Savitri Devi 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer waiting for Sanchi. Sanchi messages him that she has to go with Dr. Kabir as he is not letting her go alone. Veer gets upset. Veer’s friend asks him to give lift. Vikrant comes to Priya and checks the cards. He reads I love you Vikrant and gets happy He checks other card and is shocked to see I love you Sanket written on it. Priya says sorry, and says she didn’t know why did she write and have no relation with him Vikrant gets angry, tears the card and throws it, walks out from there. Pragya is upset with Isha for coming late. Isha kisses on her cheeks and says sorry for coming late. Sanchi comes to hostel room and recalls Veer apologizing to her. She smiles thinking about him. Pragya tells Isha that Sanchi is smiling and something is related to heart now. They switch

on the fan. Papers fall down from the almari. Pragya shaken up Sanchi and asks her to wake up. Sanchi asks when you both came. Isha and Pragya say that they are here and she came just now. Sanchi smiles. Isha and Pragya praises Veer. Sanchi tells them that he came to conference hall too. Pragya and Isha get happy and teases her. Nurse D’souza comes there and asks them to give their pics to Ms. Fernandes. Pragya, Sanchi and Isha are tensed.

In the morning, Jaya calls Sanchi. Sanchi says she couldn’t talk to her as she went to conference. She tells her that Dr. Malhotra is doubtful that Sanchi Mishra is in the hospital and says if her truth comes out then how she will fulfilled their dream. Jaya asks her not to worry and asks her not to accept defeat. Sanchi says yes. They end the call.

Sanchi comes to washroom. Veer is already there and asks how was the drive with Dr. Kabir. Sanchi says I shall complain and asks why did you come to conference room. Veer says he was making the mosquito go from her face. Sanchi asks him to shut up and says he can’t do it any girl without her consent. Just as she is about to turn, her dress tears. Sanchi is shocked. Veer turns and gives his towel. Sanchi takes it.

Gayatri reminds Dr. Malhotra that they have to go on a dinner somewhere. Dr. Malhotra agrees. Neeta comes there wearing the same dress which Vaidehi saw in the gift box. Dr. Malhotra compliments on her looks and dress. Vaidehi is shocked. Neeta asks him to drop her. He agrees. Servant gives him bouquet. Dr. Malhotra tells that it is for someone in the hospital. They leave.

Jaya’s employee Pooja comes to her and tells that she is going somewhere and asks her to keep her jewellery safely. Jaya assures her. Khushboo thinks to steal the jewellery. Pragya asks Sanchi to maintain distance with Ms. Fernandes. Ms. Fernandes comes to them and asks about the pics. She says as you might be busy with duty, I have taken your pics from orientation form.

Vikrant aims gun at Priya. Priya cries and tells him that she never wanted to write that man’s name, and says she loves him and not Sanket. Vikrant asks do you love me, and asks her to shoot Sanket. Priya says only you means to me and not him. Vikrant asks her to shoot thinking Sanket is there. He asks her to shoot and proof that she just loves him.

Dr. Kabir asks Veer if he came to conference hall. Veer asks him to tell first why did he take Sanchi without his permission, as she is his assistant. He says you don’t know how much she has troubled me and now it is my turn now. Dr. Kabir thinks Veer can never mend his ways.

Khushboo comes to Jaya’s room to steal the jewellery. She hides hearing Jaya coming. Jaya comes to room, keeps some clothes and locks it. Khushboo comes out again and takes the jewellery. Sunny asks Jaya to come. Jaya says she forgot her phone in room. Khushboo thinks what to do and hides in cupboard. Jaya sees her saree, but ignores and goes. Khushboo comes out and gets happy. Vikrant asks Priya to shoot in air. Priya shoots while crying. Vikrant says this is just trailer, if you think about him then Sanket will be here for sure. Priya cries badly.

Pragya tells Isha that they have to steal the pics anyhow while giving example. She says we have to steal the pics from Adarsh’s cabin. Isha asks Sanchi if she wants her truth to come out, and asks her to come. Veer comes and stops Sanchi, asks where is she going. Sanchi says she has some important work. Veer asks her not to forget that she is his assistant. Sanchi says please, let me go. Veer says did you listen to me, don’t think that I will let you do whatever you wants. Pragya asks her to go and says we will manage.

Vaidehi tells Gayatri that Neeta and Dr. Malhotra are having an affair with each other. She tells her that Dr. Malhotra appreciated her looks. Gayatri asks her to stop thinking, and says empty mind is devil shop. Vaidehi asks who can know better than you, how to trap men, she says did you forget how did you trap him. Neeta comes back home holding the similar bouquet and thinks they are trapped. Vaidehi tells Gayatri that Anand is gone from her hand.

Veer brings Sanchi to store room. Sanchi asks why did you bring me here. Veer says to do something for which I will feel shy. Sanchi asks what nonsense. Veer says I have some other work this time and not mosquito.

She closes his eyes. Veer shows her balloons and says he shall know everything and asks her to teach him now to cut on the balloons, and says he wants to learn stitching etc. Sanchi teaches him how to make a cut. The balloons burst. Sanchi says we shall try on next balloons. It burst again. Sanchi asks him to relax and think about good or happy moments She holds his hand. He thinks about Sanchi. They have an eye lock.

