Savitri Devi 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer decides to marry Ayesha, as Sanchi rejects his love

Savitri Devi 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Savitri asking Sanchi why did you come to eclipse my happiness. Sanchi says you are thinking me wrong. Savitri asks why don’t you stop your cheap tactics. Veer says Sanchi has done this for his love, being jealous and says their relation will get stronger. He asks her to accept him and tell that if she says yes, then he will forget this incident and asks her to say yes. Ayesha looks on. Sanchi recalls promising Savitri. Sanchi asks Veer to stop it and says that she don’t love him. She says you are just my colleague and nothing more. Veer stops her and tells that they are going to announce good news which she stopped. He announced his engagement with Ayesha.

Sanchi says you are doing wrong and shouts his name. Dr. Malhotra gets her kicked out by security. Sanchi says what kind of father you are? Dr. Malhotra says I am a good father and fulfilled my duty as a father by saving him from you. Veer is hurt. Ayesha smirks. Sanchi cries recalls their moments as they walk on the street. Tujhme Rab Dikhta hai plays…..Dr. Kabir comes to her and looks at Sanchi. Savitri comes to Veer and says whatever happened was right. She asks Ayesha to take care of Veer. Ayesha promises her. Savitri hugs her. Ayesha thinks they are emotional fools. Ayesha asks Veer about his announcement. Veer cries. Ayesha makes him hug her and thinks she has won from Sanchi, and her love is in her embrace.

Later Veer comes to the hospital singing mohabbatein song and playing drum. Ayesha hugs him. Sanchi looks on.

Dr. kabir hears Veer and Ayesha’s marriage decision. Veer comes and tells Dr. Kabir that he is marrying the one whom he never thought of marrying. Dr. Kabir says you don’t know what wrong is happening with him. Veer says what could be more worst than this. Ayesha is talking to someone sitting on Sanchi’s chair. Sanchi asks her to move. Ayesha forcefeeds sweets in her mouth. Sanchi pushes her. Veer holds Ayesha and warns Sanchi saying Ayesha is his now

Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that no promise can bind her now and says she will tell truth to Veer. When she goes to Malhotra Mansion, Ayesha stops her and says if Sanchi leaves Veer then she will help her free Jaya from Jail. Sanchi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a horrible epi….Hw can veer behave like that with sanchi….he literally throw her out of his house…..&y he is doing so bcoz he loves sanchi…just bcoz she said no he humiliated in front of all….where all his love went when he was hurting her….only he respect her if she says yes….everyone has right to decide…I guess the words like I respect ur every decision r just words???….sorry if I have hurted anyone

    1. I don’t know when sanchi will realise kabir’s love for her. She is so blind in veers love. She has forgotten everything ? what veer and his family has done and what all kabir has done for her and how many times kabir has been her biggest strength. She actually doesn’t deserve kabir. She never cares for him.

  2. Ff’s are far better than this story.
    It’s really irritating to watch this serial now.
    I am totally done with this show.
    As a medico, I will never support sanchi’s actions. It’s better to concentrate on her passion and supporting her mother to succeed in her challenge rather than bounded
    by this bullshit*t love.
    U can love someone but don’t let that love destroy u.
    I am always wondering about this kabir’s character. Don’t trun him into negative character please.
    Kanchi looks so mature and balanced as a on-screen pair.

  3. Worst episode….veer part was so disgusting….but kabir part was so good….really rs mam thank u so much for giving kabir character

  4. Very bad episode

  5. Guys relax I think NW Kabir and sanchi get engaged I saw in instagram but I’m not sure Abt it but hope it’s true. Kanchi would be the best pair

    1. If this happens then I will be so happy.

    2. I don’t think sabir marriage will take place ?. Third time these cvs are giving us hopes of sabir/kanchi . All are lollipop scenes. I think sanchi will refuse to marry kabir or veer will replace kabir and sanveer marriage will take place

  6. i am eagerly waiting to see veer n sanchi getting united .it’s not fair veer to marry ayesha and also sanchi getting married with kabir

  7. good going

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