Savitri Devi 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gayatri reveals to Savitri that she is Anand’s second wife

Savitri Devi 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum telling Dr. Kabir that Sanchi has voted for him and this means she likes him. She asks him to propose Sanchi. Nurse comes and hears them. Kusum acts and says she is asking him to take her on lunch. Dr. Kabir signs and gives file to nurse back. He tells Kusum that they can’t talk about Sanchi openly. Kusum says they shall have a code name for her and says Bittu will be good. Veer sees Savitri and Dadi coming to temple and thinks to stop her from seeing the drama. He tells Savitri that puja’s mahurat is over. Savitri says ok, they can atleast do darshan of God and walks inside the temple. She is shocked to see Gayatri doing puja with Dr. Malhotra. Gayatri smirks seeing Savitri coming there. She thinks now my real drama begins.

Savitri turns to Dr. Malhotra and

asks him why Gayatri was sitting with him for puja. Dr. Malhotra is silent. Savitri questions him why she is sitting here and asks Gayatri how dare you to take my place, you are a mere a small secretary and forgot your place, how dare you? She is about to slap her, but Gayatri holds her hand and asks her to keep her hands in limits and says you don’t know who am I? I am Gayatri Malhotra, Dr. Anand Malhotra’s wife and brushes off her hand. Savitri is shocked, turns to Dr. Malhotra and faints.

They take her home. Savitri gains consciousness. Veer says thank god you are fine, I thought we have lost you. Dadi asks her to drink kada. Veer makes her have it and asks are you alright. Savitri asks him to go to hospital and not to worry about her. Veer says love you. Dadi says Savitri isn’t going anywhere. Veer goes. Dadi asks them to talk. Adarsh says we shall leave Bhabhi and Anand for sometime. Dadi asks Savitri to take care. Savitri questions Dr. Malhotra and asks if he was unsure that she will be fine and says may be that’s why God doesn’t want her to know the bitter truth of her marriage. Dr. Malhotra says kids were small then and he had to marry to handle them. Savitri says that’s why you acted. She says my car stopped on the way and then I came there and saw that, if you had told me, I wouldn’t have been humiliated. Dr. Malhotra tells that they will talk later.

Neeta introduces Sanchi and Veer to Patient Mrs. Maheshwari and her husband. She says my they will do your wife’s delivery. Mr. Maheshwari asks if they can find the gender of the baby. Veer says they can’t tell as it is illegal. They leave. Neeta tells the couple that she can tell the gender of the baby and asks for 15 lakhs rs. The couple agrees.

Sanchi apologizes to Veer for not giving him vote. Veer says you did what you thought is right. Sanchi asks him to come for dandiya night. He refuses and reminds her that they are on break, and asks her to take Dr. Kabir along with her.

Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi about Bittu and asks for her help. Sanchi agrees. He asks her to come with him to play dandiya and she agrees without knowing that he is talking about her. Later he informs his mum that Sanchi agreed to come.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode

  2. most annoying character-sanchi dumbo
    after seeing new spoiler dont know what happens
    and kabir if he gotta know that sanchi doesnt love him
    hope sanchi forget about veer and concentrate on her mission
    precap is gud kabir going to propose her on dandiya night

  3. Now final jodi sanchi and kabir
    Not veer and sanchi

  4. What the hell is happening here??Again a love triangle???

  5. So waiting for propose scene. I hope she accepts it

  6. Haha….propose krne PR jruri nhi Han mile …aur sayad mile bhi toh aise ki bhuto ka dil toote….I hope veer and pragya to be pair up against sanchi and Kabir…sanchi aur pragya ki dosti to Dekh li av dekhna chahte h dono ki dushmani after veer aur pragya ki Sadi hone k bad….I hope pragya aur veer ki Sadi ho Jaye….

  7. Are yaar gangaram kar rakhi hai dimaag ki cvs ne……Sanchi, now she is annoying character……i am not bear this nonsense more . Cvs if u don’t have idea then read tu page ff…..i am sure the ff writers have more skills than you……Veer…..cvs spoiled his character …..they changed him insecure from a cute prankster…….bechara kabir…..jaanta hi nahi Sanchi don’t love him………Devi ji aka Sanchi donon ko nachane main lagi hai…….Vikrant & Priya track …..why they don’t stop this……Humare indian serial ka sotan drama …..wo toh ban hi nahi ho sakta….Ufff itna overdrama….i am fed up …..I am quitting this show guys otherwise i really need mental assylum. Koi toh band karo yaar iss track ko…..Sanchi ‘s revenge & mission toh gaya tel lene ….What they want to prove ????? Plzzz we want Sanchi a character which is bold & concentrate on her careeer……Cvs ko koi dikhao Dil mil gaye aur sanjeevani jaise show….then they know how to make a medical drama….They make it melodrama like typical indian serial…..sotanon ka drama, Sanchi humari mahan devi ji dhanya hai aap……Veer is insecure from kabeer…..Now start wrestling match between them for a girl……Today episode is ….wow….Cvs need a clap for destroying show ……Guys…..Please congrats them for ruining this medical drama.