Pragya and Isha get the pics. Dr. Malhotra comes to his cabin and sees the damaged pics and also Isha’s Sandal. Ms. Fernandes asks all interns to wear it to check whose sandal it is. Sanchi says she won’t let them have any trouble.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ok now it’s confirmed that veer also lurks sanchi because if he didn’t he would have nvr been soo upset of her not going with him and instead going with kabir also questioning kabir why he took sanchi (just lit ) then the washroom scene awesome and at last the storeroom one he wants to LEARN FROM SANCHI ONLY. Wow and think o happy moments and instead thought of sanchi
    Welll This is it this totally proves that they both like each other ?????❤️

  2. In car wt veer’s frnd z telling to veer???

  3. FYI I menat likes not Lurks

  4. What is this year they are not showing any kanchi scenes and there is no hope for Sanchi and Kabeer coming together.

    1. Don’t trust rangers dear. They r pro at making Jodis abrupty???

    2. Sorry it’s rangeela my rangers ?

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        ???? true they always switch pairs that’s why I have this gut feeling it will end up with kaanchi

  5. In car wt veer’s frnd z telling to veer,I mean he said something intelligent ladikiya …….???

  6. Hey guys I think sanchi might increase her feelings for veer . When she expresses her feelings for him ,he might end up telling that it’s all revenge. (Just my thought))..

    1. though i lyk sanveer only but i too think this might happen and then kabir will console sanchi and then when they come close veer will realise his love for sanchi and then………
      IDK but I hope my cute sanku doesn’t become negative n I want onlyyyyyyyyyy sanveeeeeeeeeeeer no bad wishes for kaanchi but I can’t see my sanky playing a parallel lead , he is meant to be the lead the hero not secondary

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      I also have doubts maybe veer may take revenge and I have only one reason why I think so:
      Veer said that he won’t move from here until and unless he gets his answer from Saanchi in the previous episode but when kabir came he did hide! So there are chances of veer taking revenge maybe.

  7. veer’s frnd says that don’t date intelligent girls as they are just focused on their studies,nothing else and specially no place for romance ………….now i’m sure there’s no chance for kanchi in this show………cvs,feel so sad u r not at all paying any heed to our requests…………i quit watching this show………..

  8. Is veer really likes sachi? Or is he jst acting that he likes her n makes sachi to fall for him

  9. sandhya dear,being a kanchi fan i would like parting of sanveer,but this isn’t going to happen, veer from the beginning we know that he is a prankster, but also good at heart, he won’t hurt sanchi in this matter………..i love varun as an actor,but can’t see sanveer,veer and isha look gud together…………..

    1. U r right. But many serials take a turn. They show some kind of feelings at the beginning and later it might change.
      (We can take swaragini as an example and moreover we have Dr. Malhotra in the serial who will oppose Sanveer and might force kanchi))) this is just a hope.

  10. today episode just awesome sanveer soooooooooo cuteee I love sanveer?????????

  11. I loved Sanveer part and am hoping for the best

    vikrant is such a maniac , i hate him
    cv’s should remove his track by showing priya killing vikrant or smthng like that
    I hate him too the core

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yep agree vikrant is too much now though I like the sweet and soft shade for priya when he is really nice to her, like I thought he will beat her or give her some punishment when she made burnt parathas but he didn’t so he isn’t that bad. But what he did today was too much. He is mentally unstable.

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    I liked today’s epi. Sanveer scenes were nice. I liked how veer helped Saanchi when her dress tore and how Saanchi helped veer in the last part with the balloons. And Saanchi is in love with veer. Hmm. I have a feeling kabir will fall for Saanchi soon. I am quite curious to know what will happen next. Which is why am loving this show a lot these days cannot expect and predict what’s gonna be next? I feel this show is much better than most of the shows of the current times. I stopped watching Hindi serials for a while like few months ago, but I again started watching this show. This is the only on air show I am following right now hope this doesn’t disappoint me later on

  13. Riya ji thum ithni cofidence se kise keh sakthi ho?? I mean u said there z no place for kanchi,

  14. I mean yeh bhi Ho sakti that veer ne sanchi ko pataane Ki koshish karthi ho,his frnds Ki samne prove karne Ki that sanchi fall in love with him

  15. Seriously, today I think the show has become crap…do din nehi huve sanchi veer ke liye feelings jaagne leki but us veer ke liye sanchi apne mAh sapne par haya huve qatare ko ignore kiye…arre yaar just kaam sanchi ko karne chahiyethe vo kaam Isha aur pragya kar rehi hoh…they are hiding sanchi identity and sanchi veer ka saath romance kar rehi oh

  16. suma dear, agar ye ho toh i would be the happiest person, i started watching this show as it was different from other typical saas bahu shows….. agar sanveer ek hojayenge, then again the same old saas bahu track would start, so i preferred kanchi, since kusum & kabir would be supportive towards sanchi in pursuing her goal unlike the evil malhotras ………

  17. yes hafi, i totally agree with u, sanchi apna goal bhool gayi hai, pyar ka bukhaar chad gaya hai usse, utarne mein pata nahi kitna waqt lagega??????? ek taraf jaya study loan ko lekar tension mein hai aur dusri taraf ye sanchi mohtarma romance karne mein busy hain………..

  18. Sorry but according to me, veer is not just taking revenge, but he sincerely like saanch, coz if was just taking revenge, den when saanchi ask him to think about his happy moments, he wont think about his time with saanchi, how cud he lie to himself. N moreover i only want sanveer not kaanchi, i love my sansku??. So cant see him side role , or negative role. Hopefully they dont swap the pairs. ,??

    1. It’s not side role. Varun , Swarada n Vikram are in lead role. Watch launch videos.

  19. I really upset and I stopped to watching this serial now a days I am only reading the updates BT from I am stopped this also sorry…and they r not giving any important to Dr kabir… Who was showed as powerful character worthless… I am quite..

  20. I don’t like veer because I like kabeer I hope CVS kabeer or sanchi ki matching fixed karade bcz kabeer and sanchi perfect couple so I don’t see the SDCH only for veer because I don’t like veer but I like kabeer and sanchi .

  21. I hate this seriyal nowdays becouse there are no kanchi seen….???????

  22. I love veer sanchi

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