Savitri Devi 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir exposes Veer’s conspiracy before Sanchi

Savitri Devi 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Sanchi that she never thought that she will become so egoistic and says you always came first in school and college, as I had given you a chance and stood second. She tells that she thought her as best friend and sister, and thought of her mother and dadi as her own. She says you have given me this letter for trusting you and giving you more importance than Satish. She says I am a fool to stay here, I would have gone to America with Satish. She asks did you remember how old our friend is? She tells when they became friends and says since then I am your reflection, but today you have proved that you are my life’s biggest mistake. Sanchi is unaffected with her words. Veer and Ria are happy. Pragya says you are a black spot on friendship and throws suspension

letter on her face. She says she is leaving her profession today and will never see her face again even if she dies. She says even if I have to return to this hospital then come on my own competence. She removes her pearl bracelet and breaks it. Isha asks what you have done. Pragya says she don’t want anything which reminds her of Sanchi. She leaves the hospital with Satish.

Isha asks Sanchi what is that? She says you don’t need us, and is very egoistic about becoming dean. She says if don’t care, then even I should leave. Ria smiles. Sanchi cries badly. Veer goes. Dr. Kabir looks sad. Sanchi picks the pearls of the bracelet and smiles. Dr. Kabir asks why you are smiling. Sanchi says Pragya has love in her anger. She says you hates the person you loves. She says Pragya’s love need to end today, else she wouldn’t have go with Satish. Dr. Kabir says who thinks about others today and asks why did you do this. Sanchi says this was right to grow hatredness in Pragya’s heart and our friendship was not letting her go. She cries. Dr. Kabir pacifies her.

Pragya cries and asks Satish to take her to America and book the tickets for today. Dr. Kabir calls Pragya, but her phone is off. He thinks to talk to Veer and get Satish’s number. He comes to Veer’s room and sees a box kept there. He opens it and finds the wig, beard etc. He understands that it was Veer who came as Madhu and Bala’s parents. He calls Sanchi and shows her wig and beard and says he got it from Veer’s room. He says everything was planned by Veer to separate Pragya and you. He says what did you think that you have done right and says you are just a katputli to Veer. Sanchi recalls firing Pragya from her job and feels bad. Veer asks his friends to enjoy the party. His friends appreciates him. He says he is not in a mood, and asks them to cheers. Sanchi comes there and the wine from the trolley falls. Dr. Kabir looks on. Sanchi slaps him hard and says I know you are childish, but today I came to know that you are such a cheap man. You forgot humanity to break Pragya and my friendship. She says I thought you hates me, but you have humanity and heart, but you are mere a stone. She says today you have proved that you are Dr. Anand Malhotra’s son. She steps on glass and feels pain. Veer says sanchi. Sanchi asks him to keep away and regrets to love him.

Veer shows her Doctor’s list and says they all are on leave now. He asks her to accept defeat and says how you will manage two last days of the challenge without the doctors. Sanchi says she will work alone and manage the hospital, then the hospital will be hers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Best episode till now…RS mam u have best character to us in form of Dr.kabir

  2. Thank u rashmi mam for giving such splendid episode….I can’t tell how happy I am….2day epi was the best

  3. RuCh23

    Dr. Kabir…. the spy ??? awesome!!! Seriously, Veer deserves to get a slap!!! ??? True he is right but he was going too low for this. He was telling before, that he is different from his father bit he’s still the same!! Just loved to see today’s part ???

  4. overwhelmed with today’s episodes…vry happy….now hoping ki ab kanchi ka bs pairing ho jaye

  5. Well deserved slap for veer….what I like abt the present track is the way kabir is supporting sanchi that too when she rejected him….in reality rejected persons ego will be hurt & he do all sorts of ill thing to the girl….even the guy goes to extent of ignoring her or making her jealous…thank u rashmi mam for giving such a wonderful character Dr.kabir

    1. Plz yaar don’t give such ideas to the cvs. I am every day praying that they don’t spoil kabir’s character in this show. God knows how long we kabir fans will be happy, his role is like a time bomb, which can blast anytime. I am scared of tomm trps ?. I’d trps drop tomm,they should not change this track of kabir supporing saanchi. Because I am sure that this is not the cause of the drop in trps! If they would have shown veer taking his revenge more sensibly, that would have gained more trps. And the mu track between saanchi and pragya is so lame ?. As if veer knew that satish will get carried away ?. Nonsense track.

      1. I just shared what happened with me…..many like me watch the serials bcoz it makes us to forget reality….if same is shown in serial what happens in our daily life than who will watch the serial….kabir character is a ideal one….if this character is developed in more positive way I very sure that it will fetch more trps…..I watch this serial bcoz it gives me hope that one day I will get a man who like kabir

  6. very happy to see kanchi together.

  7. But guys today I saw veer and sanchi’s romantic walk in instagram
    But still hoping for kaanchi I hope pragya would forgive sanchi

  8. Wow wow and wow. Can I say I am just loving the last few episodes of sdch from the time dr kabir is appearing! Especially today’s. I salute the creatives of this show to draft a beautiful character like dr kabir! Seriously, thank you so much cvs for giving us a noble character like dr kabir! I just love this guy! Saanchi is so unfortunate that she is not able to see Dr kabir’s true love for her. I really pray dr kabir gets the best girl and all the success in the world! He is the perfect life partner any girl will want! I hope this trend continues forever and we get to see kabir every day. I always wanted to see Dr kabir like this only. I am sure saanchi and kabir will make this hospital no 1 not only in india but also the world. They both have these qualities of good leadership and basic humanity. It’s so nice to see Sabir scenes. They give a positive vibe. But I also feel sad for veer. Poor fellow has almost lost his mother once again. But I wish he had not stooped this low. His mistakes are beyond redemption. I hope pragya forgives saanchi and the 3 become friends again. Thank you once again cvs. We love you. Plz always retain dr kabir’s goodness. We are really happy with the way kabir’s character is being potrayed. I hope the trps improve more.

