Savitri Devi 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer to marry Siya

Savitri Devi 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Savitri asking veer to consider about his decision. Gayatri informs Dr. Malhotra about the girl and says she talked to her family. Dr. Kabir brings Sanchi to his house. Kusum is surprised. Dr. Kabir tells that Sanchi has decided to stay with him. Kusum gets happy and blesses her. Dr. Kabir tells that they have to give sometime to her. Dr. Malhotra and Gayatri come to the house of the girl. Her parents come out. Dr. Malhotra finds the house like cow’s stable and asks them to call their owners. Girl’s parents say they are her parents. Gayatri gives the shagun. Girl’s parents get happy seeing the shagun. Dr. Malhotra says that Veer is marrying another poor girl. Girl’s father tells that he is a farmer and is happy to know that you are a big Doctor and have a hospital. They

tell that their daughter is Siya, but her name is Misri. Siya is doing puja. Her sister Urmila comes and calls her. Siya gets happy and thankful to God. Gayatri thinks their daughter might be a fool and I will keep her in my trap. Siya comes and tries to touch Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra’s feet, but they refuse. Gayatri asks her to tell about her. Siya tells about her qualities and says she completed her 12th else you wouldn’t have agreed to get your son married to me. Her father tells that what girls will do.

Dr. Malhotra takes Gayatri to side and says he dislikes the alliance. Gayatri says it is chosen by Veer and says she will be in our control. Siya asks Gayatri about Veer. Gayatri says he is shy and very nice guy. Siya says what I will tell to my friends. Gayatri gives Veer’s pic. Sanchi thinks how to stop Veer and this if this girl ruins his life. She tells Dr. kabir that she wants to go to Shiv ji’s temple and asks him to take her. She thinks her start her life with Dr. Kabir by God’s blessing. Veer thinks she thought of his responsibility as his weakness. He decides to get marry and give bahu to his family. He says it is a fight of responsibility now.

Sanchi prays to God about Veer. Siya comes there and thanks God to give her Veer. She goes ahead of Sanchi and gives 501 Rs shagun to Pandit. Pandit ji blesses her. He then blesses Sanchi. Siya asks him to come to her marriage and is leaving, when she falls down after colliding with Dr. Kabir. He tries to help her. Siya says she knows such guys. Sanchi comes and says he is my husband and a doctor. She says she is also a doctor and checks her foot. She says you will be fine. Siya says she is feeling good and prays for their Jodi togetherness. She tells her that she is getting married after two days and will keep her husband happy. Sanchi congratulates her. She says I will show you photo and goes to get it. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir looks at the photo which is kept far.

Veer tells Sanchi that he is getting married. Sanchi comes there and sees Veer getting married to Siya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dumas001

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Loved mishri’s character. She is a cheerful girl. And those who r saying sanchi is not the lead they should watch the sdcah portion in colors chune apane rang add. There both sanchi and veer are present saying they chose the color of responsibility. So I think now makers have shown enough of love drama. Now both veer and sanchi are separated but their lives will be in focus. How they both will fulfill their duties of their lives. Sanchi as Kabir’s wife and a doctor. Veer as a son and doctor. A different phase of their lives is going to begin. Really excited for their journey. SATH hokar ek dusare kA SATH diya ab alag hokar apani apani families ki responsibility nibhayenge. Really excited for this track. Both sanchi and veer are the leads of the show but they r individual leads not a pair.

  3. Happy to see kanchi

  4. Veer decides to get married to a random girl whom he didn’t see. He aims to fulfill his duty by giving bahu to his family. He is heartbroken with Sanchi’s betrayal to his unconditional love. Gayatri plans to get him married to a dumped girl. However, Pragya has fallen for Veer and wishes to marry him at the last minute.

    1. I think pragya left the show.

      1. Ya I too agree but it was like this in spoilers

  5. Dishani01

    Hai… everyone …. I’m new here .. openly I’m varun kapoor fan…
    If anyone in hear as happy for the new pair then please welcome me..
    because I’m very happy today episode and new girl i love both and veer discussion that towards family are best..
    wow ..
    it’s happy see him strong and considered towards family except crying and drinking for past ..

    I hope upcoming will show cheer full supporting husband veer and chatter box joyful wife siya…

    It’s new hope for interesting drama..??So i commenting from silent reader…
    ???? take care ???

    1. Me too even i am a vk fan and was a silent reader but this mew development forced me to express myself openly

      1. Dishani01

        Countinue dear ????

  6. welcome dishani I am also happy that they introduced a new girl fir veer let Kabir handle Sanchi we want to see veer happy because Sanchi doesn’t deserve veer so fingers crossed for veers love story ??

