Savitri Devi 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya asking Jaya if she knows her Papa. Jaya says everyone knows him being a big doctor and says I am sure that he will not do anything wrong with you. Sanket comes and tells taxi came. She leaves. Jaya asks him to talk to his boss. Sanket tells that he can’t as he is appointed by him in Savitri Devi hospital. Jaya thinks he is playing game with his daughter. Nurse informs other nurse that a equipment is missing. Nurse asks her to check properly. Sanchi thinks to change Sanchi’s drip. She thinks if Kabir sees me then it will be a problem. She then tells herself that she shall change the drip as it is most important. Jaya comes of Sanket’s house and see Dr. Anand stepping out of his car. She is shocked and hides. Driver says this is the house, Adarsh gave address of. Dr.

Anand walks towards the house. Sanchi changes her drip and talks to Sanchi Agarwal. She says I am sorry to use to name to take admission in this hospital. She promises to take care of her and pray that she will be alright soon.

Jaya sees the pics and smiles. She sees Priya’s childhood pic and says she has grown up now. Dadi says you remembered her, everything is changed. Jaya reminisces old moments and says she wants to meet Chachi ji.

Veer tries to observe the patient looking at the patient’s ghunghat. Her husband asks why you are roaming around her. He asks him to call lady doctor. Veer says I am a doctor and will treat her. Her husband asks him to call lady doctor. Dr. Kabir comes and asks what happened? Veer tells that she is her patient, but couldn’t diagnosed her illness as her husband is not letting him check her. He says Dr. Sanchi checked her now, but said it is a ghunghat problem and left. Dr. Kabir asks about her illness. Her husband tells about her problem. Dr. Kabir tells that Sanchi said right and tells that her ghunghat is her problem and she became deficient of Vitamin D. He says we have to remove her ghunghat to get her sunlight. Her husband gets angry and says I will not let my wife treated here, and insults him. He asks her to get up and says we will go to some other hospital. Kabir says as you think. Veer asks won’t you stop him. Dr. Kabir says it is their wish.

Priya tells Dadi that she met Jaya Kaki. Dadi is shocked. Dr. Anand comes there and asks what is this? He says did you forget that you are my daughter. You didn’t think of me because of a middle class guy and asks her not to think about him. Dadi asks why did you trap Sankep and separated them. Dr. Anand says she is my daughter and I know what is best for her.

Veer comes to store room. Sanchi says I felt good seeing you. Veer says Dr. Kabir called me. Sanchi gets tensed and thinks he suspected me for 2 days. Veer tells that Gulabi and her husband are leaving. Sanchi goes to stop them.

Jaya comes to Malhotra house covering her face with pallu. Watchman stops her. She tells that she is laundry woman. He lets her go inside. Jaya thinks I shall see once if Priya and Chachi are fine here. She gets emotional and thinks to leave before anybody sees her. She hears Dr. Anand talking to Vikrant and hides. He praises him. He then calls everyone to have food. Jaya thinks how to go? Dr. Anand asks if he is relaxed now. Vikrant says he can’t hear anything against his to be wife, but now he is relax. Suddenly his hand start shaking. He excuses himself and have some tablets. He makes strange faces which is witnessed by Jaya shockingly. Once he gets normal, he goes. Jaya takes his bottle and thinks to find out.

Sanchi sees Dr. Kabir and come to him. He says you are suspended, then what you are doing here? She says sorry for breaking the hospital rules. She tells him that he can punish her later, but for now she has to stop Gulabi and her husband from leaving the hospital. She says she wants to save lady’s life. Dr. Kabir says ok. Dr. Anand tells that he is going to hospital now. Priya says she is feeling unwell and will rest. Vikrant says we will go some other day. He says lets go dad. They leave. Jaya holds Priya’s hand when she is going from there. Priya says you are here? Jaya tells Priya that your to be husband have taken this tablet and tells that he was shaken up, restless before having this, but later he got fine. Priya says she will find out and asks how you come here. Gayatri calls her and she goes.

Sanchi talks to Gulabi’s husband and tells that she needs Vitamin D and which will get only through Sunlight. Gulabi’s husband gets angry. Sanchi tells her that she needs sunlight also along with the medicine. He asks her to let them go and points knife at her. Veer comes and asks Sanchi to let them go. Sanchi says if they go from there, then his wife will surely die in few years and his daughter will also fall prey to this customs. She asks Gulabi to talk to her husband. Her daughter asks Gulabi not to die and asks her father to save them. Gulabi says I don’t care about myself, but if anything happens to you both. Her husband holds her hand and is walking towards outside. Veer thinks this man will not agree and is taking her. He takes her out and lift her ghunghat so that she can have sunlight. Everyone claps for them. Adarsh, Dr. Kabir and Veer looks on.

Gulabi’s husband brings her back to hospital and asks receptionist to admit her again. Adarsh praises Kabir for having a courageous intern and saved a bed from getting empty. Dr. Kabir gets happy and tells Sanchi that she can work again and her dept will be allotted to her soon. Sanchi gets a message that Sanchi Agarwal is lying cold. She is shocked. Nurse Fernandes tells Dr. Kabir that a life store is missing in inventory and says if Adarsh came to know about this, then she will lose the job. Dr. Kabir says they will search together. Sanchi comes to the storeroom and says life support is not working. She thinks she has to change the machine as she owes her. She says we have to give her proper medical care.

Pragya says what she wants? Sanchi says she will tell truth to Dr. Kabir. Isha scolds her. Pragya says your truth can come out. Sanchi says I don’t care about myself and tells that she will try to convince Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir asks Nurse Fernandes if she checked in the storeroom. She says why anyone will keep it here. Just then they see Sanchi coming out. Nurse Fernandes tells that she must have her boyfriend there. Sanchi is about to tell him. Nurse checks and tells Kabir that Machine is here. Dr. Kabir goes inside and is shocked to see the girl on bed. He looks at Sanchi.

Sanchi Agarwal gets consciousness and tells that Sanchi is using her identity in the hospital. Dr. Kabir says now I have proof. Veer asks her to leave. Sanchi comes out and sees Jaya standing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Osm episode.
    Horrible precap. But I think it’s Sanchi’s dream.

  2. Good episode

  3. i really wanna watch more sanveer scenes…
    they r soo funny tog…

  4. Hey guy I luv sanveer but jays refers to his dado as chachi so I don’t think sanveer can be yogethrr

    1. even i think sanveer are in cousins??? may be perhaps….

  5. no they are not cousins if so then a possible kiss would not have been shown i think it will be a love triangle saanchi veer nd kabir let us see with whom saanchi will fall in love with

  6. Tanya dear, u really have stolen words from my mouth.
    Surely, Sanchi and Veer r not cousins. Jaya and Savitri were close friends.

  7. good episode

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