  9. Thanks hasan for the update…….so so beautiful episode

  10. Although I loved today’s episode, but don’t you all thinkh that Dr kabir should not have entered veer’s room like that. And on the top of it he opened his box without his permission ?. I don’t know how he opened only that particular boX. Big goof up by the cvs. But a cute goof up.
    Oh god only 2 days are left for this challenge track. God knows what will be the next track? There is going to be a new entry it seems. Again the same jealousy track between sanveer ?. I just hope kabir doesn’t get sidelined again after this track gets over. Even I saw the insta video. Again saanchI has forgiven veer it seems. I only hope veer doesn’t do any forced marriage with sanchi to get the hospital!

  11. Emptyhand20

    This show is going down, I think they should end it for the actors to find better shows, they shouldn’t waste their talent for a boring show like this!


    Sanchi and Veer will reunite, but they will continue acting, planning, finding evidence to expose Dr. Manhotra and Gayatri with the help of Dr. Kabir, Isha and Pragya.

    After Dr. Malhotra discovers Gayatri has an affair with her ex-boyfriend, Riya real father, she blackmails him with crime evidences, he set up a car accident with a bomb inside the car to kill Gayatri but she knows about his plan and record evidence, trick Savitri to replace her place. Instead of Gayatri, Dr. Malhotra kills Savitri, Gayatri gives recorded evidence for the police to arrest Dr. Malhotra. Sanchi and Veer also give crime evidences they have of Gayatri for the police, Jaya gets released. Dr. Malhotra and Gayatri get arrested and execution punishment for intentional murders.

    Sanchi and Veer get married and they run the hospital together with Dr. Kabir, Isha and Pragya. After Sanchi got pregnant, Veer is diagnosed with Leukemia and he decides to hide it from everyone, but Dr. Kabir finds out, Veer asks Dr. Kabir promise to keep secret, take care of Sanchi and his child after he passes away. Sanchi gives birth to fraternal twins and remarries with Dr. Kabir.

    1. Mahn ???I loved ur ff except d dieing part of veer?..I luv sanveer lyk hell n they sud b always 2gether…but ur ff ?loved it!

  12. I love dr kabir . But yes pilot100. I agree with you. Veer is right in his own place. But in path of revenge, he has done things which is beyond redemption! So yes, maybe in the end they can show saanchi forgiving veer but she should not go back to him! Sometimes I feel she won’t end up with both the boys ?. And I also feel that all three leads, Kabir, Sanchi and Veer may remain unmarried. But I am so happy to see Dr kabir every day. Finally god has listned to we kabir fans! I wish kabir becomes Saanchi’s biggest strength.


    Dr Veer Malhotra is the Mastermind Character in this show. He is the GAMECHANGER. on which side he support that side always reach their aim. During Sunil Mishra Murder Case, He was supporting MISHRA FAMILY & he sent Dr. Anand Malhotra behind the bars with the help of Sister KM to complete Mishra’s wish & Now He is supporting Dr Anand Malhotra to defeat Mishra Family & Claim His Family rights on Hospital with Plannin. He has successful to break Pragya-Sanchi Friendship Alliance & Now its time to act his Last action & win the Game of Challenge. Now, He will Be ………………….. of this Challenge & New ………………………. of SDCH.
    Proud of U our Mastermind Dr Veer Malhotra. U portrayed every shade of +ve & -ve character with EXcellence.

    1. Normal person

      i have not seen an abnormal person like you.Total mad fellow.

  14. I am so happy to see this role of dr kabir! I don’t want anything else. I just want kabir to be the biggest support for saanchi. That’s it. Let saanchi keep loving veer only, I don’t care. But I want audience to keep loving kabir. I am thankfull to the cvs for giving us dr kabir. Thank you rashami mam and colors. Hope you always retain his character goodness and show him like this only. But where is kabir’s father? I thought he wanted to take revenge ?. I loved the way kabir supported saanchi yest. My day was made yest. Love you dr kabir.

  15. Why these cvs are giving us such beautiful scenes between kabir and sanchi and increasing our hopes for Sabir /kaanchi pairing. If these two don’t end up together, I will be really shattered ?. Why can’t the cvs show once and for all the marriage track! It’s almost 9 months. All of us are eager to know whom will saanchi end up with? And most importantly what will happen with dr kabir if Sanveer end up. What will be his role? I read the new artile about the new girl entry. I hope veer is not pretending to hate saanchi. Then definitely there is no hope of Sabir /Kaanchi pairing ?.

  16. Plsss damn…not kanchi I want sanveer plssss…I just hope..they’re 2gether plsss..I want Kabir to pair wid sum1…but not sanchi…kabeer can b sanchi’s strength…but veer is diff…y lyk this?!…I just luv Dem Soo much…first I thought this pair is lyk sandhir n wud watch every scenes patiently..but now it seems kabeer is gonna change D track…if this tym..if d serial is lyk going wid only medical drama on D tv..I have to stop watching Dem??Plsss sanveer 4ever…

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