Savitri Devi 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer stops Savitri’s Shradh

Savitri Devi 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Savitri what is happening. Dr. Malhotra says it is a good plan using Savitri. Guest lady asks why Savitri is doing shraddh at this auspicious moment. Veer asks Savitri to get up and asks why you are doing this. Savitri says you have killed me alive by marrying and bringing this girl here, you don’t care for me, let me do my shradh, atleast I will get peace. Veer says who told you that I don’t care or worry for you and says I can’t think even in my dreams about you. He says you don’t like Sanchi, but can you give her a chance for me. Savitri asks what is the goodness in her, they trapped Dr. Malhotra in fake murder case, tried to kill me and snatched our hospital. She says Sanchi is Jaya’s daughter and will ruin the house. Veer says she will not do anything

and says she loves everyone. Gayatri instigates Savitri and tells that sanchi doesn’t want to change her name and is even now Mishra. Veer says I will not hear anything against her. Savitri says Sanchi is not ready to accept you or your name. Veer says she has accepted everyone from heart and he don’t like to change her name.

Sanchi apologizes to Savitri on Veer’s behalf. Savitri says I hate you and your name, I don’t want to see your face and asks her to go. Sanchi is about to go. Savitri stops her and says you wants to be adarsh bahu, so you have 24 hours and asks her to drop Mishra from her name and add Malhotra in her name, then she will accept her. Sanchi gets tensed. Gayatri comes and asks are you fine Didi? Savitri says I had enough, now I will make that mother and daughter shed blood tears and will make her ego break in 24 hours.

Gayatri congratulates herself and thinks Savitri made her work easy. Sanchi comes to Veer and thinks she shall not tell Veer about Savitri’s condition. Veer tells Sanchi that he loved her as she is and tells that there is no need to change name and hopes Savitri will accept her soon. Sanchi says I hope so, asks him to rest and goes out. Veer thinks everything is ruined. Later she comes back to room, but Veer is not there, she thinks where did he go and comes to hall. It is dark in the hall. Someone holds her and takes her out. Veer says surprise. Sanchi looks at the decoration, she scolds Veer for doing mischief. He asks her to enjoy the moment and says he won’t let the trust break, with which she left Jaya’s hand and held his hand against her wish. He asks what shall I do. She asks him to entertain her. Bol halke song plays as Sanchi and Veer dances. He lifts her and takes her to bed. Just then they hear Priya’s voice trying to stop Savitri.

Veer and Sanchi come out and see Savitri embracing Sadhvi’s life. She is about to about to get her hairs removed when Sanchi stops her and tells that she agrees to her every condition. Veer is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sanchi deserves this I’m really happy to see her like this

  2. Guys 2mmrow b kabir ka scene nahi hai so enjoy with other seraila

  3. Dhruti

    see and saw yesterday episode and how sanveer expect that kabie and jaya will forgive them ???? i’m also happy to see sanchi like this because she deserves this………………..

  4. 3rd grade romance of tomchi….yuck.,worst couple in history of indian tv shows…isse ache to swaragini page pe ragsan ffs me ragini sanskar ki jodi achi lgti h … Waise all the best sdch viewers…enjoy this typical ghisi piti saas bahu drama in name of medical drama.

    1. Completely agree with u kaash veer aur sanchi alag hojaye

  5. They r showing shit in the name of medical drama. Sanchi saree me veer ki ma lag rahi hai. Horrible pair.

  6. SanVeer pair is best pair and those who do not like them can be silent but what is the need to comment them

    1. Everyone has the right to give their opinion

  7. Sanchi deserves this….sanveer is the worstest couple….

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