. Kbir ko ye hospital hi chood dena chahiye…because ye hospital nahi mental hospital hai jaha sare pagal bhare pade hue hai…..aur talented insano ki waha koi jarurat hi nahi hau……
    Hat’s of to you cvs whatever you done yesterday…..

  14. Seeing all these now I believe that Sanchi is a shameless girl. She is spineless. I mean Veer did so many cheap actions against her & even now she is saying she loves veer. Ridiculous!

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