Savitri Devi 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer gives Dean’s position to Sanchi

Savitri Devi 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir scolding Veer for snatching hospital from Sanchi. Veer says I know how to make the things right and asks him not to interfere and mind his own business.

Sanchi comes home. Sunny and Dadi ask why she is looking upset. Sanchi goes to room and locks the door. She feels bad. Veer thinks he has done wrong and thinks to bring Sanchi back. He slips while getting down from the stairs, blood comes out of his head and takes Sanchi’s name. Sunny tells Sanchi that she is getting call from hospital. Sanchi comes out of room and rejects the call. Dadi asks Sanchi if she wants to eat something. Sanchi says no and switches off her hand. Dr. Kabir comes to Sanchi’s house. Sanchi asks him not to waste his time and says she don’t want to talk about it. Dr. Kabir

tells that he haven’t come to talk about her decision and says Veer. Sanchi asks him not to talk about him and says he has ruined my life. Dr. Kabir tells her that Veer met with an accident and is critical. She gets shocked and comes to the hospital.

Veer tells Doctor that he will only get his treatment by Dr. Sanchi. Sanchi comes there and asks him what did he do? Veer tells her that he has realized his mistake and that good can’t happen if anyone does wrong. She asks him to let Doctor do the treatment. Veer tells her that he will get treated by her only else he will prefer to die. Sanchi tells him that she has left practice and lost confidence and needs time. Veer asks her to do his treatment and faints.

Sanchi asks him to open his eyes. Dr. Kabir asks her to decide and says Veer lost lots of blood, his life is in your hand. Sanchi decides to treat him and asks Nurse to give injection. Later she comes to see him. Nurse says he is better now, but can’t tell until he gains consciousness. Sanchi says I know, and reminisces their moments. She says how are you, once you hate me and at the other time, you loves me. I won’t let anything happen to you and I promise I won’t leave you.

Nurse gives her Veer’s latest report. Sanchi reads it and tells Dr. Kabir that Veer’s vision is fine and he is fine. She says my work ended here, so I will leave. Veer comes out of ward and thinks he won’t let Sanchi go. he searches for her. He sees Sanchi leaving and calls Garg. Kids from Paediatric ward and Veer’s friends dances to cheer Sanchi while the song I am sorry song plays….Dr. Kabir smiles. Sanchi sees Veer standing. Garg brings Isha there and says it was Veer’s plan. Veer tells Sanchi that he knows that she is a very good Dean and have handled the hospital well even though he kept hurdles on her way and troubled her a lot. He says no Dean can be best than her, and asks her to return as Dean of the hospital and asks her to say yes. Sanchi agrees and nods her head. Veer brings Dean’ chair out and keeps where she used to sit. Everyone claps for Sanchi.

They come out. Veer says sorry and tells her that he is really feeling sorry and asks if she will get back together with him like they used to be. Sanchi looks on.

Ria informs Gayatri that Veer gave Dean position back to Sanchi and asks her to do something. Veer asks someone if Sanchi came today. Goons kidnap Sanchi and bring her to Gayatri. Gayatri smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Emptyhand20

    Look like ColorsTV have stopped upload English subtitle at all their shows, they don’t care about foreign viewers and deaf audiences at all, now they have to stop watching because they don’t understand anything, so disappointed

  2. what the bullshit is this????
    why veer suddenly good to sanchi and sanchi also????
    oops no update on friday…
    can anyone brief what happened friday

  3. Whaaat??Are Sanveer again going to patch up??Eww….What is Kabir doing?Hope Sanchi soon gets to know the true meaning of love and accepts Kabir into her life.

  4. RuCh23

    Can this show, give us more rubbish??? ??? Seriously!! After everything happened for 30 days…. She again forgives him. True I’m a Kanchi fan but I’m not saying that Sanchi should ditch Veer and love Kabir. But there’s a limit to everything!! After various methods Veer used to defame Sanchi, how can she for give him? According to this show, whatever wrong doings the guy did, the girl should forget and forgive!! What is this? Is Sanchi some kind of goddess, who have such a big heart? She’s a human too. Tv serials don’t go with reality, but there should be some point to every nonsesns!! Seriously… this is too much!! ???

