Savitri Devi 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi to forgive Veer

Savitri Devi 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum telling Dr. Kabir that they have to meet Sanchi’s family and fix date for marriage. Dr. Kabir asks her to do as she thinks right. Kusum asks what did she say? Dr. Kabir says he don’t remember clearly due to the bhang effect and asks her to bring lemon water. He takes off his suit and sees ring. He thinks from where this ring came in my suit. He then recalls Sanchi telling him that she don’t love him. He gets teary eyes. Kusum brings lemon water. Dr. Kabir says he will freshen up and have food later. Kusum says ok.

Sanchi wakes up and finds her head heavy. Pragya asks her to have lemon water. Isha asks her to have something. Sanchi refuses. Pragya asks can you recall what happened at dhaba.

Dr. Kabir takes a shower and thinks Sanchi don’t love me,

it was a misunderstanding what I felt. He cries. Sanchi checks her finger and sees ring missing. She says may be I told truth to Dr. Kabir and hopes he is fine. Pragya says he might be fine and asks her to have lemon water. Sanchi says no and says she will talk to Dr. kabir first. Jaya comes to the storeroom and sees hospital employees file. She gets Komal Motwani’s phone and address and notes down the address. She turns and sees Vaidehi standing. Vaidehi asks what is in your hand and threatens to call security. Dadi comes there. Jaya asks where were you, I was searching you? Vaidehi says you are acting. Dadi says this is my house and Jaya is like my daughter. She takes her with her. Jaya greets her and goes. Vaidehi thinks Jaya came to get something from there.

Savitri excuses herself and meets Jaya. Jaya hugs her and tells that work is done. She leaves. Savitri comes back for photoshoot. Dr. Kabir tells Kusum that Sanchi don’t love him. Kusum asks him to talk to her and ask. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir call each other at same time. Dr. Kabir thinks he shall not talk to her and end this matter right here. Isha asks Sanchi to talk to him face to face. Sanchi asks how did I come here? Pragya says we came to Dhaba and Veer dropped you here. Sanchi says she don’t want to talk about him and goes.

Vaidehi tells Gayatri that she wants to talk to her about Jaya and takes her from there. Gayatri asks her to tell. Vaidehi tells her that Jaya and Savitri are planning something big and tells that the former was searching something in the storeroom. She says may be you will get your husband and home back.

Priya is crying in her room. Vikrant asks her to go and bring file from store room. Priya goes to store room and sees Sanket’s dead body in a coffin. Vikrant asks her to show. Priya says I have seen him here. Vikrant says you are in shock, signs goons and takes her from there.

Pragya tells Sanchi that a patient in OT needs her and asks her to go. She pushes her and locks the door. Vikrant pays the money to the goons and asks them to do whatever they want with Sanket’s dead body. Sanchi sees Veer lying on patient’s bed. He asks for a chance. Sanchi says you said enough and nothing is left now. Veer says I am so so so sorry, please forgive me and says what he could do seeing her with Dr. Kabir and says he got jealous. Sanchi asks him to stop making puppy face and says this time, I will not forgive you. She opens the door and sees Veer burning his hand with the candle. She looks back.

Veer promises to stand by their relation all life amidst the troubles. Sanchi gets emotional. Veer proposes her for marriage. Sanchi Agarwal comes out of coma in the hospital.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hey guys after long time read ur ff,os,ss
    actually was busy in exams
    you all are amazing writters like trisha,moonlight…etc dont know others names as got few time to read other stories
    i watch todays was sad poor kabir.i think in upcoming episodes sanchi agarwaal will wake all truth of mishra and agarwaal will come out and dr malhotra will instigate veer,kabir all in sdch against sanchi.neeta will call police to arrest sanchi.veer and kabir will feel bad but will not help sanchi as they will think that dr malhotra lie was a truth about jaya,sanchi.sanchi will take blame on her to save isha, pragya as they helped her in hiding truth.sanchi will be in jail.jaya will come including isha,pragya all will cry.sanchi like sanskari beti will say sorry to jaya as she failed in fulfilling papas the time dr malhotra will come to savitris fake memory drama and also her jaya plan by gaytri .he will confront her .savitri will run to tell truth to veer but she will slip from staircase as planned by gaytri.malhotra happy for gaytris plan .veer unable to know truth as savitri will again be in the time pragya will ask her father who is a minister to get sanchi out from jail.but malhotra bribed police so sanchi will be in jail.sanchi mata will cry recalling her veer moments. Her first case in sdch ,blah..
    By the time kusum will urge kabir to think how can sanchi lie as she was the one who saved his moms life.dr kabir will ask miss fernades to bring cutt off list in which names of interns selected were mentioned.he will see sanchi mishra who was topperbut her name cut.dr kabir will get sanchi out of jail.that my idea of upcoming episodes dont know cvs are thinking this way like me

