Savitri Devi 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer gets happy as Sanchi admits love

Savitri Devi 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer, Isha and Pragya seeing Sanchi and Dr. Kabir dancing in someone’s baraat. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to try loving him and says he is not that bad. Sanchi says you are very good, but I can’t try you as I love Veer a lot, but he don’t understand her love. Dr. Kabir also laughs. Veer smiles happily hearing this. Dr. Kabir sees them and asks them to dance. He says I will dance specially with you. They all dance happily.

Dr. Malhotra asks Savitri why she isn’t ready yet. Savitri says she will be ready on time and asks him to sit and goes to bring water. Dr. Malhotra sees Jaya there and asks her to go, and asks who called you here. He says Savitri has lost her memory fully, whatever I tell her, she will think it truth and asks her not to force him

to made Savitri against her. Savitri brings water and says you came…. Jaya. Dr. Malhotra reminds Savitri whatever he said that day when she got fine. Savitri asks him not to worry and says she made Jaya understand and called her so that Jaya can get her ready. Jaya tells Dr. Malhotra that he deserves this honor as he can do anything to get success and gives the bouquet. Dr. Malhotra thanks her.

Savitri asks Jaya to come as photographers must be coming. Jaya tells all the best to Dr. Malhotra. He calls Servant and asks him to throw the bouquet in the dustbin. Gayatri and Vaidehi hear them. Vaidehi says Jaya wants to get something through Savitri. Gayatri says we both have to keep an eye on her.

Vikrant asks men to bring the big box. They keep the box. Vikrant asks Priya to open the box and see the gift inside. Priya opens the box and sees Sanket inside lying like dead with his eyes open. She is shocked. Vikrant says you wanted to stay with him all life, I brought him here, see how much I love you, I brought your boyfriend here, it doesn’t matter if he is alive or dead. Priya is shocked and runs to call Mrs. And Mr. Chawla. They come. Vikrant says I sent her to get tea. Priya asks him to tell where is Sanket and says he killed him. She says how can you be so devilish, first you killed Ravi and then Sanket. Mr. Chawla asks her to go to room and asks Rukmini to take her. Priya says she will not go anywhere. Rukmini takes her. Mr. Chawla says we need to talk to you. Vikrant says I don’t want to talk to you and please don’t interfere in my matter.

Photographer asks Dr. Malhotra to call Savitri. Jaya brings Savitri. She thinks how to go to store room. Savitri asks Gayatri to help her pose with him. Gayatri hesitantly agrees. Photographer asks can we shoot with your both wives. Savitri signs Jaya to go to storeroom. Savitri, Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra pose for pics. Vaidehi comes and thinks where is Jaya?

Veer brings Sanchi to her hostel room and asks her to rest. Sanchi holds his shoulder. Veer asks her to sleep as party is over. Sanchi says she don’t want to sleep and tells that she loves him a lot and he always gets angry on her like a child. She smiles and says you talks sweetly, I want to hear you all day, when you said bad about my character, I want to break your face at that time. She asks him not to be angry being cute and gets sleep. Veer looks at her. Dr. Kabir wakes up at his house and asks how come I am here? Kusum says Veer dropped you here and shows the shopping stuff which she brought for Sanchi. Dr. Kabir asks what? Kusum says she has started wedding shopping and asks if he will take a year to marry.

Veer kisses on Sanchi’s forehead and says I did wrong, but not anymore. From now on, no gussa, no gadbad, only cute talks which you like. I will not give you a chance to complain. He covers her with blanket and looks on.

Sanchi refuses to forgive Veer and asks him not to make cute face. Veer keeps his hand on the candle. Sanchi sees in the door glass and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today episode was superb, I loved sanchi and veer scenes
    Sooooo cute sanveer ??

  2. Shabnam

    wow after long time sanveer scene sooooooooooooooo cute I love it ??????????????????? precap is intersting

  3. ufff boring one
    i think this week sanveer is more
    hope ki mishra truth come out and veer lashes out her and kabir comes as saviour

    1. Why should there be a problem as even savitsavitri is on jaya side .. sanchi can explain clearly to veer before any body tells him

  4. I love today’s episode , Iam a fan of SANVEER and today their scenes were fantastic . SanVeer is cute today. Please make sure that they marry . Sanchi is always happy with Veer, after knowing Sanchi’s truth also if he comes to know that his father is bad then he supports Sanchi and he always supports Sanchi and if Sanchi becomes Veer’s wife everything Will be alright.

