Savitri Devi 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri plans to spoil Sanchi and Veer’s wedding night

Savitri Devi 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya asking Inspector how they can free Gayatri? Savitri comes there and asks why she is so desperate to get her arrested. Jaya says Gayatri has confessed to her crime. Savitri says I am alive and fine and says she has taken back the case. Jaya tells Savitri that she don’t know what to do, and feels pity. Savitri says your daughter managed to snatch my son, but she will never become my bahu. Jaya says your son have broken Sanchi and Dr. Kabir’s marriage and got married to her. Jaya says you have ruined my life. Dr. Kabir comes home and sits. Kusum says she will bring something for him to eat. Dr. Kabir sees his marriage invitation card and breaks table mirror angrily.

Veer and Sanchi are sitting out, he tells Sanchi that he is thinking to buy nearby plot and will make

their dream home. He finds her already sleeping and takes paper and rotates it. He wishes Savitri agrees and hugs her then everything will be perfect and complete. He also sleeps sitting there. Jaya comes home. Sunny asks where is Sanchi di? Jaya takes off Sanchi’s photo frames and tells Sunny not to take her name.

Dr. Malhotra comes home with Gayatri and Savitri. Gayatri acts again and thanks Savitri from taking back the case, else Jaya and Sanchi would have ruined my life. Sanchi says you are right and asks her not to worry, says nothing will happen to you. They see Veer and Sanchi sitting outside. Veer also sees them and stands up. Savitri asks Veer to change his decision and says you are habitual to live luxurious life. Dr. Malhotra says I am sure he will come here. Veer says until Maa accepts them, they will not enter. He says Sanchi is with me and I can face any trouble. Sanchi tells Veer that don’t know what to do now, as Gayatri is out. Isha, Pragya and other friends come there and asks showers flower on them. They make their moment special and give them feeling of riding car on outing, having dinner in restaurant etc.

Isha tells Sanchi that today is your first night. Pragya says I have made all arrangements and asks her to give all details. Veer’s friend asks him to show who is boss. Veer says we will give respect to each other. Sanchi says yes, but we will keep fighting all life to skip boredom. Pragya says from where did you get such dialogues. Veer says when anyone is in love then such words come automatically. He says we have become complete. Isha, pragya and Veer’s friends go from there. Sanchi and Veer go to the curtain bedroom. Sanchi hugs him. Gayatri asks Savitri to call them inside and says they are kids. Savitri says they have done crime and not a mistake. She goes. Gayatri says I want to ruin their wedding night. Veer apologizes to Sanchi for spending their first night in tent. Sanchi says you have made all my dreams come true. He takes off her nose pin. Gayatri comes there holding fire wood in her hand and is about to burn the tent.

Veer gets romantic seeing Sanchi in saree. Gayatri asks Sanchi to do first rasoi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Anu88

    For one time no one think about kabir…….. specially sanchi mata ………she is happy with veer ak bar ke liye vi kabir ke bare me nahi socha………..pragya or isha vi nahi………Kabir ne itna kuch kya unlogo ke liye they forget that…….sayad iss liye bolta hae valai ka kohi jamana nahi………so enjoy sanveer fan……..

  2. Anu don’t feel bad yaar
    uss great sanchi matha se bachgayi kabir I wish Kabir ke liye koi achi ladki aa jaaye bus
    Aur pragya aur Isha ko bhi prefer nahi karthi hoon mein
    Sanchi ki dono chamchiya hai hamesha veer aur sanchi ki patch up karvatha hai doctor wali kaam kam aur jyada ye kaam karthi hai
    Saas bahu drama njoy Karo……………..

  3. Priyanshipp

    I left watching n reading updates too but 2day it urged to read me for kabir… I wish kabir turns negative n after that vs quits the show n comeback with another new project. This show never valued him. And let the show go to hell with their sanommy. I have no problem as this had to happen. 1 thing is clear that RSTF shows again repeated it’s history of swapping. I had thought 8 months back only that if kaanchi won’t happen then this will be my last RSTF show till vs is in it. So in future before watching any show I will make sure that it isn’t RSTF show. Now I’m not feeling bad bcoz in show psycho Sanchi doesn’t deserve kabir. In our fanfictions only kaanchi deserve each other. N I’m happy that atleast we got a fairwell dance from our kaanchi without any haddi. That was the best moment for me. Let the viewers enjoy saas bahu drama in name of so called medical drama. ?????

    1. Priyanshipp

      N if someone finds offensive in my comment then I’m sorry not at all. Bcoz it’s my view n my thinking n I know nobody is asking me but it’s my wish to express here so need to come n give explanations to me .

    2. Anu88

      You are right dear……. whenever I like any pair of rs mam serial …….in this serial she definitely separated them…..1st swalak and now kanchi……I am also don’t see any rstf serial because they every time broke my heart……ak bar heart broken ko tolerate hota hae bar bar nahi……. that’s reason I am feeling so much bad for kanchi…….

