Savitri Devi 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi’s identity truth shatters Veer

Savitri Devi 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Nurse to bring dose of medicine. He gives her injection and says she is stable now. He asks Nurse to take care of the patient. Just then Sanchi Agarwal gains consciousness and calls him doctor. Veer asks what is your name. Sanchi says she is Sanchi Agarwal. Veer thinks what a co incidence, her name is also Sanchi Agarwal. He asks her to tell slowly. Sanchi says she is Sanchi Agarwal, an intern in SDCH. Veer is shocked and thinks who is my Sanchi then. He comes to dr.kabir’s cabin and thinks to get the info. He thinks if she is Sanchi Agarwal, then who is the girl whom I have proposed just now. Sanchi is happy and thinks Veer proposed her. She thinks she faced big problem and changed name, and says Veer and she will unite, and he will take care of her and their

life will be happily ever after. Veer searches for the file. Sanchi thinks she can’t start her relation with a lie and will tell truth to Veer when her mum gets the guilty punished, says she can’t stay away from Veer and can’t lose him. She laughs.

Mrs and Mr. Chawla celebrate Diwali. Priya is burning the phuljadi and acts as Sanket is burning it with her. Mr.Chawla says we shall take her to psychiatrist. Vikrant says no and tells that he is enough to handle her. He gives her cracker bomb and asks her to hold it. Mr. Chawla asks him to throw it. Before bomb can blast, Vikrant throws it and says if your face gets burnt then I will leave you. Priya still talking to Sanket. Rukmini says she knows a doctor who can treat her well.

Veer gets the file of interns and is checking. Dr. Kabir comes there and asks what you are doing in my cabin and how can you check the files without my permission. Veer says sorry and says he needs to check the file. Dr.Kabir asks him to keep the file down.Veer says if you are senior doctor then this hospital belongs to my dad and nobody can stop me. He takes the file with him and thinks there is just one Sanchi Agarwal and thinks why my Sanchi will lie that she is Agarwal. He sees Sanchi Mishra’s name striked off, recalls Jaya running away. He thinks if my Sanchi is Sanchi Mishra.

Sanchi is dancing happily and the lamp stand falls down as her dupatta touches it. She thinks it is inauspicious and gets worried. She calls Veer and asks if he is alright, says she will come there. Veer says he is coming and asks her to be there. Savitri comes to Jaya’s house. Jaya gets happy. Sunny greets her. Dadi also gets happy seeing her. Savitri says today she is very happy and gives her gift. Dadi asks them to sit and talk. Jaya asks Savitri if everything is fine. Savitri says yes and asks what did Komal say? Jaya says Komal has that CD, but she demanded 10 lakhs rs. She says she is near her mission, but far. Savitri says that CD is our last hope and says she will give money. Jaya says she don’t want her favor as the money belongs to Dr.Malhotra. She says she will get justice for Sunil on her own.

Veer returns to Sanchi. Sanchi asks if he is fine. Veer says I am fine and asks her to sit. He shows the ring and asks if she knows the importance of ring and says full commitment. He says once I make you wear this ring, then you have to spend your life with me. He asks are you ready? Sanchi says yes Veer and says that’s why she was waiting for him. He says Sanchi Agarwal, I want to know your secret which you are hiding from everyone.

Sanchi tells Veer that she is not Sanchi Agarwal, but Sanchi Mishra whom he is searching. Veer is shocked and angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. now i am confirmed it will be kanchi and guys somewhere kabir knows sanchi truth and related to past also and he will support sanchi and guys some are saying sanchi is shameless if u see swara sanskar sanskar also said about swara character she forgives him then why cant it happens in case of sanchi and guys wgen someone truly ask forgiveness and guilty for that act than i think forgiveness is necessary

  2. I want kanchi to be pair

  3. I am huge fan of kabir… 2day’s episode while talking to veer he was almost in tears…..plz rashmi mam don’t make kabir cry….I can’t see him hurt

  4. there is a small hope that kanchi is gonna pair
    lets see what happens

  5. Oh God, now I seriously think that kanchi is going to get married. If the interns admission file was with Kabir. That too the one in which sanchi Mishra name was striked how could he didn’t noticed that. Maybe Kabir know sanchi truth from beginning and was saving her. Kabir also kept the file hidden. Ya other files was also there. But maybe he did that so that if anyone finds it didn’t suspect. When Kabir saw veer in his cabin seeing his face I thought for a while maybe he knew everything and when veer left his cabin the way he react was really suspicious atleast for me. And when the lampshade fall for sanchi it clearly indicated that sanveer is not gonna pair. So fingers crossed for kanchi. I don’t think Jaya will get the CD. Before that vaidihi will inform Malhotra and he will come to know about SD faking mL and he will do something wrong with her and veer will never come to know the truth. Veer is gonna turn grey shaded. I feel this when he said sanchi that he will love her even when he hate her and he will never let their relationship broke even when they want to get out of it. Chalo aur bakbak nehi karteen Hoon.pehele heen bohot boo Diya. But I said what I felt. if anyone is hurt here then sorry.

