Savitri Devi 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer proposes Sanchi for marriage

Savitri Devi 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi telling Jaya that she loves Veer a lot and tells that even though she didn’t reciprocate her love and ignored him, but he didn’t accept defeat and continued to woo her and won her. Jaya tells her that Veer is Dr.Malhotra’s son, but he has Savitri’s blood too and her upbringing. She says she trusts Savitri a lot and have no objection with her alliance with Veer. Sanchi gets happy and says she will tell her identity truth to Veer. Jaya asks her not to tell Veer anything for now and tells that she is nearly close to get justice for her husband. Sanchi gets happy and says nothing is important to her than the justice for her father.

Sanchi comes to Sanchi Agarwal and says happy diwali Sanchi. Today is Diwali and you are in the hospital and says she will pray

and says next year you will be with your family. She says she told her mum about Veer and she agreed. She says now I just wish that I can get rid of my fake identity and can proudly say that I am not Sanchi Agarwal, but Sanchi Mishra. She asks her to rest and goes. Sanchi Agarwal has moments in her hands. Jaya tells Savitri that she is going to meet Nurse..Savitri says you will get justice. Vaidehi and Gayatri hear them. Gayatri says they shall follow Jaya and then she will kick Savitri out of home. Veer and Sanchi come near each other. They show their names on the chit. He asks where is my gift. Sanchi gives him s and says it is every doctor’s identity.

Owner comes to komal motwani’s house and asks her to give his money. Komal cries. Jaya comes there and introduces herself as Dr.Sunil’s wife and asks her to give CD. Komal says she wanted to give CD to Savitri, but she went in coma. Jaya asks her to give CD. Komal says what is the guarantee that Dr.Malhotra will not leave me. She asks for 10 lakhs rs. Jaya says she don’t have money. Komal asks her to make arrangements. Vaidehi hears her and thinks what is the CD is about.

Veer takes Sanchi to a romantic and nicely decorated place. Sanchi asks him if he did this. He says yes. Sanchi says it is amazing and she has no words to describe it. She asks why did you do these arrangements. Veer bends down on his knees and says she is the first woman for whom he is doing this and says you are the best gift of my life which God has given me. He says he likes seeing her worrying about everyone. His phone rings again and again.Sanchi asks him to pick the call. Veer goes on thanking her and praises her. He says nobody can do this except you. He holds her hand and says sometimes I feel what I would have done if you haven’t come in my life.He says he don’t want to spend his life with incompleteness and wants her to complete his life. Sanchi gets teary eyes.

Veer asks her not to cry and promises her to keep her happy and will be in the relationship till his last breath and will never leave her alone. He says I will love you even when after my death. Sanchi gets emotional. Hasi ban gaye plays…..He bends down on his knees again and proposes her with a ring. He says Will you Marry Me….Sanchi is surprised to see it written on the sky with crackers. He asks Will you marry me ….Dr.Sanchi. She gets happy. Phone rings again. Before she could accept his proposal, he gets a message and check. Nurse asks her to pick the call. He picks the call. Nurse asks him to come as Sanchi Agarwal has movement in her body. Veer asks Sanchi to be there and tells that he will continue his speech after coming back. Sanchi nods.

Veer sees Sanchi Mishra’s name strike with a pen and thinks if his Sanchi is Mishra. He returns and asks Sanchi to tell her truth. Sanchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. finally veer gets to know the truth
    but the question is if he accepts then kanchi possibility is less
    if veer doesn’t accept her then the pair should be kanchi
    aaj tho kabir dikha bhi nahi
    acha hua aaj nahi dekha
    go to hell sdch
    no kabir then no to sdch

  2. So truth is near to veer..hope they will not seperate you sanveer

  3. What a episode..let’s see what is wait for sanveerians..separation or reunion.

  4. Vow today ‘s episode z really really mind blowing the way veer proposed to sanchi and veer comes to know about sanchi Mishra and tomorrow episode veer asked sanchi to tell her truth but will sanchi can able to tell truth to veer bcoz Jaya says not to tell truth to veer ,if she will not say then veer will misunderstand her,if she says will veer will accept sanchi or phir se separation ☹

