Savitri Devi 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi asks Veer to make a cut on the balloons while being relaxed. She holds his hand to make him make a cut on the balloon. Veer looks at her. Sanchi asks him to concentrate on Balloon. Dr. Kabir comes there. Veer tells Sanchi that he did it. Dr. Kabir sees the balloons and goes. Sanchi says you have learnt nicely. Veer says as you are teaching. Khushboo gives fake jewellery of Pooja to her father and asks him to give her shares, and says she will go on a shopping today. Jaya comes there with others and shouts Khushboo. Adarsh goes out of his cabin. Isha and Pragya go to his cabin. They search for Sanchi’s file. Pragya says door is not locked. Adarsh realizes that he forgot his keys in the cabin and is going there. Ward boy comes there and asks him to sign on the papers sent

by Ms. Fernandes. He signs on it and is going to his cabin. Pragya and Isha get Sanchi’s pics. They get happy. Just then they hear Adarsh opening the door. He comes inside and sees black colored pics on his table. He is shocked and wonders what happened? He looks at the window and also sees the sandal kept there. Isha and Pragya are hiding outside his cabin. Adarsh thinks this Sandal might be of Sanchi when she came to damage the proofs.

Dadi asks Khushboo why did she steal in her own house, and says you are bahu of the house. Jaya tells Khushboo that she was doubtful on her, when Sunny keep on saying about her, and then she planned this. Khushboo tells Dadi that she was helpless to steal in the house, as Ashok’s factory is closed and he is jobless. Jaya says everyone is having money problem, but nobody stoop so low. Everyone ignores her and goes. Khushboo tries to speak to Ashok, but he also ignores her. Khushboo thinks she will ruin Jaya’s life.

Vikrant comes to Priya and says I am so happy as you have proved that you have no place for Sanket. He says I am so happy. Priya is silent. He asks her to say I love you Vikrant. He asks her to say with feelings, with smile and while looking in his eyes. Priya says I love you Vikrant. Vikrant hugs her and smirks madly. Priya thinks she can’t handle this madness anymore.

Sanchi and Isha think to tell the good news to Sanchi. They come to store room and see them having an eye lock. Sanchi says she was teaching Veer how to cut on the balloons. Isha asks Veer if he gives them permission, can they take Sanchi from there? Pragya says you can continue your strange study later. Veer asks them to take Sanchi. Sanchi smiles.

Vikrant tells Priya that she shall dance with him as she said I love you to him. Dance basanti song plays….Vikrant asks her to make drink for him. Priya thinks he is lost in dance and thinks to leave. She gives him drink and asks if he would like to have anything. Vikrant asks her to make food and asks her to go.

Pragya tells Sanchi that she has ruined her pics. Isha says but my sandal is in Adarsh sir’s cabin. Pragya says you have helped a friend and shall feel proud to sacrifice your sandal. Isha says her sandal is alone now and says she will go and bring her other sandal from Adarsh’s cabin. Pragya asks her to sit and have food. Adarsh thinks he will find Sanchi Mishra without Manchanda’s help. He calls Ms. Fernandes and asks her to call interns and check whose sandal it is. Ms. Fernandes thinks that he is doing weird thing. Khushboo tells Ashok that she had sold the jewellery which she had stolen before and got 20000 Rs. Ashok gets happy and says she is a big, clever thief than him. He asks her to tell him before doing such things. Patient asks Isha why she is bare feet. Pragya says she is having fast today. Ms. Fernandes calls them. She asks all female interns to wear the sandal.

Isha tells her friends that she will take the blame. Sanchi says this trouble is of all of us. She is about to go. Ria stops her and tells Ms. Fernandes that the sandal might be of Sanchi. Sanchi says she is going to give medicine to patient. Ms. Fernandes asks her to try. Sanchi wears it and says it is loose, she asks can I go now. Ms. Fernandes says yes. Priya calls Dadi and Veer, but they don’t pick the call. Vikrant comes there. Priya gets shocked and drops the phone on floor. Vikrant asks with whom she was talking to. Priya runs away from there. Sanchi goes to store room and gets some injection. She comes back and silently gives injection to Isha. Pragya keeps her hand on her mouth to stop her from shouting. Sanchi is still hiding under the bench. Dr. Kabir is talking to someone on phone. Isha turns come. She keeps her foot in the sandal. Ms. Fernandes asks why her foot is swollen. Isha says she slipped in bathroom today. She tries the sandal and it doesn’t fit her. Ms. Fernandes think the sandal doesn’t belong to anyone. Pragya, Isha and Sanchi see Dr. Kabir and get tensed.

Veer signs song for Sanchi. Sanchi smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. ruhi bhatt

    Gud episode.
    but sachi and veer I don’t like this couple plz kuch esa ho ki sachi kabir ko pasand kre not veer I think later she love kabir.