    1. this is awesome but don’t whats in cv’s mind
      i wish it will happen and atlast kanchi unite

  2. Malaika

    What a shock that sanchi agarwal is out of coma now sanchi truth will come out but not straight away. Literally I want someone to help priya a good thing that sanket tried but look what happened to him. It’s funny how vikrant is a patient at the hospital and anand and adarsh don’t even know.

    1. Actually problem vikrant m nahi in cvs k dimag m h ye hamesha gajini avataar me rahte h inhe kuch yaad nahi rahta had h sanket ko maar hi daala..good heaven ye ideas inhe aate kahan se h.. Mann karta h inka sir fodd dun ab bas bhi karo yaar priya ko or kitna torture krne ka irada h.. Ek ladki ko itna abla bana k chod diya h ki wo apne liye stand hi nahi le skti.. Mahaan ho tum cvs tumhe to…. Ufff mere pass word bhi kam pad jaye kahne k liye

      1. The father dosent even understand his daughter is suffering ..and so many times ahe has told and no body responding

  3. Thank god maine last week friday se hi show ko dekhna band kar diya tha or aaj ka written update padhke to main apne aapko samjhdaar samajhti hun isliye nahi ki aaj koi kanchi scene nahi tha per isliye ki agar m kabir ko rote dekhti toh ganga jamuna baha k baadh le laati or in cvs walon ko dubaa deti…. Per ye is layak bhi nahi ki inke liye apne kimati aanshu barbaad karoo.. Per chalo abhi tak kabir ke negative hone ka chance nahi dikh raha h hey bhagwan inko sadhbuddhi dena bas kabir ko negative na karen isse better usse show se bump kar de.. My poor kabir

  4. Thank God I didn’t watch 2day….I can’t see kabir crying

  5. Even I have stoped watching the serial…..i hate seeing kabir crying….until the track is kanchi I will not watch the serial

  6. Thank god I didn’t watched it
    i can’t see kabir like that

  7. YrKabir is not the lead actor of this show….aap logo ko pasand kese aa gya..uski acting to bhut dumb h…phr bhi pura show veer aur sanchi se juda h…BCS dono ki family Judi h

    1. I am a huge kanchi fan…..for me if it is not kabir then no sdch

  8. I hate hate hate hate CVS, serial..,…they made kabir cry…..I have stopped watching from this week……now I saw kabir scene in voot…… Now I really wish to say GO TO HELL SDCH

    1. Thank God I didn’t watch the episode….. Even I can’t see him crying….GO TO HELL SDCH

  9. Thankfully Kabir remembered everything that the Sanchi Mata told him and he realizes that she doesn’t love him. And I am very happy that he told the truth to his mother as well. I personally love the bond btwn son and mother Duo.And from now on I would really want to see the old Kabir back, focussing on his life and his career, making career of interns.

    1. Riyarocks

      I totally agree with u dear…….even I can’t see kabir turn into a devdas or something……better he returns back to his poorana avtaar……..& sanveer……..I don’t give a damn to u………

      1. Anee

        yaa Ri u r rit…..humara kabir hi theeek hai….main bhi devdas type kabir ko nahi dekhpaungi…and mother and son bond also amazing..even i loved that.

  10. i agree with avik but kya kar saktte he sab ki apni apni choice

  11. dilse diltak fan

    I only see the show after kabir married sanchi till that I won’t see the show…. Better make the show to kanchi or pack up date for last episode

  12. Hi guys I have a question if you anyone can answer me is really sanket dead please tell me please reply

    1. Now even I am confused

      1. Thanks for the reply

    2. Even i m confused dear especially after reading commnts on IF on sanket’s death… Ho kya raha h bhai koi to batao… Coffin me rehne k baad bhi banda jinda h kya

  13. Iam really happy with SanVeer. Please make SanVeer as pair , if Veer knows Sanchi’s truth, he will support Sanchi only ,ofcourse misunderstandings make occur between SanVeer but when he know truth he will support Sanchi and coming to kabir ,it is good if he is strict only and Sanchi and Veer are made for each other and please make sure that they end up with marriage.

  14. Waiting for today’s episode…..Finally veer to propose saanchi…sooooo happpy

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