    1. Even i feel the same thing….hope so

  6. I want sanveer jodi
    Pls god don’t separate sanveer,

  7. Just want kanchi..

  8. Priyanshipp

    Thank u for quick update. I just hope veer leaves saanchi after knowing her truth nd again bad mouth her. I just hope we get our kaanchi back. Fingers crossed for my kaanchi.

  9. I am big fan of kanchi….I want to see them together…. after seeing 2day epi I feel kabir know Sanchi truth…..

  10. I think Kabir know everything about sanchi from beginning. The admission was in his cabin ten how could he didn’t notice anything. Sanchi was a topper then before the interns come didn’t he tried find out that who are the toppers of that year and whom and with whom he would work. Kabir had the file in his cabin only. Didn’t he ever noticed that the name of a topper is striked. When sanchi answered Malhotras questions during exam sequence even Ria thought that how could she answer the questions being a below average student then how couldn’t Kabir. In Malhotras last question Kabir thought that Malhotra is doing wrong asking such hard question then when she answered that correctly how couldn’t he think that how could she. Kabir kept the file of interns list as such a place which was difficult to see.ya, many other files were also there but maybe he did that so that if anyone find it doesn’t suspect. When he saw veer in his cabin I feel like maybe he didn’t want veer to see that. I mean veer could come there to take some important file but he was really pissed off. When veer left the cabin seeing his facial expressions I felt like he know s everything. And today when the lampshade fall for sanchi it clearly shows that sanveer is not gonna be yesterday s episode I felt like veer is gonna be grey shaded when he said that he will love sanchi even when he hate her and he will never let her go from the relationship . Jaya will never get the CD because before her vaidihi will take that and inform Malhotra. then he would come to know about SD faking mL and would do something to her and she would not be able to tell anything to veer. Sorry for this bakbak but I said what I felt. Sorry if someone feel bad.

  11. I have no problem with sanveer but I am really hurt….how could veer behave this much rude to Kabir…..I really want to slap today CVS for ruining Veer’s character……Kabir done this much for him infact give his chit & Veer talks rudely….show some respect at least he is his senior…..I will kill CVS….if one mor time , they show these types if useless scenes….I really didn’t get it if today’s episode for Sanveer, then why show Kabir for 2 sec….at least leave him…..don’t drag him in this crap..

    1. Niyaaa

      Agree with u niyu… I love KaVeer bonding more than sanveer/kanchi pair… But kya kahna cvs ko koi farq nahi padta… Ab bas dekhna h ye drama kitna chalega.. Or kabir ko 2 sec ke liye showpiece bana k laaye bada ahsaan kar diya kyun itna pareshaan hote h idd k chaand ko sambhaal k rakho na kahin nazar naa lag jaye.. Usse show ne nikal do naa hamara bhi pichcha chutte is show se..

    2. Dhruti

      niyati i’m totaly agree with you how veer rude with kabir, kabir support him and he was like………….kabir give chit to veer and veer is like……………at least respect as senior doc………….how he was talk with kabir? now i hate this veer character not varun kapoor!!!!
      ab to sab rashmi mam ke havale sathiyo…………….but i’m still hope for kanchi………….and i think kabir knows about sanchi may be…………………and i also agree with niyaa because jitna smart character dikhya he dr kabir ka character to uske hisab se to kabir file padh kar dusri file k bich rakh di hogi taki koi dekh na sake and he will know sanchi mishra but not tell to anyone ……………….

  12. Niyaaa

    Okay so finally nxt week hamein pta chal hi jayega ki kon sanchi ko support karega… Per ek baat samajh me nahi aa rahi ki ab tak ye file kabir ke cabin me thi usse ab tak pata hi nahi chala i mean seriously cvs wale kya dikhana chahte h samajh nahi aa rahe h… Yaa ye bhi ho skta h kabir pehle se hi janta ho or uska malhotra yaa sanchi se koi past related ho… Bas ek hope h kanchi k liye… If kanchi paired then afterthat i will start to see this show again.. Otherwise sdch apne raste or main apne..

    1. Don’t know why I have a feeling that kabir too has some grudges with Mr malhotra so maybe he too wants to take revenge from him …..second thing maybe Mr malhotra himself keeps those files there so no one can suspect him……anyways after seeing sanveer scenes today ….I think veer loves Sancho really much then why now CVS wants to make sanveer fans upset…….we kanchi fans are not stable till now and now sanveer fans will too suffer same fate ….hey CHLO sab sanveer air kanchi fans frndship krte h air sdch dekhna band krte h….lol…..BTW alo after veer kabir now sanchi will have heartbreak……. And my kabir…….hate u cvs for hurting him!!

      1. Agree with u abhi… Hum sabko in sdch ki band bajani chahiye..Cvs wale thali k bangan k jaise h ek taraf rehna hi nahi jante… Dono fandoms ko pagal bana rakha h inhe lagta h ki kuch bhi dikhaye hum ro pit kar show ko dekh hi lenge… Ab kanchi fan ne show already quit kar diya h nxt week agar sanveer seperate huye toh sanveer fans ko bhi show quit kar dena chaiye acc. To me taki ye show jaldi se off air ho jaye.. I genuinely wants kanchipair per aisi harkatein kar rahe h show walen ab toh koi bhi pair up ho bas show jaldi se end ho or hamare fav. New better show mein aaye..