  7. Anee

    Guys I think This RS will definitely kill kabir when saanchi starting to fall for him then sia will turned negative and sanveer will united again… cos Rs ka show hai aur yahan pe rs ke show ka koi bhrosa nahii hota jaise kaanchi de kar ek pentra apnaya hia just to see that trp increases by kaanchi or not. if she need to unite sanveer again she never back step by doing that cos rs Loves Sanveer… that is why she always gives importance and more ss to Veer.

    1. RuCh23

      Oh ho!! Don’t say like that in this happy moment ???. We can’t trust RS yes but let’s just celebrate for both couples and hope now they’ll give some importance to the hospital ???

      1. Anee

        I just said that came in my mind.

    2. Don’t think abt future Anne. I think trp will definitely increase bcoz as new girl is there for veer so both Kabir and veer fandom will be happy. I m just afraid that they have introduced mishri’s character to start that saas bahu drama again. I’ll be happy if the CVS focus more on hospital drama with some interesting twist and turns. Hope pragya,Isha and Jaya will also return to the show again.

      1. Anee

        yeah hope so.

  8. I know some of the sanveerians r finding it hard to deal with the changes but lts jst luk at d brighter part finally we will get to see a new love story may be this would return r old naughty prankster veer gum evrybody luved honestly i feel veer s character got low affer sanveer
    No offence

    &h hasan you are doing an amazing job plzz dont care abt d negative coments keep writing

  9. I hope Sia will help to get the old cute prankster Veer back… And Kanchi to fall in love soon… We’ve been waiting for this since long… Hopefully things will get better between Kanchi.. Cheers to all the Kaanchi fans ?

    1. yes dear we also hope that kaanchi’s lovestory will start soon yeah cheers to all kaanchi fans.

  10. I don’t really understand what’s wrong with fans especially girls. Don’t be crazy!
    It’s just a show. And the actors are doing their job. They aren’t at fault.
    The production and makers came up with a poor storyline that didn’t workout well. They are changing the plots to increase the trp . They will go with the one which is liked by the most.
    People are blaming swardha, seriously friends grow up. She isn’t ugly but u and ur thought are. Still Indians believe fair complexion is beauty. Sanveer fans are doing ugly fights in Twitter handle. Couldn’t tolerate them at all.
    I don’t know whether they have any other jobs or not.

    After all, they are playing their given character. So don’t blame swardha, vs, vk or anyone.
    Blame the production house and RS for doing cheap storyline under medical drama.
    I hope everyone will understand this and remain calm.

    1. Dhruti

      I’m totally agree with you ever on YouTube segment they all badmouthing about swarda and Vs….i mean they are just play character what rs given to them….just enjoy the show….don’t badmouthing about any actors….

    2. No dear these fans r never going to understand. I was shocked to read one vk fan wrote on swarda’s IG isse to hamesha see on-screen and off screen Vikram ko hi chahati thi. I was like stupid people what r you writing. She is just playing a character and doing whatever creatives an PH is asking her to do. She can’t go according to her personal choice. These fans comments and never think that the family members of the actors also read these things. This kind of things shows the cheap mentality of those fans who can’t differentiate between the reel and real and unnecessarily bashing the actors without thinking that they’re also human beings.

    3. RuCh23

      Agreed. Even I don’t understand why they’re doing this. What’s actors fault? They’re just doing their profession. They have to do what’s in the script.

    4. yes totally agree with you when we never got our then we were talked about saanchi’s character but not Swarda at all. and we weren’t went to their personal account for rubbishing and we didn’t mixed their reel into real life. bt some over obsessed fans couldn’t control themselves by bashing about actors on their real life.

  11. Hope that after siya comes to veer life , veer will become normal person and hope that Veer will be happy with Siya

    1. Don’t worry nisha is a very good actor now the story line would be good but I’m surprised bcoz this show will again is back to saas bahu drama
      I saw shooting set of sach is occupied by roop serial and I don’t know what 8s jaya is doing bcoz what is happening in her daughter life she don’t know anything I can’t believe and most of the actors are leaving show like shruti,, pragya, isha, riya, jaya, sunny, I don’t know why

  12. Hey, only I feel bt anyone other feels that Mugdha was overacting too much i thought mugdha a girl who will be compete swarda bt lol by seeing this episode i must say swarda is much better than her. she is overacting yarr .

  13. swarda is doing little less acting but not at all overacting but this new is doing too much acting just like vk. less acting is bearable but overacting is headache.

    1. Ur right thoda sa over acting but she is experienced actor so she is doing like that

  14. new girl

  15. Loving the new storyline wasn’t much sanchi and veer fan cos veer suits someone who is light and prettier lol

  16. I am really excited to see the love story between this too beautiful pair…………..

  17. Now this show is looking something interesting to watch………..

  18. Now I am waiting for the day when all misunderstanding got clear between sanchi,kabir and veer and they became friends……………

  19. So so amazing and most beautiful episode ever

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