Savitri Devi 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi telling Isha and pragya that she is feeling helpless and this is suffocating her from inside. Isha says whatever you have done today needs courage, and you have done right. Pragya says lets go and have icecream. Ashok in the police station tells Inspector that the workers theft at Jaya’s shop. Pushpa says she is innocent. Jaya comes there. Pushpa says I didn’t do anything. Jaya asks Ashok why did you file complaint without asking me. Inspector says so there was no theft. Jaya says someone have done theft and putting blame on these innocent women. Ashok tells her that let them be beaten. Jaya takes back the complaint.

Sankep comes to Dr. Malhotra’s house and tells Security that he wants to meet Priya. Security says Priya don’t meet such persons. Sankep asks

him to inform Priya and says she will come to me. Gayatri comes there and asks guard to kick Salesman out. She says today is a busy day as Chalwas are coming to fix Priya’s alliance. Priya waits for Sankep. Sankep calls her and tells her that Guard and then Gayatri insulted him badly. Priya asks Gayatri why did he insult Sankep. Gayatri says she thought he is a salesman and says he was so middle class. Priya tells Dadi that she don’t want to marry Vikrant. Dadi asks her not to worry.

Sanchi and Isha try to choose which icecream they want to have. Pragya jokes and says don’t know how you diagnose the patients. Chawla family come to Dr. Malhotra’s house. Dadi brings Priya. Gayatri asks them to sit. Mrs. Chawla tells that Priya is beautiful and we like her at one sight. Vikrant stares Priya. Mrs. Chawla gives gift to Priya. Priya refuses. Dr. Anand asks her to take it. Priya thinks they are fake people like Gayatri. Mr. Chawla asks Vikrant and Priya to talk and says we will talk about business.

Veer comes and throws the chair. Sanchi asks how dare you to throw my chair. Veer says your adhaar card etc is not kept here. Sanchi says my bag was kept here. Veer argues. Sanchi asks him to go. Veer says I am tired of pranks and says lets be friends. He says he will give them treat of icecream and praises her for her doing. Pragya asks her to give her a chance. Isha asks her to agree. He orders icecream for them. Priya and Vikrant go to room. He asks what she has done? She says she is preparing for LLM. Vikrant says there is a lawyer in Doctor’s family. He says Maa said that you are good. He says if I could…and touches her hairs. Priya is shocked.

Dr. Anand tells that he needs 910 crores investment for his hospital. Servant brings tea and gives to Vikrant. Vikrant holds her hand and asks what is her problem and says we are going to get married soon. Priya says I will not marry you. Vikrant looks on. Mr. Chawla says 910 crores is a big amount. Dr. Anand says after me, my kids will handle the hospital. Mr. Chawla agrees to invest 910 crores in hospital. Vikrant acts a possessive lover and says only he has the right to touch, feel and love her. Dr. Ashok and Mr. Chawla sign on the contract. Adarsh smiles. Dr. Anand congratulates Mr. Chawla. Veer asks Sanchi to agree. She is still upset. Veer plays prank on her again and puts icecream on her face. She puts it back on his face. Veer says I will not let it waste and eats the icecream, laughs.

Priya calls Veer and calls him home, tells about Dr. Anand fixing her alliance. He says he will come soon. Kabir asks Sanchi to do some work. Gayatri praises Priya’s qualities. Vikrant comes and says he wants to marry Priya today at the earliest. They congratulate each other. Gayatri’s mum asks them to get mahurat for the marriage. Gayatri says she is saying right. Veer comes there. Sanchi is reading the file with red dot. She thinks whoever have this disease must be in extremely depressed state and wonders where is that person. May be Vikrant is that person.

At Dr. Anand’s house, they have sweets. Mr. Chawla asks him to take mahurat and inform them. Chawlas leave. Dr. Anand tells Priya that he is happy to see her happy. Veer says wow, you are a good father and says your daughter isn’t happy with this alliance. Gayatri says Veer….Veer asks her to stay out of it. He asks when you know that she is not happy, then why you are forcing her to marry. Veer asks who will be happy at that house, you or Priya. He says you have sold your daughter for some money. Dr. Anand says this marriage is fixed and will happen surely. Priya is in tears. Veer asks her not to cry. Priya says whatever he wants, he does that.

Jaya tells her workers that she is sure that they are not behind the theft. The workers thank her and go back to work. Ashok tells his mum that Jaya made him feel low and took back the complaint. Jaya says a person becomes big with good deeds. Ashok says they are your relatives. He says theft is done. Jaya says those women are innocent, and says she knows who is the real culprit. She gets the money from Ashok’s almari. Dadi scolds him. Ashok asks what is the proof that this money is stolen one. Jaya tells that kumkum was on those notes and says she kept quiet at the Police station, but will not next time. Ashok threatens to take revenge and goes.

Interior decorator tells Vikrant that room is ready. Vikrant goes inside room and calls his mom and dad. Mrs. Chawla says this is the best room of our house for best son. Designer presents Priya and his wall poster. They get happy. He then spots a defect and asks how dare you to ruin my face and threatens to kill him. He is about to hit him with vase. His parents ask him to leave the designer. Vikrant leaves him, and burns the poster. Mr. Chawla asks what you have done? Vikrant says he don’t like mistakes.

Sanchi prays to God and thanks him for the admission. Pragya says we are hearing. Isha asks her to move on and concentrate on her Internship. Sanchi smiles. Isha says lets go to class. Sanchi gets a message and gets shocked. Pragya asks what happened? Sanchi says someone messaged that he knows my truth.

A villager gets angry on Veer for trying to see his wife’s face. Veer says he was trying to check her for treatment. Later Sanchi talks to the woman blackmailer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. VINAL

    H Hasan thakns for posting updates so fast

  2. I’m first to comment…. Today Veer part was just awesome????????? the way he is licking ice cream… ???? so yummy… Last one was emotional feeling bad for priya…

  3. Superb episode…veer and sachi scenes are superb…waiting for tomorrow episode…

  4. who will be the blackmailer??? Guys any guess
    Poor priya it’s about her life she is right to choose whom she want.
    Dr malhotra is very rude don’t care about his own children only money money

    1. VINAL

      Might be sachis bua is messaging her

  5. Who do you think that depressed person is?

  6. Dr veer - fan

    I didn’t watch the Episode yet? but reading the updates make me feel exited to watch ?
    Thanks again for the fast update ?
    Waiting for next episode ?

  7. Vk acting is too gud
    Watch this serial only becoz of him
    Eagerly waiting for next episode

  8. hey guys dont you think it has somewhat the concept of Dil Mil Gaye
    doctors pranks and etc

  9. Best part of episode was sanveer…hope we get to see a lot more scenes btw them

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