  2. VINAL


    |Registered Member

    Todays episode was fabulous sanveerrrr scenes loved it
    And finally khushboos truth came in front of dadi

    • Naymaz


      |Registered Member

      me too vinal , loved sanveer scenes just hoping that kabeer doesn’t come in b/w these love birds but u know naa cv’s are unpredictable

      i hate this vikrant , he should be killed bechari priya , i pity her

  3. shabnam

    superrrr chamistry between sanveer I love today episode amazing 💞💞💞💞💞💞👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  4. Nkh

    Thank u hasan for the update… dont feel like seeing the serial anymore since kabir’s role is so small n veer i don’t understand him only… always curious how the story is progressing n if kabir’s role vl b like dis always

  5. Divya

    Want to see kabir role more in the Show.and also want sachi and kabir(sabir) as a couple please do something

  6. Alisha

    Guys we should stop seeing this show if sanchi and kabeer are not the pairs. All Kanchi fans should give their nod.

  7. pinky

    Guys y all f u saying like dis,think positive,we all knew in all serials female lead z loving one person n marrying another person

      • Mish

        But in this story there is all chance of Sanveer as Veer is Malhotras son and Sanchi and Veer will revive the hospital as per Sanchi’s father’s dream,plus ,Veer had once said in mind to Dr.Kabir,that one day he also will become a great doctor but not by obeying everything that Dr.Malhotra says but on his merit,so Sanveer is future I think,I wish for that as m a Sanveer fan.Just told my opinion,please don’t feel bad.

  8. pinky

    But frankly sanveer chemistry z gud ,specially that background music when they r showing sanveer z too gd

  9. Niyaa

    Never ever like sanveer n already quiet t show only read the written 2 knw any sabir/kabir gud scn come or not

  10. Jensy

    Yes,Sanveer is good,not by looks but acting wise they are complimenting each other.I love only Sanveer.

  11. avik dosar

    ruhi Bhatt tumhe Sanchi Kabir ki chemistry kha SE psnd aa gyi ..unka toh attitude bhi nhi match nhi krta h ek dusre SE…veer k sath PAiring acchi lgti h upr SE puri story hi veer aur Sanchi k upr h enhe alg krenge to story me Kya rhega… 2 dushman k bucche aapas me pyar krenge tb unme ldhae hogi aur pyar badhega tb story acchi lgegi na…Kabir k sath PAiring krke Kya milega BCS vo to Malhotra ka beta bhi nhi h

  12. Aksarsidhvani

    Avik m puchati hun tumhe sanveer m kya pasand h 2 din m sona babies ko pyar bhi ho gaya seriously agar pehle sanchi ki help k bad dosti hoti tab pyar to kuch jachata yun hi sir per ki khani se kuch nhi hota or rhi bat kabir ki malhotra ka beta na hone ki agar veer se shadi hui to vhi typical dushaman ke bachon me pyar hona phr ladai etc etc so old boring flop idea

  13. Avnee

    Dushman ka beta dushman ki beti is so old concept. Think something new.and by the way kanchi is perfect OK. Bcz saanchi wants to become a good doctor. And kabir is perfect for her.and look at veer he is prankster not suit with saanchi. Sorry if I hurt someone but I love kanchi so much and I can’t tolerate sanveer. That is y I also quit the show.

  14. VINAL


    |Registered Member

    Equal fans of saveer & kaachi now only cvs know who will be paired
    But I hope there should be only sanveer pls …….

  15. Abc

    nice episode.I like sanveer pair but missing swasan.Hi@Naymaz you was vitharv fan but are you not missing them or if you forget them.You are still here.

  16. riya

    what the hell, kabir ka agar koi role hi nahi hai show mein toh usse rakha kyun hai, alwz reading show updates in a hope, ki aaj koi kanchi moment ho, but wow, u guys r so predictable, no kanchi scenes as usual, kusum ke discharge hone ke saath hi, kanchi ko saath dekhne ka dream bhi toot gaya……………

  17. pinky

    Guys in Monday episode veer through a party n sings song for sanchi n he also propose to sachi,but the latest spoiler z when veer propose to sanchi then sanchi will slap him,is diz spoiler z correct?

  18. suma

    We have to see when veer proposes sanchi wt she will do ,is she slaps veer??? R veer’s proposal z jst veer’s dream

  19. Lekshmy

    I dont like sanveer….i like kanchi…they r so perfect for each other…since it is a revenge serial maybe kabir and saachi will be together….lets hope like that…

  20. Priyankashaurya


    |Registered Member

    i m sure…. sanveer will be paired…and after that ..kabir will turn villain in their life…as he will also love sannchi ..but veer and sanchi will be paired…..just like dhruv in thapki……sorry extreamly sory kanchi fans…don’t take me personaly…i just give my thouhgts …everyone has the ri8 to thaught…so orry….i am not against kanchi fans…sorryy once again but i love sanvver

    • Lekshmy

      No……ppz dont make kabir as a villain…….that’s really hard……ohk if veer and saachi tie up no problem but plz plzz dont make kabir a villain….he is soo cute……and already Malhotra is there right as villain..

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