Savitri Devi 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ayesha tries to trap Veer

Savitri Devi 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi seeing Veer close to Ayesha as treats her and misunderstands him. Ayesha gets up and laughs saying it was a prank. Veer gets upset. He comes out. Garg teases him. Veer comes to Sanchi and tells that he was just treating her. He tells her that she is jealous and he can see jealousy on her face. Ayesha hears them and says she will never let them unite and plans to trap Veer. She hides seeing Dr. Kabir.

Dr. Kabir comes and pats on her shoulder. He asks why is she hiding. Dr. Kabir asks her to tell the treatment for the patient. Gayatri comes to her rescue and tells Dr. Kabir that she wants to talk to him. Ayesha tells that she will talk to her mum else she will get panic attack..Dr. Kabir says ok. Ayesha calls Subramaniam and asks him about the patient’s treatment.

He tells her treatment and illness of patient. Dr. Kabir says he is waiting and asks her to tell. She tells him the same thing. Dr. Kabir says ok and goes. Gayatri asks her to be alert. Ayesha says she never loses and shows overconfidence. Gayatri asks her to do work.

Isha tells that she is feeling cold. Someone comes and asks them to come and enjoy bonfire. Isha asks Sanchi to come, but she refuses. Isha takes her forcibly. Subramaniam thanks Veer for organizing bonfire. Ayesha comes and sits beside Veer. Veer says we will play truth and dare seeing Sanchi. Isha asks Ayesha to tell embarrassing moment in hospital. She asks them not to talk about hospital again. They ask when she had her first kiss. Ayesha says at the age of 14 and tells that real kiss happens in this age. She eyes Veer. Sanchi gets jealous. Veer looks at her. Ria asks Veer to play guitar as he chose to dare. He sings Inna Sona and plays guitar. Ayesha flirts with him. Next Sanchi’s turn comes.

Veer asks truth or dare. Ayesha asks them to give dare. She says Sanchi shall make tea and pakodas for everyone present there and says she handles hospital well, lets see if she will be good cook. Veer says no. Sanchi accepts it. Ayesha thinks it is easy for her to trap him. She comes to the hospital with towel and soap water on her face. She intentionally slips and falls on Veer. Veer asks why you are roaming like this and falling in my embrace. Ayesha says you are lucky as I fell in your embrace again and again. Sanchi shouts at her for her thinking.

Ayesha challenges Sanchi that she will get more roses on rose day tomorrow. Sanchi accepts the challenge and says they will wear saree.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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