Savitri Devi 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi getting tensed as gets a message from the blackmailer. Isha and Pragya suspect Veer’s hand. Sanchi calls on that number and it is switched off. Sanchi says she won’t leave Veer. Dr. Kabir tells that he is going to do difficult surgery soon and says whoever impress him will get to assist him. Gayatri’s daughter says she will assist him. Dr. Kabir asks them to treat the inpatients and get back to him if they have any questions. Veer asks Sanchi if she is thinking to operate with Kabir and says no, as he will assist him. Isha says he is cute. Pragya says he is troubling Sanchi. They think to confirm first. Priya cries seeing Savitri Devi’s pic and says how can she marry a person whom she doesn’t love and says she loves someone else. She says how to come out of this

mess? Dadi sees her crying and comes to Dr. Anand. Dr. Anand says he is busy and don’t have time to talk to her. Dadi scolds him and asks him to rethink about Priya’s marriage. Dr. Anand says whatever he is doing is for her happiness. Dadi says she loves someone else. Dr. Anand says she will be busy earning for livelihood and how she will be happy then. He says money is the utmost important thing. Dadi says we are not rich since beginning, but was happy. Dr. Anand says I was never happy in that house and tells that his dad was incapable man and a bad father. Dadi shouts at him and says she is not weak to hear anything against her husband.

Dr. Anand sees the CCTV footage for sometime and then keeps it in the almari. Dadi gets sad as she thinks of his words. Priya asks her not to cry and says I heard him. She says don’t know what happened to him. He forgot Maa and said these things for Dada ji. Dadi cries and says she thought he will not refuse her, but now he is just Dr. Malhotra and not her son. Priya asks her not to cry. Dadi asks her not to marry and find way to get her love. She asks her not to bend down infront of her father. Priya looks on.

Veer sees a woman in ghunghat and asks thinks it will be easy to treat her. He checks her treatment papers and her to lift her ghunghat so that he can check her. Gulabi is silent. Veer says I have to lift your ghunghat. Gulabi’s son calls her father and complains against Veer. Gulabi’s husband come and looks angrily. Veer gets tensed. Sanchi, Isha and Pragya hear Veer’s voice coming from general ward. They go there.

Gulabi’s husband asks how dare you to touch my wife. Veer says my intention was not wrong and says he was just trying to check her. Sanchi gets blackmailer’s message. She thinks he can’t message in this condition. She apologizes to him on Veer’s behalf and says they will talk to senior doctor and get lady doctor to treat his wife. Sanchi thinks who is behind these messages. Isha says we will find out.

Priya meets Sankep and says her father fixed her marriage with Vikrant. She says we have to elope and marry. Sankep says he wants to work in a big firm for a year and then will ask for her hand. Priya says it will be too late then. Sankep asks him to give him some time so that he can make arrangements for court marriage.

An injured couple is brought to hospital. Dr. Kabir tells that he will handle this case. Sanchi asks a patient to have food. Patient refuses to have food or medicine and says this is not hospital, but a jail. Isha checks a patient and he says he saw her. Isha says it is a old line. Patient says I have seen you somewhere. Sanchi brings old patient out and says she brought his food also. He feels good to have fresh air. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to come to him and asks with whose permission, you have brought him here. Patient tells that he wanted to come out and Sanchi helped him. It is not her mistake, and asks Sanchi to take him inside.

Sankep calls priya and tells that he cleared final round and also applied for court marriage. Priya gets happy. Gayatri tells her mum that she will talk to Anand. Sankep tells his mum that he talked to Priya and will soon marry her. She says she is happy to get bahu like Priya. Dr. Anand calls Rakesh. Gayatri brings coffee. Dr. Anand tells that she is a perfect wife. Gayatri tells that they have to hurry up for Priya’s marriage else this deal will go from their hand. Dr. Anand calls someone and says he needs history and geography of Sankep Sharma by tomorrow.

Pragya tells that she is going to take bath. She asks Sanchi what she is thinking? Sanchi says she is thinking who sent the message. Pragya says shall I talk to Papa. Isha says we can’t tell anyone, else Sanchi will be trapped in fraud case. Isha tells that Sanchi Agarwal’s RIP status is changed and that means she is alive. She gets Sanchi Agarwal’s call and she asks Sanchi why she is doing internship using her identity. She threatens to send her to jail and says you have ruined my career. Pragya asks her why didn’t she come on the admission day. Isha asks what do you want? Sanchi Agarwal says she will tell to Sanchi Mishra and asks her to meet at 9 am. Sanchi gets tensed and cries. Pragya asks her to stop crying.

Sankep thinks he will marry priya once he gets a job. Someone comes and gives him envelope. Sankep reads the letter and is shocked. He tells that he got legal notice and have to return 25 Lakhs loan which he had taken for his education else they will mortgaged this house. He asks her not to worry.

Pragya says Sanchi Agarwal must have done something and not threatened Sanchi. Isha and Pragya ask her to come and have food. Sanchi says she wants to be alone. They leave. Sanchi collides with Nurse Fernandes. She scolds Sanchi for walking blindly. Veer thinks what happened to her.
Vikrant comes to Dr. Anand’s house and asks for his permission to take Priya on a date. Dr. Anand says you are taking my permission to take your finance out and says you are incredible. Vikrant thanks him. He calls Priya. Priya comes. Vikrant says I came to take you on date. Priya says she is busy today and have some work. Dr. Anand asks her to go and get ready.

Kabir sees interns work. He praises Gayatri’s daughter for treating patient well, and tells that Veer has no progress. Veer tells that his patient’s husband is not allowing him to treat her. Dr. Kabir tells that Sanchi Agarwal’s patient report is all fine. He says the intern which will assist him is Sanchi Agarwal. Sanchi gets happy. Pragya says he is seeing your work. She teases Veer and asks Sanchi to forget Sanchi Agarwal. Isha asks her to focus on the surgery. Veer says I will have a last laugh. Sanchi thinks she has to give 100 percent to fulfill her mother’s dreams. Gayatri’s daughter Ria thinks I will see how you do surgery.

Sanchi and others take the patient to the OT while patient says he don’t want surgery. Ria thinks this will become Sanchi’s last surgery.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ria is jealous of sanchi hahaha
    OMG Sanchi agarwal is alive what she want ??

  2. Veer and sachi scenes are nice…precap is so exciting…i hope don’t get troubled..

  3. Priyadharshini

    I think sanchi will stop priya’s marriage with vikrant medical report

  4. avik kailash gupta

    yr Sanchi ko veer k sath na jodhkr Dr. Kabir k sath kyu jodha ja they don’t look couples..

  5. I think veer will change the patient and Riya will again change the patient may be like this Sanchi and Kabir will operate the correct patient

  6. Aanchal

    What an episode veer n sachi ki jodi bnao not sachi with kabir n ria is just like her mom gayatri

  7. Kuch bhi Kaise bathathe hai, before shifting pt to OT nurse and doctors always confirms pt’s name by asking him and checking ID belt of pt. And also when receiving pt to OT again same process is repeated.

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