  5. First I want to comment one yesterday’s episode……I liked kabir attitude towards kanchi….what killer expression he had wow….2day there was no kabir scene….if the Jodi is kanchi I will continue watching the show or else GO TO HELL SDCH

  6. I didn’t watch the serial this whole week….I will continue watching the serial if the pair is kanchi…..if not as all r saying GO HELL SDCH

  7. For me if no kabir… sdch…..then I will wish & pray…… let this serial go off air soon

  8. Aj ka episode kanchi fan ke pass jaher(poison) se kam nahi tha

    1. Dhruti

      sacchi me ek bhi baar kabir ke scene nahi aaye………………

      1. Agree di…..just Go to hell SDCH.

      2. Even I agree

    2. Thank God I didn’t watch the episode….. No kabir….no sdch

      1. mh to skip krk dekha yaa show

  9. I know what i m saying you guys will agree on it or not but for me there always be swasan ????? swara ? sanskaar so with varun i dont want anyone i like kabir though n sanchi n kabir look good together

  10. If pair is not kanchi I don’t think any kanchi fan will continue watching the show

  11. I want to see kabir & sanchi 2gather…..if the pair is not kanchi I just have to say this-GO TO HELL SDCH

  12. After knowing the truth Veer should accept Sanchi . Please don’t separated SanVeer as Iam a great fan of SanVeer , yesterday their scenes are superb.

  13. Y CVS is not seeing cute chemistry of kabir & sanchi…..the fresh love story of kanchi can be started….. love track clicks…..when trp increased there were many kanchi scenes….. If it is not kanchi I will not watch the show

  14. I like Dr karbi and sanchi

  15. Veer is just like his dad arrogant

  16. guys varoon kapoor proposal in every serial must be grand and unique after behyadh i like varoon kapoor proposals

  17. I will stop watching the show if pair is not kanchi….

  18. Shabnam

    wow what a episode loved it full of sanveer lovely what a proposal I love you even i hate you superb yarrr???????love you sanveer ??????????????????????????????? can’t see sanveer separation ??????

  19. I am huge kanchi fan….I love to see them together….if they r not paired I will not watch the show

  20. Amazing episode, sanveer scenes was fantastic, I loveed veer proposal to sanchi really superb
    I love sanveer

  21. What the hell.. Such a nonsense,, stupid epsd.. Kabir’s heartbroken can not see now.. This sanchi dn’t hv any shame.. Kabir did so much 4 her even without any hesitation he gave 1lakh to tht idiot rashi.. Bt,,inspite of everything hp 4 kanchi..

    1. Arrey i lakh ki baat mat karo veer ne usse kya kya nahi sunaya phir bhi shameless ladki ne usse maaf kar diya wo bhi ek candle se…haha.. Kamaal h maaf kar dena alag baat h per kam se kam kuch dino tak to usse apni self respect dikhani thi per usse to pyar ka bukhar aisa chada ki sab kuch bhul gayi… Shameless FL lead character…

      1. I totally agree with u both

  22. Plz make the pair of kanchi

  23. Shabnam

    Aksar you can’t say anything for female mind your language agar kuch bolna he to cvs ko bolo agar track nahi pasand to keep quite kisi bhi female ki aise disrespect mat karo

    1. Oh hello dekh to lo maine FL character likha h naa ki swardha ka naam likha h… Wase bhi cvs se or umeed hi kya kar skte h agar veer ki jagah kabir bhi aisa krta to m yahi kahta blki ye bhi kehta ki usse do thappad laga do per veer tha isliye nahi bola kyunki sanveer fans ko lagta ki kabir ki side le rahe h

    2. Ya di, I am agree….I also don’t like current track bcoz I am Kanchi fan….& I want to shoot CVS but don’t say to female lead….first of all , I don’t bear these type of words….& when it come to females, then I am more protective…if u don’t like then quit the show like me…..

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