  5. Today I did not watch the serial….just read the update….if kanchi romantic track starts then only I will start watching the show

  6. Loved the episode ❤❤❤

  7. If the pair is not kanchi….GO TO HELL SDCH

  8. I have mo reason to watch this show anymore.

  9. Sajnana900

    I m totally agree with Tulsi and AmandaS
    If not kanchi then go to hell sdcah (line of tulsi)
    There is no hope for kanchi anymore and i cant see kabir this much broken
    They are only giving hope to kabir that sanchi is his only and when he come to know all this
    Then dont know how ll he bear it
    I cant see him like this and the show is going worse day by day
    So i m also quiting this show

  10. lovishsanskruti

    Boring bakwas epi

  11. I am a sanveer fan.and today episode is superb.i luv u veer Sanchi????

  12. lovishsanskruti

    None reason to watch this crap show any more for me.. Cvs plzz make sanveer pair nd married them nd end this faltu show sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon… Bhaad me jaye sdch.. And plzz don’t show anymore lollipop scene to us kanchi fans we fed up with ur sayanpatti…. Set ur mind with a fix pair atleast now its high time u have to decide ur lead pair or what u really want to do as swardha said in her interview atlast no one pair in the show.. R u planning to do that.. Infact after reading today’s episode i thought kill veer kabir and sanchi nd made vikrant jaya savitri gayatri nd all chawla nd malhotra family member to be lead nd enjoy ur saas bahu melodrama nd stop shown hospital scene.. Bcoz the trio scene i don’t think more than 5 min.. I M just guessing.. Well who one interested to waste his/her precious time to show this boggy lovv triangle..ooopss mad angle..
    After so many times m commnting here and even last too.. Bye kanchians and TU writter m ur silent reader all of u r great fab writter far better than the makers.. Sorry for not commnting on ur ff.. But i read all of them..bye tc

    1. I totally agree with u…if it is not kanchi I will also stop watching the show…if there is no couple I guess even sanveer fans will stop watching show….HIGH TIME DECIDE LEAD PAIR…..IF LEAD PAIR IS NOT KANCHI…..GO TO HELL SDCH

  13. Yaar maine bhi aaj serial nahi dekha jab take kanchi ke scene hogey tab tak sirf pray karongi ki serial wala kanchi ko pair bana de I am huge fan of kanchi

  14. I guess this week I am not going to watch the serial bcoz there will be more sanveer scenes…..if the pair is sanveer then I m nver going to watch agin….if pair is not kanchi even I want to copy tulsi dialogue GO TO HELL SDCH

  15. Until 2day I thought I m addicted to this serial…..I am loyal viewer & bigggggg kanchi fan….in past I commented so many times to make kanchi as lead pair….but 2day I realized that it is just waste of time to watch the show in hope of kanchi….so from now onwards I will stop watching the show….1 thing is sure I can’t see sanveer scenes…. For me it is time to move on…..if same continues sooner or later all kanchi fans will do the same thing….if that happens I m sure the show will go off air within month

  16. Priyanshipp

    I got to know that sanveer is going to paired nd that’s final so I also say go to hell sdch. No kaanchi no sdch. Why don’t makers understand that due to more kaam scenes last week the trp got increased. But now if sanveer is final then u r on the way to hell. Bye bye sdch. Today was the last day i watched sdch. Now will read only tu update nd if there will be any kaanchi scene then only will watch that particular episode. ????????????

  17. Awwwww Sanveer scenes looked so cute ??????

  18. If lead pair is not kanchi…..BYE…..GO TO HELL SDCH

  19. Sanveer scene watched after so many weeks last part was really nice ,really love their music track and veer’s love for sanchi

  20. Really love the sanveer scenes a lot

  21. But pata nahi when veer comes to know about sanchi mishra truth then again mu and seperation between sanveer
    ? ? ? ?

  22. this week sanveer scenes will more so dekhthe hian ki trp kya hoga
    all kanchi fans definitely not watching this week including me
    as all said….GO TO HELL SDCH

    1. Hi swetha definitely I am not going to watch this week as I am a kanchi fan

  23. Yesterday episode was outstanding because of sanveer
    What a cute jodi , I was enjoying alot best episode

  24. Yesterday episode was outstanding because of sanveer
    What a cute jodi , I was enjoying alot best episode

  25. I loved Sanveer sences

  26. I am kanchi fan…..until the kanchi romantic track begin I will not watch the show….

  27. yaaa yeh show Go to helll helll helll……..If No Kaanchi means No SDCH…..bakwas….

  28. S even for if it is not kanchi… sdch….bye sdch

  29. It’s high time physo vikrant should be exposed before priya or ourself gone mad. Hoping for every one fake identity should be come up. Well serial isnot going well. I m hell shocked how dhaba serve them bhang when I think it is not a shivratri or holi. It’s only serve on that occasion. It’s RS show. Anything happened in serial.

  30. Aafiya

    Same dialogue .go to hell sdch

  31. Finally Sanchi reveal the truth.sanveer couple is united.amazing love scene. I LOVE IT LOTZ

  32. What’s this go to hell dialogue u copy cats if u don’t like the track at least don’t express ur disgusting feelings geezzzzz mad ting

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