Savitri Devi 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer and Mishti get engaged

Savitri Devi 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siya/Mishti running to catch the Veer pic. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir smile. Dr. Kabir says we shall go. Mishti calls the pic as Veer ji and finally picks it. She comes back to show Veer’s pic to Sanchi and Dr. Kabir, but they are already left. Mishti thinks they will meet someday. She goes home. Veer looks at the moon and drinks wine. He thinks of Sanchi’s grah pravesh after their marriage, Sanchi telling him that Dr. Kabir is her husband and they can’t be together again. He looks at her pic and burns it using lighter. He throws the burning pic on the floor. Mishti looks at Veer’s pic and thinks he is more handsome than Ranbir Kapoor, her 16 somvar fast is successful.

Veer comes to Dr. Kabir’s house and asks did I disturb you? He asks Sanchi to sit and asks her to

think of the home as herself. He tells that he is going to fulfill his promise, tomorrow is his marriage. Sanchi asks what? Veer says did you think that I will not get any girl, or will I wait for you all life. He tells Dr. Kabir that he has not stolen someone’s wife like you. Sanchi asks him to behave and says Dr. Kabir is her husband. Veer says you both have so much love. Sanchi asks him not to ruin his life in his stubbornness. Veer says your husband had already ruined my life and then you completely ruined the remaining. He gives his marriage card and says today is engagement and tomorrow is marriage. He then asks her not to come even by mistake. Sanchi cries and thinks why is he doing this with him. Dr. Kabir says we can’t do anything, Veer is very angry and he will not listen to anybody.

Pragya comes to Savitri and asks about Veer’s marriage. Veer comes and says he is marrying a girl. Savitri asks her to make him understand and says he has decided to ruin his life. Pragya asks him not to take Sanchi’s anger on himself. She asks Savitri to refuse the girl’s family. Veer asks her not to tell that. Pragya says marriage is not a joke and tries to make him understand. Veer asks her to shut up and asks her to be his friend only. He says you don’t have right to interfere in my life. He asks her to attend the marriage to get involved in his happiness else thank you very much. Pragya thanks him for telling him what she means to him. She says you couldn’t see your mum’s tears and true friend’s friendship. I was mad to think that you will agree after I explain to you. I am sorry to think that I have right on you. Veer says sorry. Pragya tells that mistake is mine and says she has understood that he doesn’t need a friend now. She says all the best for the new relation and life ahead and goes. Savitri tries to stop her.

Gayatri thinks it is good that illiterate girl is coming to our house, she will be in my control. Mishti comes there with her parents and sister. She says their house is more big than their farms and says this is because of solah somvar fast. Savitri comes there. Gayatri says girl is good and Veer has chosen her. Mishti touches their feet. Gayatri asks Savitri to call Veer. Savitri brings Veer. Dr. Malhotra comes. Gayatri introduces Mishri and her family to Veer. Veer nods his head. Mishti’s mum asks Veer about his clothes. Gayatri says he is a doctor and didn’t get time to change after coming from hospital. He recalls proposing Sanchi and stops himself from making Mishti wear the ring. Dr. Kabir comes to Sanchi and asks her to see the file. Sanchi looks on. Dr. Kabir says I can understand your pain and asks her not to ruin her health. Sanchi says I couldn’t stop Veer, I just want his happiness, if he is happy doing this then let it be, I just hope that the girl is good and bring him to the right way.

Veer makes Mishti wear the ring. Mishti then makes Veer wear the ring. Veer gets emotional and excuses himself. He runs to room. Dr. Malhotra says he always think of his patients being a doctor. Mishti’s parents say oh. Mishti smiles.

Veer and Mishti exchange garlands during their marriage. Sanchi comes there and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dishani01

    Feeling little bad for pragya ??
    I hope she will fine after this married turn as happy thing??…. I hope like that??anyways this is good episode .. veer will understand the life because of sia and turn as normal i think after that he will apologize to pragya… ?????hi..
    storyreader?And pooja yadev?
    Take care and happy all viwers?????

    1. Hii dear??

  2. Selfish unattractive sanchi… Love sick veer fool old man kabir can’t act with his fake teeth siya chatterbox gosh never ending pragya a Tom boy but cute… Suits veer savitri wooden gayatri conniving witch and malholtra a fat hippo

    1. 23Samaira0906

      Abbeee oii r u drunk?? Ig u have so much of problem beter dont speak !! Huuhh!??! Veer old man…sanchi is unattractive ..kabir’s fake and blah blah blah and u Donkey??? Man seriously !! I know its just u want to get attention from we people thats it!! Go to hell Attention Seeker

      1. Really…?? And what do think about yourself huhh??? You’re sick in your head… Better keep your dirty mouth shut

    2. Abe o @end of sdch agar tumhe Sab itane hi ugly dikhate Hain to ek Kam Karo na khud hi Jake audition de do. Agar spot boy kA kam bhi mil Jaye to batana. Dusaron main kamiyan nikalana bahut asaan hota hai jara khud jake inn actors ko ek din kaam karte dekho to samajh main aayega ki ye log kitani mehnat karte Hain.

  3. Dumas001

    I love that line he did not steal any one wife so sad about Pragya and Veer fight right now he is hurting and just want to pays out.

    1. This was prayas last scence

    2. ohh yaa don’t you like that line “dost hai toh dost ki tarah rah, zara sa bolne ka haq kiya dedia iss ka matlab yeh nahii hai tu sar pe sawar hojayegii. stupid veer naa hi dost dikhty hain aur na hi maa.

  4. today’s episode not good at all. tharki veer tum ne pragya ke acha nahi kiya.

    1. Oh really?? ” tharki” thats something new ….plzzz remember all his earlier scenes especially with. Ayesha, Veer s always been a humble &good natured guy a little mischeivious and naughty but surely not a jerk
      So chose your words wisely

      1. please don’t advise me by using different names I know you are one from above and I don’t need any kind of advise from you. how was veer I know better. he was always immature childish baby. if you don’t believe me then you should need recheck all previous episodes of sdch for analyzing his performance.

  5. Pragya and Veers fight was dissapoimting hope they patch up soon hope to see a strong plot in the upcoming episodes

  6. I think veer is good looking but his character is love sick over ugly sanchi and he suits sia cos she’s more attractive… Sorry but being a wife then betrays and agrees to be the with man who blackmailed her… She like she status and yes she has black elbows I mean have a wash ya

    1. My dear is complexion really important. I don’t think now a days complexion is not at all a parameter for beauty. Have you heard abt a show named Sat There it used to air on zee. And that show successfully ran for 7 years and people loved that. The beauties like vipasha Basu , surabhi Jyoti, surabhi chandana all r dusky beauties and people really love them. I must say if for you beauty means fair complexion then I must say dear get well soon.

  7. *sat phere

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