    1. Dhruti

      seriously this is too much i think this is worse episode i ever seen what this? every time veer did something wrong and every time sanch forgive him…………….like really?after this i have no words to say anything………….

    2. Ziyarasheed

      It’s nothing new. This is what they do with the female lead in every show. You should accept pain, insult, rejection….and also in the end forgive and accept the one who gave you all this.?

      1. I agree with Ziya …. That’s actually serial show in the name of women empowerment….Female leads fight with society but when it comes to their love interest & family , they tolerate everything even wrong too

  5. say no to veer he is not equal or correct to sanchi but dr. kabir is perfect to you

  6. Priyanshipp

    Such a worst episode in the history of sdch. How can saanchi forget everything so easily what veer has done till now. Everytime breakup patch up what nonsense is this. …. n now a new girl is going to enter in sdch. ….. I’m totally disappointed with the show. …. Though I’m a kaanchi fan but how can saanchi forgive veer so easily. ….. atleast some reality should be shown but no…… this show has not a far relation with reality atleast something should be shown which has meaning. ….. this show is gonna break all the limits of illogical story. Totally nonsense…. ????

  7. OK CAN THEY SHOW MORE NONSENSE IN THIS SHOW. After doing so much bed with sanchi, she easily forgive veer, and saying so much romantic lines to him. IS SHOW ME SANVEER K PATCH UP, BREAK UP K ALAWA KUCH NHI H. so much disappointed with this show.

  8. Stupid directors

  9. Very much disappointed episodes snchi koi baghawan hai Kya buchara Kabir he did lit of things to sanchi and she doesn’t have little concern towards him he loves her so much. N look guys Kabir loves her infinity he is happy with her happiness. Love u so much

  10. N guys wt Abt pragya did she left the show

  11. About time the production on this serial is halted. There is no reality of life in their production.

  12. In this serial sanchi & veer both are Gods(sattire)….sanchi is goddess bcoz she forgave him so easily & whatever veer do is right for sanchi….his evil deeds etc etc so for sanchi veer is God…..until this date I have not seen such nonsense serial

  13. I will never watch this illogical show again.Anyways I will never forget the glory of Dr.Kabir’s character.

  14. Sanchi don’t have self respect…..this serial is utter nonsense… the makers of show think like this….according to then what ever they show v viewers will accept…viewers r idiots according to them…..i will not watch this serial even for kabir…..if the show sabir pair then only I will start watching

  15. world’s worst show award goes to SDCH, world’s nonsense show award goes to SDCH, world’s illogical show award goes to SDCH, world’s horrible show award goes to SDCH, all these kinds of award goes to SDCH,I never saw this kind of show life and never want to see again this kind bullshit, get tried to see always sanveer breakup patch up drama,I think makes lose their mind,bye bye SDCH

  16. Yaaaaaay …… My sanveer again together ??? it was best scene ever ??????

  17. How can something be so idiotic……according to me never in the past such horrible serial was made & even in future it will be made…..only sdch is that level

  18. If I want to see the worst epi than 2days it is only possible if I continue watching sdch….bcoz no other serial can be so worst….God plz give some brain to the director

  19. I guess now veer has forgotten that jaya shooted his mother….veer I understand sanchi is a girl…being a boy u can’t be much angry on sanchi…come on veer jaya is mother of sanchi….I don’t have words to tell how bad this serial is….sanchi u said veer is heartless & he don’t have humanity….s when boy comes & say sorry after doing all wrong things he must be forgiven…. Men r God in India…..sanchi being typical indian girl will forgive veer…..sanchi Mata one more suggestion from next episode start doing pooja of veer