    1. Dhruti

      dear i also felt same what you felt…….and this sanchi wah wah she totally forget why she come in sdch, what about her mission, cvs kya kar raha he today’s episode ….woh woh salute them for destroying the show………sacchi medical drama to sanjeevani and DMG jesa ho warna na ho….they were so amazing shows…….. now they spoil veer character i like veer’s prankster wala character, now they show that he was totally insecure from kabir….what i say about kabir he get a big shock when he knows that sanchi doesn’t love him and again change his personality like khadoosh, strict, kind of which they shows in starting episode…..i’m just fed up with this show…………when start sdch i expect much medical drama but cvs ruined my expectations……………..

      1. I also expect this show a sweet one nok-jhok medical drama….i don’t know they make it like this. This was one of my favourite show when this was started……About love triangles….i hate it to the core… someone remain heartbroken….i don’t watch those shows who have love triangles….

    2. I am really disappointed from this show……How much i love this……Miss veer pranks , Mr. khadoos’s punishmeny & our innocent sanchi,…..Plzz don’t messes this show cvs as i am a big gan of this show & kanchi too.

  8. Anita

    i swear this whole fake saanchi aggarwal plot is copied from mehga goel plot from parvarish S1
    secondly this vikrant psychotic obbsession plus priya sanket drama is very similar to deejay khurrana storyline where hes harrassing a girl 24×7 , sending her gifts , his bg score is creepy and especially the bus just scared the pv audience this boy didnt even stop when the girl ‘s cousin brother told him to stop folllowing her . his dialogue hey sweety isnt it very similiar . he looks way to creepy than vikrant to lol
    now coming to the episode i was just skipping in between i just saw malhotra scene and the precap
    sanchi should make her mind up like seriously why is she playing ping pong with them

  9. Cvs plzzz koi dang ki script na ho to achcha h show ko hi band kar do itne kamaal k actors h sabka talent waste ho raha h is stupid show k piche… Guys u read new spoiler kya dimaag paya h makers ne sanchi kabir ki di hui ring pehen leti h wo bhi anjane me koi pav bhaji h jo galti se mistake samajh kar kha li LOL jai ho mahaan sanchi nd RS ko dandvat pranam aisa mahaan irritating show banane k liye iss show me sab shotan bhare pade h show ka naam badal kar MERE EK NAHI DO rakh do achcha rahega

    1. Hahaa didu….that one title is perfectly suited on this…..infact i don’t understand what happen to colors cannel…..why they spoil all the shows….. Nowadays I only watch Ishq main marjwan & tu aashiqui….it seem interesting….thought i am also watch SDCH as i don’t want this one show get less trp.

    2. Khamoshi

      Niyaa dear.. RING wala spoiler tumne kaha padha? Mujhe yeh nahi pata tha.. plz share the link dear

  10. Boring episode…..I can’t see kabir heartbroken….. I will stop watching show

  11. Big fan of kanchi…..if they show kabir heartbroken the trp will even more decrease

  12. Plz don’t break kabir’s heart……I am big fan of vikram

  13. I used to watch the serial regularly… where makers r taking the serial not getting……I am fan of kanchi pair…..I can’t see kabir’s love failure…. Hope they make kanchi as lead pair

    1. Dhruti

      i’m also a big fan of kanchi…..i also can’t see kabir’s love failure………..i hope they make kanchi as a main pair…….finger crossed……….

  14. Sdch is my favourite show but now I am also fed up this show.what they trying to show and Sanchi character is a dumbo character.her makeup,clothes and acting is very bad but now storyline is also bakwaas.i think it’s high time show should be going off air.

  15. Smtym trp has to get down …Perhaps dy r preparing for a surprise for viewers later in d episode wid sme outstanding romantic scenes of kanchi …. Ve patience … Hope kabir n Sanchi alliance should b heard soon … Kanchi d best jodi … Eventually dy ll b paired up ..

    1. Hope so

  16. Plz make kanchi as couple

  17. Is saanchi gynecologist? How can she do delivery? Don’t they have specialist in such a big hospital? Couugh and cold se heart surgery…sabhi ka ilaj dr. Kabir and saanchi hi Karenge. Savitridevi dispensery nam rakho for.

  18. Veer&sanchi are best. I wish both of them will be reunited by this dandiya night

  19. Me think der ll b mre rift btwn sanchi n veer in dandya event .. In sme site its reported dt sanchi n kabir r lead in d show … Hope so dy ultimately pair up ..

  20. Me think der ll b mre rift btwn sanchi n veer in dandya event .. In sme site its reported dt sanchi n kabir r lead in d show …kabir n sanchi looks stunning ..

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