    3. Anu88

      Ak bar jo pair dil me baas jata hae uss pair me kohi ak ko kisi or ke sath dekhna kita dard hota hae……we don’t express that feelings………

  4. So finally SAAS bahu drama started..per sach mein Yaar noone thought about Kabir..I mean Saanchi ko toh yeh log ITNa mahan dikhate Woh sabki parwah Karti Hain and all..toh Kabir k mamle mein keya…sach mein Woh mahan Hain..Aapne MAA tak ko Chor Diya..aur iss BAAT Ka jyada aafsos BHI Nahi….

  5. Muje lag tha hai kabir ko show chodega chaiya kui ki show ka trp kaanchi ki sabase thi ab trp kam hojaye tha b kaanchi fans ko koneki baat samjaye he sab log show ka trp kaam matlab show katam. Ya phir kabir sanchi ko pane kaliya kuch b kare that would b better

  6. I really felt bad today for kabir. In this show they have completely changed the meaning of true love. True love means care worrry sacrifice and above all happiness of the person whom you love. We all kanchi fans love this pair not just bcoz of their mindblowing chemestry but also all the qualities which defines true love are only visible in kabir’s love for sanchi. I wonder how they paired sanveer when many actors of the ph themselves don’t like sanveer chemestry ( if u all have seen akansha sareen, neha and sharan’s live chat videw all of them said they like kabir sanchi together as they love their chemestry). Anyways there is no use crying on anything and its just show. Soooo i can’t tolerate this saas bhu drama. Goodbye sdch forever.

  7. Anu88

    You are right yaar……..I am also don’t tolerate sanveer chessy romance……..when we see sanveer together unwillingly tears came out from our eyes yaar…….I don’t know I would i control my tears…….this is for 1st i feel so so much heartbroken for any serial characters…….I don’t know why I behave like that……..if rs mam hears us for one time…….

  8. Nobody is thinking about kabir. How can sanchi be so heartless ?. Forget about kabir she is not even thinking about her mother. I can’t believe she went against her mother and married veer. By marrying veer, she has hurt jaya, kabir, kusum, savitri and she has entered that malhotra family who has murdered her father. Now I really wish kabir becomes negative and ruins the malhotra family in such a way that sanveer come on street. I really don’t want him to cry for saanchi. I just want him to destroy her and malhotra family. Then vikram should leave the show!

  9. Rs made a medical show a saas bahu drama as saath nibhaana saathiya as she can’t think anything beyond that. So predictable storyline nothing new.

  10. Pls stop ur bad comments about sanchi,
    Sanchi is correct, she love veer .
    Kabir is bad , because he knows sanchi is love veer only , then why he is love to sanchi. It’s not good ..pls don’t give any bad comments about sanchi

    1. Everyone has their right to express their views and opinions. If u don’t like, then kindly skip it. Please act with some maturity.

    2. Yeah you are right Kabir is bad kyuki usne usss psycho sanchi se pyaar kia.Sanchi bhi sahi hi hai kyuki usne sachcha pyaar kii..par yahan pe galti toh Savitri aur Jaya ka hai jinhone Veer aur Sanchi jese bachche paide kiyein…agar sajaa milna hi chaiye toh savitri aur jaya ko milna chaiye taaki future mein aur koi apne bachchon ko sanveer ki tarah banane se pehle 1000 baar soche..

  11. Normal person

    actually a selfish,psycho,characterless girl like sanchi does not deserve Dr.Kabir.

  12. @ Geeta hello everyone has right to express his or her view you can not stop anyone. I can also ask you on what basis u r calling kabir a bad character he has done nothing wrong . Usane do sanchi ki khishi k liye veer ko usaka pyaar bheekh me de diya usake upar sanchi mata ko phenk k . Aur veer ne aur sanchi dono me se kisi ka love selfless nahi hai. Dono selfish hain tabhi to apni khushi k liye sabko hurt karke shaadi kar li. Even i used to like veer’s character initially but now he has just been shown as a selfish and completely obsessed with sanchi. Tumhe sanveer pasand hai to khushi manao. Kar li na kabir burai to dusaro ka bhi haq hai apana opinion dena. Ok

    1. Guys kabir to show chodiya

  13. No dear he is shooting . I have seen his pic with sanchi mata on sdch insta today. But whatever i m not interested in this show anymore not for anyone.thats why i have already left watching this melodrama.

    1. Exactly even I saw a pic may be it’s was his last shoot after ai have nt seen seene anything

  14. I donn’t think he left the show. If he has left then its good for him and his fans. Now nothing left for him in the show. Either he will become negative or devdas. I think pragya and isha should also leave the show as goal of their life sanveer is achieved by them. Now they have only to play the role of lifetime chamchis of sanveer. The new montage of the show also shows this only. The show has completely lost its charm and has forgot its tagline of “kirdaar anek par nabz sirf ek”. Now its going to be only malhotra mishra drama. Others are there to act as showpiece. Total waste fo talents of actors like neha,akansha,vikram and sharan.

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