    1. Agree with u Seema , if they show female lead strong , then their so call ego is hurt

  20. Best show and today episode was superb. .
    Sanvee is best , cvs only make characters. …

  21. Episode is very nice and superb. SanVeer is again paired up. Love u SanVeer…..

  22. hey kanchi fans if anyone repents on their deeds by full hearts then we should forgives him and Sanchi is doing same OK and I know veer is at mistake this time but he is just manipulated by his elders with his weak point about kabir he is mature so he understand things better

    1. Lovishsanskruti

      Really sorry to say but veer koi 5 saal ka chotta bachcha nahi hki usse kuch bhi samjh naa aaye.. Maan liya usse manipulate kiya tha per jo bhi planning usne sanchi k against ki wo khud usne banayi thi ab ye mat kahna wo bhi uske pappa n idea diya tha m naa hi kanchi fan hun naa hi sanveer m sirf ye show medical based hone ki wajh se dekh rahi thi.. Nd i lovee kabir character… Nd ab mujhe hi nahi lagta ki sanchi kabir k liye deserving person h nd @seema i agree with u sanchi devi ji aage se veerki pooja karke hi khana khana.tumhara kya bharosha kal ko veer jaya ko bhi fasi lagwa de to tum tab bhi usse maaf kar do????mahaan ho rs nd cvs of this crap show????..dhanay ho gyi m jo ye show dekhna band kar diya wrna m hi mental asylum m milti???.. Bas ab sanveer yaa kahein devi ji or devta jii?? ki shaadi ho or ye show off air jaye..

      1. Anee

        Ek dam sahi kaha agar veer ko samjh hi aata ke kiya sahi hai or kiya galat hai then kiun yeh saanchi se pyar ketne ka daawa karta hai…..according to sanveer fans ke veer manipulate hogaya tha then suddenly uss ka mind change ke se hogaya kiya uss ka apni maa ke liye pyar khatam ho gaya aur phir se saanchi ke liye pyar jag gaya….arrey aise na samjh amuture bande kiya bharosa ke jab mood main aaye toh evil ban jaya aur mood main aaye toh devta aur mahaan ban ke saanchi ke liye gaane gaane lage…G haaan aane wale episodes main veer saanchi ke liye gaana bhi gayega…..totally nonesence……kabir ka kuch nahi sakte yeh Vikram sir ka First show hai..aur zaroori nahi hai har Actor ko uss ka first shoe as a lead mile….lekin I want to tell the CVs if you want to show sanveer then plz koi dhang ki story toh dikhao…plz make some Logic….and Thank God I stopped watched show earlier.

      2. Anee


  23. 23SAMAIRA0906

    I am sorry but if Kabir is matured that doesn’t mean he can be left heratbroken And about Veer and Sanchi, then there is nothing left to say about it. And Sanchi just see Veer,’s love and care not Kabir’s. And thats confirmed to be Sanveer and those Sabir scenes were just lollipop scenes. And they r changing every Sabir scenes to Sanveer

  24. idiotic show….CVS are thinking viewers are stupid and fools,,they are giving hope of kanchi pair …but i real they will pair up with veer and sanchi ….plz guys dont hope kanchi as a pair…bcz they wont…even i am also fan varun…but sanchi and kabir looks good together…now a day i irritated to watch veer as too much innocent and cute reaction a medical student he should show little matured …doing too much over acting..

  25. First of all, we need to understand the difference between Friends & Lovers. In this serial, although initially, Dr. Kabir has felt the romantic emotions towards Sanchi, but later on when he identifies that She loves Veer, He himself converted to Friends zone. And, also Sanchi is treating him as a Friend only. And, of course, Good friends are those who supports you during the bad time.

    Meanwhile, Veer & Sanchi is a romantic pairs. Nowadays, every good love couples have lots of issues but still they will felt favorable towards each others and that is we called “Love is blind”.

  26. Lokesh

    Simply wat was this stupidity, hate sdch. Things going all wrong, ruining the show

    1. Me too Bhaiya

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