Savitri Devi 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer gets heartbroken by Sanchi’s cheat

Savitri Devi 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir coming to Sanchi and tells that for the first time after marriage, you are standing infront of me without any complaints and anger. He handovers divorce papers in her hand and says I have ruined much and my apology won’t be less for that. He says this marriage was just one sided and I was obsessed to get you, to marry you. He says I took time to understand that love can’t be bound forcibly. He asks her to sign on the divorce papers and get freed from the undesirable relation. He says Veer is waiting for you and asks her to go. Veer is waiting for her restlessly. Sanchi comes to Veer. Veer says I know you will come surely and tells that he had told Maa. He says I will call Maa and calls her. He says I told you that Sanchi will come and says she has come, and asks

her to come. Sanchi asks him to listen to her. Veer says maa come fast, we will marry in the temple. Sanchi shouts asking him to stop it and says we can’t marry. Veer says what are you saying? He asks if Dr. Kabir is blackmailing you.

Sanchi asks him understand and says Dr. Kabir is my husband now and I can’t leave him. We can’t be together now. She tears her divorce papers which Dr. Kabir gave her. Dr. Kabir comes there and is shocked. Sanchi breaks Veer’s heart badly. She says I know that we love each other and I had done wrong with you, but may be life is this only. She says whenever we feel that our life is perfect then also destiny plays game with us and says life is never perfect. She says our imperfect life truth is that I am Dr. Kabir’s wife and says I have married him. Veer asks what are you saying? Sanchi says marriage is not a joke and tells that she has promised Dr. Kabir and will not leave him. She says I have to fulfill my duty. Dr. Kabir asks her not to fall in emotions and take a wrong decision. Sanchi says I am doing this with my wish. Veer says but. Sanchi says I have taken a decision and it will not change now. She breaks Veer’s heart and takes Dr. Kabir to inhouse temple. She asks him to make her wear mangalsutra from his hand. She promises to fulfill her wife’s duties.

Dr. Kabir makes her wear mangalsutra. Sanchi then asks him to fill her maang with sindoor. She steals Veer’s idea of marrying in inhouse temple and gets married to Dr. Kabir there. He says you have made bad joke of my love, I can’t believe that you are the one who I loved. He says you have done what you wanted, now I will write my own destiny. He says you have married infront of me, so I will also get married after 2 days. Savitri, Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra come there. Veer announces his marriage. Savitri asks him to calm down and asks him not to ruin his life for selfish Sanchi. She says even I want your marriage to happen, but not in angry mood. Veer says I don’t care about the girl, and says I will marry a random girl I see. Sanchi asks why are you playing with your life. She asks him not to take decision in a hurry. Veer laughs and says you will teach me now. He asks her to calm down and says he will decide about his life. He asks Dr. Kabir to handle his wife and says she is very clever and asks him to be beware of her. Dr. kabir asks him to behave and says you are alive because of her. Dr. kabir holds Sanchi’s hand and leaves. Veer leaves from the house. Gayatri follows him.

Veer comes to the marriage bureau and says he wants to marry at the earliest. Manager asks him to see the girls and their kundalis. Veer says I want to marry in 2 days and asks him to show the girls’ list. He sees the first girl’s pic he sees and says I will marry her only. Gayatri comes there and says what are you doing? Veer asks her not to interfere in his life. Gayatri says I am with you in your decision. She asks him to go home and says she will talk to manager about his marriage. She asks him to give the details of the girl Siya. Manager says she is just 12 pass and whoever goes to meet her, rejects her. Gayatri offers to give him 1 lakh rs and asks him to do as she says. He smiles hearing her plan.

Savitri worries for Veer. Veer comes home and tells that he has searched his bride. He asks Savitri to make the arrangements.

Veer thinks Sanchi betrayed him and now he will marry and give bahu to his family. The girl Siya is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. RuCh23

    Dear writer,
    You have been doing a great job giving us written updates. And we’re very greatful to you for that. But today I’m really disappointed with the way you have written this episode. You need to keep your own opinion about the show or it’s episode out of it. Today you have wrote “Sanchi breaks Veer’s heart badly.” Okay that’s right. We know Sanchi broke Veer’s heart badly. But why did you wrote “She shamelessly breaks Veer’s heart and takes Dr. Kabir to inhouse temple”, when you could’ve just write she took Kabir to the in-house temple? And also “She steals Veer’s idea of marrying in inhouse temple and gets married to Dr. Kabir there.” Part was totally unnecessary. I have watched this part and you have wrote these parts unnecessarily. Please try to refrain from giving us your point of view and give us the updates from a neutral point of view. I wouldn’t have pointed this out if it was the first time today. This had happened before too.
    Don’t feel bad about this comment but we fans are with TU since a long time. Think about us too.

    1. Hey ru I totally agree with u n today I won’t keep mum… sristi used to tell me that this writer always writes these types of things and today I’m seeing this… instead of Sanchi this writer Emma Hasan is shameless. ….. if she writes written episode there shouldn’t be her personal opinion. It should be from the point of view of the show writers but no this Vk obsessed girl won’t do that… when kabir suffered then why didn’t she wrote nicely. She used to wrap up that in 1 2 lines???? same with kaanchi scenes. She never described. And today when it’s happening with Veer she’s over exaggerating ??? I’m sorry not at all bcoz u deserve this criticism Hasan. ???? don’t feel bad whatever Sanchi did it’s reel fiction story but what u r doing is real ????

    2. H Hasan

      I never give my opinion in any of my updates. I have written what was shown. Anyways I have removed that word. All update is correct. You can’t accuse me and call me shameless. It is better if you write updates.

  2. Yes dear writer we r really thankful to you that u give us written update of the episode. It’s really great. But it’s seems that you are so much biased. I read yudkbh written update also there you never give any wrong information. It’s good that you like someone but it will be really good if you will be honest .

  3. Dumas001

    Thanks for the update dear

  4. Thanks for the update……..

  5. App sanchi ko yaad aaya oh kabir se shadi kiya tha but jab veer ko chorone ki time pae ae toh nahi socha…………’s not her fault this is the fault of story line………..

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