Savitri Devi 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer tries to cheat Sanchi again

Savitri Devi 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi regreting to love Veer. Veer tries to speak and gets upset as she cries. Dr. Kabir shouts at him and says you have done cheap thing to have separated two friends. He takes out glass piece from her foot. Veer tells himself not to fall weak and says you have to take this hospital back from Sanchi. Sanchi calls Pragya and Satish, but their phone is off. She cries and feels bad. She calls Pragya’s house. Mr. Yadav scolds Sanchi and asks her not to call her again. He says my daughter is so much hurt that she left this country. He warns her not to call again.

Dr. Kabir comes to Sanchi and asks what happened? Sanchi continues to cry. He bandages her foot even though she refuses. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that she don’t think that she can come to work tomorrow. Dr.

Kabir asks her not to take tension and take rest. He makes her rest on her bed and leaves. In the morning, Sanchi wakes up and says good morning Isha and Pragya. She sees them not there, and recalls past incident. Alvida Yaara Alvida….song plays….She reminisces Pragya’s words and just then she hears fire brigade sound and looks out of window.

She comes to the hospital and sees Veer. He asks her to accept her defeat and says just 2 days are left. He says your holiday can make you pay big. Dr. Kabir even Dean can take off. Veer asks him not to interfere and says it is between Sanchi and Me. He shows her list of Doctors and says many doctors of your hospital is on leave. He says how our dean can take off in such situation. Sanchi tells Veer that she don’t expect anything from him. Veer says I am nothing to you, this is what you said last time. Sanchi says yes, and says she will work alone, even if all hospital takes leave. She says this hospital will be mine after 2 days. Veer says I will not let this happen Dr. Sanchi Mishra.

Ria Madhu and Bala are relaxing. She tells them about sales. Bala says we can go out. Sanchi checks all the patients. Ria thanks veer for giving them idea to take off. Subramaniam is going to ward to give injection. Veer takes the injection and gives to Ria. He asks him to bring sandwich for him. Sanchi asks ward boy where is the intern and asks him to leave.

Dr. Malhotra asks Veer about his plan. Veer shares his cheat plan with Dr. Malhotra and says Sanchi is stressed and she will sign on the papers without ready. Dr. Malhotra says she will accept her defeat and name hospital on my name. Sanchi gets the photo frame of her friends and gets tears in her eyes. Nurse comes and gives papers to her for signing. Sanchi signs the papers without reading. Veer and Dr. Malhotra smirks and goes. Sanchi gets the call and looks on. Nurse gives papers to Veer. Veer checks the papers and asks where is that paper which is signed by Sanchi. Sanchi comes and asks if he is searching for this paper.

Sanchi comes out of OT and tells Veer that today she accepts her defeat and leaving hospital. She walks out. Veer looks on. Dr. Malhotra smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Kya drama hai yaar really mein to ab takchuki hu
    I don’t want to c this serial again

  2. No yar aisa bilkul bhi nahi hona chahiye no………no..yar veer why you are doing this damit

  3. Episode was good….kanchi moments were very beautiful…. But precap was horrible

  4. only loved the kanchi part so much.

  5. What will happen is when a patient is in OT in serious condition kabeer gets late bcz of malhotra and patient dies due to all these sanchi feels she is responsible for patient death and accepts accepts her defeat

  6. Emptyhand20

    This show is going down, the current track is very slow and boring to watch, I think they should move on to the new track and stop dragging the story, they should end the show soon for the actors to pick better shows.


    After Sanchi and Veer reunited, they will continue acting, planning, searching for evidence to expose Dr. Anand Manhotra and Gayatri with the help of Dr. Kabir, Isha and Pragya.

    Dr. Anand Malhotra discovers Gayatri has an affair with her ex-boyfriend, Riya real father, Gayatri and Vaidehi blackmail him with crime evidences to transfer all of his assets to Gayatri. Dr. Anand Malhotra and Adarsh set up a car accident with a bomb inside the car to kill Gayatri and Vaidehi, but Gayatri and her mother know about the plan and have recorded evidence, they trick Savitri to replace their place in the car. Instead of Gayatri and Vaidehi, Dr. And Malhotra and Adarsh kills Savitri. Gayatri and her mother give recorded evidence for the police to arrest Dr. Anand Malhotra and Adarsh. Sanchi and Veer also give crime evidences they have of Gayatri and Vaidehi for the police, Jaya gets released. Dr. Anand Malhotra, Adarsh, Gayatri and Vaidehi go to prison and get executes for intentional murders.

    Sanchi and Veer get married and they run the hospital together with Dr. Kabir, Isha and Pragya. Time passes by, Veer is diagnosed with Leukemia after Sanchi got pregnant, he decides to refuse treatment and hide it from everyone, but Dr. Kabir finds out. Veer asks Dr. Kabir promise to keep secret, take care of Sanchi and his child after he passes away, he wants Sanchi to be happy. Veer dies in the last episode, Sanchi gives birth to fraternal twins with the help of Isha and Pragya, she remarries with Dr. Kabir.

  7. No it must not happen like precap

  8. No instead of veer, kabir should be paired. Veer is not deserve to saachi. He always try to hurt where kabir always supported her. And it would be unfair if saachi accepts veer.

  9. Mona146

    aur kitne girega veer. anand ka blood hai shayad. But i makers as i know they will show its ok to be criminal , non professional and evil minded and still one day veer and sanchi will unite.

  10. But enough of dragging at least with Priya suffering vikrant’s torture

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