Savitri Devi 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adarsh seeing Jaya’s face and gets shocked. He asks driver to follow her, but driver says that car is stuck in traffic jam. Adarsh gets down the car and tries to follow Jaya. He runs on the road, but Jaya sits in auto and leaves. Meanwhile his driver brings car there, Adarsh sits in car and asks driver to follow the auto fast. Dr. Sanchi and coming with her friends. They see a woman begging infront of Dr. Kabir and asks him to save her son. Kabir tells Nurse that they have to make arrangements for blood and says without blood they can’t operate and without operation, the boy can’t survive. They tell that blood bank will take 8 hours to deliver blood here. Dr. Kabir says he wants blood in 4 hours else boy will die. Dr. Sanchi tells that this can’t happen. Driver makes

accident with Adarsh’s car. Adarsh offers to give money, but the accident victim’s relative get angry. Driver asks him to come later seeing the angry crowd.

Dr. Anand asks Priya where did you go today? He shouts and asks you went to meet whom at the coffee house? Priya says I was about to tell you. Dr. Anand asks when? After ruining my respect and asks how dare you to love a low class man and says how did you forget that I am Dr. Anand Malhotra. Priya says I accept that he is a middle class person, but he belongs to nice family and is a lawyer by profession. He says he has fixed her alliance with Dr. Vikrant Chawla and that’s final. Dadi says if Savitri would have been alive, this wouldn’t have happen. Dr. Anand says but she is not here. Priya cries. Gayatri smiles.

Dr. Adarsh tries to enquire about Jaya Mishra. Just then he sees Jaya talking to a lady. He hides and follows Jaya. Jaya stops and frees her dupatta and starts walking. She bargains for Papaya and sees Dr. Adarsh following her. She runs and mixes in the crowd. Adarsh asks a boy about Jaya. Boy takes him to some other woman and says she is Jaya aunty in our locality. Adarsh is shocked. Jaya recalls asking boy to lie to Adarsh.

Nurse informs Dr. Kabir about may donors came to donate blood. Dr. Kabir asks Nurse to start the operation. Pragya says from where did blood come from? Isha says Sanchi posted the need of blood on her social networking site. Pragya says she has posted it from her id and says they shall search her and get that request deleted. Dr. Anand asks Nurse D’ Souza what is happening here. Nurse tells him that they need a rare blood group and some girl have put the request on her social networking site, and many donors came here. She says when I asked, I came to know that Sanchi Mishra has posted the request. Pragya and Isha come to Sanchi and asks what you have done? Sanchi says she has done wonder and got many donors. Pragya asks if she thinks of them as fool and tells that for hospital, she is Sanchi Agarwal and not Sanchi Mishra. She asks Sanchi to delete the request. Meanwhile Adarsh checks on the site, but couldn’t find it. Dr. Anand thinks she has played smartly.

Priya asks Gayatri why she is playing with her life. Gayatri says I am your mum and wants best for you. Priya says I will marry the person I loves. Chachi comes and asks Gayatri to handle Dr. Anand as he is troubled by past. Gayatri thinks what is the new trouble and thinks she will see it later.

Sanchi checks the boy patient. His father asks if he will be fine. Dr. Sanchi says he will be fine and promises him. Receptionist asks her to come. Sanchi comes to Dr. Kabir and asks if the boy will be happy. Dr. Kabir says he is having rare cancer and he has just 1 month. Sanchi says I promised to his family that he will be fine. Dr. Kabir scolds her and says there shall be no emotional connect between a patient and a doctor and asks her to tell them that their son is going to die. Veer comes and tells Dr. Sanchi that Kabir and Dr. Malhotra have no emotions and says he will explain to boy family using prank. Sanchi says please, and says it is about someone’s death. She says you can’t understand of losing someone. Veer thinks who can know better than him. Adarsh is in CCTV room looking for jaya in the footage. Peon drops tea on him. Adarsh tries to clean it and misses seeing the part in which Jaya is there.

Priya calls her boyfriend Sameer and asks him to come and meet her Papa. He agrees. Gayatri’s mum hears her and thinks she is planning to convince her Papa, but her plan will fail. Pragya, Isha and Sanchi are having food in the college canteen. Pragya asks why she is becoming gol gappa. Sanchi gets Jaya’s call and she asks what happened. Sanchi tells that she can’t become reason of anyone’s sorrow and says Dr. Kabir asked her to tell the patient’s parents that he is going to die. She cries. Jaya says you are just a doctor and not God. She asks her to go and tell Boy’s family about his condition and asks her not to lose strength. Isha tells that they will handle Sanchi. Isha and Pragya give her strength.

Gayatri’s mum tells her that Priya called her boyfriend today. Jaya comes to her chakli shop and comes to know that Police took the employees for interrogation because of theft last night. Jaya asks who filed the complaint and says Ashok. Sanchi informs the Patient’s family about his illness and tells that there is less time for him. His parents cry. Sanchi says we will try our best to treat him. Dr. Anand asks Adarsh to give footage to him and asks him to find out about the request on the site, and says he don’t care about ethics. Priya calls Dr. Anand and asks him to come home early. He says okay. Gayatri call him and tells that she has called Dr. Vikrant family home and asks him to come home early and says may be Priya agreed for marriage. He says ok. Veer tries to pacify Sanchi with his words and tells that they are doctors and try to save the patient and do whatever is in their hands. He then tells that their fight is still on.

A patient gets angry on Dr. Veer for playing prank on his wife. Veer says I was just joking. Man pushes him on ground. Later someone sends message to Sanchi blackmailing that they know her secret. Sanchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dr veer - fan

    Thank you for the fast updated ?, the episode was great am curious to know veer secret pain beside his smile there is pani …?
    Waiting for next episode waiting to see Dr veer prank? .

  2. Today episode is mind blowing… Pragya is very smart…and thoda feeling abt veer….precap is super…i think blackmailer is sachi buamaa…i guess…

    1. yaa pragya it’s vry smart nd bahut cute bhi

  3. Thnq u for the fast update
    Dr sanchi is a kind hearted
    I like bonding btwn isha ,pragya and sanchi….
    And Dr veer he is hiding his pain
    I don’t understand the nature of Dr kabir
    I love the show this is not like other Indian serial
    Waiting for next episode

  4. I wish they would show more hospital scenes btw sanchi,pragya,esha,veer and kabir than the jaya -malhotra ones…the best part of today’s episode was the sanchi-veer scene…eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. ..

  5. Superb episode

  6. Very nice episode
    Waiting for next episode

  7. its a good soap opera as we have already seen the series in english.but i hope you would have changed some parts of the serial into the thadaka of india.the character of veer is lovely but a bit more sense in his pranks would be good.wahi toh mein soch rahi ti ke apko 1 hour dekhana ke liya kya hain is show mein.lakin agar ap 8 season ka series thoda copy kar raha hai tho tek hain.but i love <3 this show it is awesome.and i am happy that it is not draggging.
    awesom. 🙂

  8. Aanchal

    I just love this serial as I also want to become a doctor

  9. I just love this series Varun is crazy and handsome I like him and Dr Kabir I know he is strict but he his hottest boy I have seen . I like him too he is very cute.

  10. Love it but I don’t like that man pushed my vk ???? bad man… But in episode I saw only vk’s part????

  11. I only love in this serial the prank of Dr veer with saanchi and call her like miss gol gappa

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