Savitri Devi 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Jaya gets CD but gets injured

Savitri Devi 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Komal calling Jaya and telling her that she has a copy of that CD and asks her to come and take it. Jaya asks Sanchi to go to hospital and stop Veer from telling truth to Dr. Malhotra. Gayatri comes out and asks Savitri to go and make tea insulting her. Dr. Malhotra asks Savitri if she haven’t heard and asks he r to make tea for Gayatri and bring her favorite cookies too. Savitri is shocked. She goes to kitchen, makes tea and gives to Gayatri. Gayatri throws the tea and shouts at Savitri for dropping tea on her intentionally. She then asks her to clean her foot. Savitri is shocked and thinks why Dr. Malhotra is not telling anything.

Veer comes to Dr. Malhotra. Dr. Malhotra says I don’t want to hear any nonsense from you. Veer says your thinking about the happening

in this hospital was right and is about to tell him. Just then Dr. Kabir comes and asks what is he doing here and should be in OT for his first solo surgery. Veer says he was not informed. Dr. Kabir says he sent him message and also it was written on the notice board. Veer says but right now he is busy talking to Dr. Malhotra. Dr. kabir asks Dr. Malhotra to make him understand and asks him to go and do the surgery. Dr. Malhotra asks him to go. Veer goes.

Jaya comes to Komal and gets CD. She gives her money, but Komal refuses to take it. She apologizes to Jaya. Jaya says she can understand her situation. Vaidehi calls Gayatri and informs her that Jaya got CD. Gayatri asks her to do something else Dr. Malhotra will come out of her control. Savitri gets Jaya’s call and gets happy. Sanchi thanks Dr. kabir and tells that he did a big favor on her by allotting surgery to Veer. Dr. Kabir says there must be some valid reason. Sanchi says she will tell when the time is right. Jaya calls Sanchi and tells her that she got the CD and is coming there, now she don’t have to hide the CD. Vaidehi’s goons hit Jaya’s auto with the car and makes her falls down on road. Gayatri and Vaidehi come there and search CD in her bag, but they couldn’t get CD as it is fallen in the bushes. Jaya gets up and runs. Gayatri asks goons to catch her. Sanchi asks Veer to listen to her once. Veer says he don’t want to hear her lie and fall in her trap.

Ms. D souza gives CD to Dr. Malhotra. He plays the CD of the lie detection trial and hears Sanchi’s truth. He thinks his doubt was right.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally got to see kabir….

  2. Saw 2day epi….kabir helped sanchi….hope for kanchi

  3. RuCh23

    Seriously Kabir? Why did you help this girl? ??? you should not help her ??? you’re too kind!!! What happened to the khadoos senior??? Don’t help Sanchi if sanveer is gonna happen!!! A cheer for you Veer!! Don’t trust her at all. Misunderstandings beyond repair, should happen between you and Sanchi to happen kanchi. True they say it’s sanveer, but I still can hope for my Kanchi to unite ???. And yes!!! Finally, Evil Dr. Malhothra will get to know Sanchi truth!! Can’t wait to know what happens next!!!

    1. Guli

      Really…. Missing Hitler kabir….

  4. This is my POV…..just now in 1 of the media platform I read that the trp is increased…. Congrats for whole team…according to him the main reason for increase in trp is bcoz of development in veer’s character…..I don’t agree with him….for me trp increased for following reasons
    1. They changed story line of love triangle
    2. This week they promoted the twist(sanchi expose)
    3.this week’s story line was fast
    4.the suspense has really clicked…who will help sanchi?
    If sanveer fans r hurt I am sorry

    1. Harshu123

      hey guys 43 week includes sanveer proposal and kabir heartbreak so u can think cause of increase in trp and sanch truth out is in 44week

    2. Niyaaa

      Agree with u.. especially 2 nd 4 points r main reason of increased trp…

      1. Thank u Niya

  5. feeling kabir gonna support her

    1. I hope he supports her to the point of marrying her. Love or not, she’ll grow to love him seeing his goodness. Haven’t watched, just read updates.

  6. Prakruti

    Hope malhotra gets exposed.. And Sanchi realizes that only Kabir was the one who instead of being hurt by her, still helps her, stands by her side, defends her and supports her unlike Veer, who on one side confesses his love but never ever trusts her or understands her.. Hope Kanchi gets united..

  7. Why can’t veer understand sanchi. Veer should not do like this. I am very eager to what will be next???

  8. So so beautiful episode

  9. I started hating this now it’s dragging.but loved kabir he is so good.missing isha and pragya.hope sanchi doesn’t forgive veer again.I was a San veer but now I don’t think I like them.

  10. After seeing this epi I have started liking kabir even more…..this epi was interesting

  11. Hope veer realize how mistake and help sanchi.Hope for sanveer

  12. Wow kabir helped sanchi… after day I m liking kabir character more bcoz in real life if something like this happened then the ditched person who have not helped at least that not case in reel world….hope for kanchi

  13. I am a silent viewer of the show….sometime ago even I had to face similar situation like sanchi….the way I was treated & the way kabir helped sanchi has lot of difference….. I want to thank the makers for giving us such a wonderful kabir character…. Plz don’t spoil his character……rashmi mam thank u for making such wonderful show & specially character kabir

  14. Veer looks like a soft and kind hearted person but really feeling bad on his characterization they made him rude…He is such a cute actor but how can they present him like this…Yes,ofcourse he can play any role,it doesnt mean you can make him rude…plss veer come back with your pranks

  15. Watchg only for veer

  16. Please show such a way that malhotra is exposed and Veer realise his mistake and Veer should apologise to Sanchi.

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