Savitri Devi 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and Veer’s romance begins

Savitri Devi 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi rushing to Veer and moves his hand from the candle. She washes his hand and asks if he is mad to do this. Veer says he shall be punished for hurting her. Sanchi asks him not to do this again and asks him to go and sleep. Veer says he has night duty today and asks her to go. He comes to Sanchi Agarwal’s ward and gives injection in her glucose drip. He says he is happy today. He says he will give all happiness of the world to Sanchi Agarwal and nobody can stop her from becoming Sanchi Malhotra. He says tomorrow is Diwali and Sanchi agarwal will have light and happiness in her life. Nurse calls Veer and he goes. Sanchi Agarwal opens her eyes.

In the morning, Veer comes to the washroom and says good morning to Sanchi. Sanchi says good morning Veer. Veer says I

didn’t know that you drinks bhang also, I thought you are simple, but you are blast. Sanchi says waiter served it by mistake. She says I hope that I haven’t told anything wrong to anyone. Veer says you did stupidity and told your feelings to me and …….says I didn’t know that cow type Sanchi can have wild avatar also. Sanchi asks what did I do? Veer asks her to forget. Sanchi asks him to tell. Veer says he is feeling shy. Sanchi sees him smiling and says its ok, don’t tell. Veer holds her hand and makes her stand near the wall. Sanchi closes her eyes, he is about to kiss her, when his friend comes there and says good morning. Veer thinks to confess love soon.

Priya is making laddoos and counting it. Vikrant comes and asks what she is doing. He says he don’t like laddoos. Priya says she is making laddoos for Sanket. Vikrant is shocked and says Sanket is dead, he will not come to have laddoos. Priya laughs aloud and says you are cracking bad joke. Mr. and Mrs. Chawla come there. Vikrant says she has gone mad. Priya asks him to get his eyes tested and tells that Sanket is standing infront of you. She asks Sanket not to eat laddoo before she do puja. Vikrant tells his parents that Priya has gone mad.

Sanchi comes to Dr. Kabir’s cabin, and thinks she shall talk to him. Dr. Kabir sees her. Sanchi says good morning sir. She tries to talk last night incident and asks if he remembers. Dr. Kabir says he can’t forget. Sanchi asks are you fine? Dr. kabir says yes. Sanchi says sorry and says I never thought that I am bittu. I have seen you as my teacher and senior and says sorry. Dr. Kabir says it is ok. Sanchi says we can be friends naa. Dr. kabir says lets go, Mrs. D’souza called everyone to lobby.

Everyone gather in the lobby. Veer comes and stands with Sanchi holding her hand. Mrs. D’souza asks everyone to pick the chits and says you have to gift the other person for Diwali party. Dr. Kabir gets Sanchi’s chit and thinks with which right he shall give gift to her. Sanchi gets Veer’s name chit and gets happy. Veer picks a chit and it falls from his hand. Dr. Kabir gives him Sanchi’s name chit. Veer is surprised. Dr. kabir nods and goes after looking at her. Veer smiles. Sanchi thinks oh god, I love him so much, how to hide my feeling from Veer as I have promised Maa. She gets Jaya’s call and she asks how is she? Sanchi says I am coming home to talk to you. Jaya asks her to come behind the temple. Sanchi says ok and thinks to tell truth to Jaya. She comes to meet Jaya. Jaya asks what you want to tell you. Sanchi hesitantly and shyly tells her that she wants to go out, and enjoys work, meeting with friends etc is all good. Jaya smiles and asks what is his name and if he loves you so much like you do. Sanchi is hesitant and tells his name is Veer. Jaya asks who? Sanchi says Veer Malhotra. Jaya says Anand Malhotra’s son. Sanchi makes a sad face.

Veer proposes to Sanchi. Sanchi Agarwal tells her name to Veer. Veer is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I am really feeling bad for kabir………please reshmi mam sanchi or kabir ko pair bana o na please please please ……………….we all kanchi fan request you last time mam please make kanchi pair

  2. feeling very bad for kabir
    inara,trisha,kylie,hema,moonlight,ruch how are you guys ??long time …missing you guys…

  3. Unfortunately I watched the episode I felt bad for kabir……some thought kabir will turn negative thank u CVS u did not do so……plz make pair of kanchi

  4. Now I just hate this show……kabir was so sad…..sanchi Mata u r great……at least now I am reading update….if same continue I will stop watching show

  5. Guys any one know this week’s trp?

      1. Thank you

  6. Now I am hating sanchi…..what she said in this episode sir v can still be friends….kabir is a gentleman didn’t say anything……if I was in his place I would have slapped….now what I feel let this show go off soon….

    1. Dhruti

      i also felt same after this how can she say like this….koi nahi uska dil tuta nahi hena iss liye esa bol rahi he jab uska dil tutega tab usko pata chalega ki dil tutna kya hota he, tab use kabr ke dard ka ehsas hoga……

  7. Iss episode telecast hone SE PHELE SERIAL BAND KYU NAHI HUWA

  8. Wowww sanveer

  9. I am happy with kabir’s cold reaction wd Sanchi and would obliged if both maintain their relationship as well. I also happy that he passes over the chit to veer as it was really useless for him. Today he rock wd his damn killer expression I wonder if I m falling for him. Sorry for joke. But he deserve better. But something also strikes me why destiny want him to be wd Sancho as every time he is having chit of each other name. Hopefully some more twist and tale is coming up.

    1. True….his expressions were killing

  10. Last week onwards I stopped watching this now I read update to know when sanchi agarwal wake up kanchi together then only I’ll watch otherwise go to hell sdch

  11. Love u sanveer.

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