  13. Love this show just because of varun n swarda
    Just want to see them together,

  14. Pls dont separate sanveer. We like them to be together. Pls dont break them up.

  15. Kya hone bala o srif reshmi mam jhantu hae

  16. NerdyBirdie

    Honestly what shocks me the most is how people who are fans of the show are here only for the relationship. I get that it’s a big part of the show but seriously? Some people are just threatening like, “I will only watch this show if Kanchi or Sanveer become true.” Like calm down, a relationship is not EVERYTHING in someone’s life. I RARELY see comments on the friendship between the three women, Jaya’s independence, and Sanchi’s intelligence. All everyone cares about is what guy she has sizzling chemistry with. Hopefully the SDCH fandom is more than romance and actually cares about the representation that this show has gone through.

    1. Ya dude I totally agree with you,like seriously I think the same.I miss isha,pragya and sanchi together as they were not seen together since few days.the show is much more beyond relationships.

    2. It could be if they had shown some logical medical things and u talk about sanchi’s intelligence ….yup she is intelligent and i love those scenes but sometimes scenes …correction almost everytime scenes are exaggerated like an intern can do anything whatever she wants in hospital …….and even nowadays they show all things related to sanveer or kanchi so how can we get some other things ……the only thing after kanchi i love in this show is sanprasha friendship!!!! And many people started watching it due to its medical accent me toobut we rarely get that apart from all impossible things like fake identity thatwhy many people left show!!

    3. Also no offense to you and salute to you that u have a different approach so plzz don’t consider me wrong but I just expressed my opinions and wish that we get some good things in show !!

    4. Agree with you dear. I am a kanchi fan but not because of their chemistry but because I think that Kabir is the one who can help sanchi in her mission.kabirs character is of an intelligent and mature person who have received such a good place in such young age. CVS also show that he went to a conference as a speaker where world’s best doctor were anychance if sanchi gets rusticated then he could help her by admitting her to some other hospital for internship with the help of his name and fame.which veer couldn’t. If veer marry sanchi he would not be able to help her like this and the show will change to family drama not a medical one. For family drama CVS have kept chwlas and khoosboo. So sanchi s story will be kept only on hospital and revenge drama.

  17. I have my own opinion ….everyone has there own….I can place mine not being offensive &abusive… future also I will continue to place my opinion if someone feels weird that is their pov & I respect that…..I want to see kanchi together…. Or else I will stop watching the show

  18. I am not ashamed to place my pov……..I like pair kanchi…I just watch this serial to see them & their cute chemistry…. If pair is not kanchi then I will stop watching the show

  19. I have my own pov & I place it…..if someone is hurt with my pov then I am sorry…..if someone finds my view silly again I am sorry but I am helpless….I love kanchi….I just watch this serial to see their sizzling chemistry…. If the lead is not kanchi then I don’t have any reason to the show

  20. I totally agree with varsha, tusli, sindhu

  21. Please make SanVeer as pair, as Veer don’t know Sanchi’s truth, he may react very rudely to her but after knowing he will support her.

  22. I am watching the show bcoz of SanVeer , please don’t separate them.

  23. Today’s episode is worst. It is not because of sanveer pairing but because of veer rude behavior. How could he talked to kabir forgetting he is senior as well as HOD. When he told that he is son of the owner of hospital at that time if I m at place of Dr. Kabir I will definitely resigned from the post. How much hurt Dr. Kabir at that time his eyes can express. I must say veer has to learn basic adicates. He always react as per his convenient. He had to learn more and more.

  24. I watch the show just to see kanchi…..I hope lead is kanchi…fingers cross

  25. about the precap i think it is a dream of sanchi or she was practicing it in front of veers room. cvs ka koi varosha nehi. jaise kabir ke special dialoge ke samae precap edit kar diya tha, abhi bhi aisa hi kuch kar yahan kar sakte hain.

  26. How Veer shouted on his senior dr.Kabir? Doesn’t have a manner to talk with his senior?
    Reason: 1). Veer said sorry to dr.kabir & apologize for his behaviour said it is very important for him.& Again Dr. Kabir shouted for his act he replied a very hard sentence to Dr.Kabir.
    2). Veer is very different from others.His behaviour is very odd at sometimes & u can’t judge his character as compared to popular belief.If u do this comparison, u will not justify. As we know that his relation with his dad is very bad & he replied so many hard sentence to his dad, doesn’t respect his dad in front of society even his dad has very respectable place in society & whom sons behaves like that type.He doesn’t any type of so called “Good Boy” image, he just do that whatever he think rights & wants. He left the decision of judging his behaviour on other people.

  27. Just now read news in tellychakkar…..good that they r making promotion of serial….I want to see kanchi as pair….

  28. Pls any body tell how this original sanchi landed in hospital and since when ..and how does these trio know about her sister and all I’m confused

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