Savitri Devi 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir fixes marriage date, but Sanchi refuses to marry him

Savitri Devi 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer closing the gate and locking as Sanchi leaves. He cries and sits down there. Sanchi also sits there after ruining her life with her own hands. Sanchi goes to Dr. Kabir’s house and rings the bell. She knocks on the door. Dr. Kabir opens the door and says Sanchi….you? Sanchi shows her divorce papers. She says this is your gift, this is what you wanted. She says finally you got successful in your dirty plan, you have separated Veer and me. I have broken relation with Veer and congratulates him for his victory. She cries and sits there.

Veer picks the beads of the mangalsutra. Priya asks Veer to come to room. Savitri asks him not to punish himself and asks him to get up. Veer gets up and goes to his room. He is still in shock. Priya asks Savitri to let him be

alone for sometime. Savitri cries.

Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to sit and says I will give you all the happiness which you deserves and will keep you happy. Sanchi thinks of Dr. Kabir blackmailing her and throws the glass and tells him that she never cared for him and will always love Veer and be connected with him always emotionally. Veer picks the beads and cries thinking about her. Sanchi also thinks of him and cries. Song plays…Kabir gets angry and upset.

Sanchi faints and falls down. Dr. Kabir takes her inside and thinks his love will force her to forget Veer. In the morning, Dr. Kabir comes to Sanchi and gives her coffee, says he brought the coffee, same way as she likes. Sanchi is about to go. Dr. Kabir says you can stay here as you are divorced now. Sanchi says I don’t want to stay here. Dr. Kabir holds her hand and says I will not let you as you have to stay with me. He says everyone hates you. And tells that his third condition is still remaining. He asks her to be a good girl and finish the coffee.

Savitri tries to pacify Veer and asks him to come out. Veer says no. She asks him to make halwa which she made for him. He refuses to eat anything and asks her to go.

Pandit fixes marriage date after 3 days. Sanchi hears and gets shocked. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to come. Kusum says it is good that you returned to Kabir’s life, once you both marry then I will be relieved. Dr. Kabir tells her that they have a marriage after 3 days. Sanchi asks are you mad to think that I will marry you and says she will not marry him. She asks Pandit to go. Dr. Kabir stops Pandit and takes Sanchi inside. Savitri asks Servant to take out Sanchi’s stuff out of house. Later Veer opens the cupboard and thinks where is Sanchi’s stuff. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi what are you saying? Sanchi says I told you that I will always love Veer and will be connected to him. She tells that he can’t force her to marry and she is emotionally connected to Veer and belongs to just him.

Dr. Kabir asks Pandit ji to come after 3 days and says either some one will die or marriage will happen. Sanchi elopes from his house. Kusum informs Kabir that Sanchi is missing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I love to see sanchi crying
    I’ll tell next part of show veer will come to kabir house and again hell marry sanchi I. Front of kabir

  2. Thanks for the update dear but I am requesting plzz update ke beech mein apna pov mat do. You daily do this and its irritating. Aaj Sanchi ka diya, kl bhi diya tha aur parso you said about kabir that blackmailer is blackmailed. Its confusing. You can write anything in end as note.

  3. I want this time Kabir to leave sanchi saying the selfish girl like you don’t deserve my love. Now you and your husband can feel how I felt that day when you broke marriage with me to get married to veer.
    Anyways I know CVS won’t show anything like this before they don’t bother abt Kabir fans in the end day will again show sanchi mahan giving long lecture to Kabir.

  4. Anu88

    This time also kanchi fan ko heartbroken hona pare ga………….. please sdch jaldi se offline ho jau…………..

  5. It’s a request from all kanchi fans those who r on Twitter and Instagram u all should send a msg to makers of the show to kill Kabir’s character of they can’t show anything good for his fans. So that we can move on easily. In today’s episode these blo*dy makers showed him as Ravana And that blo*dy b*t*h sanchi as sita and her Tommy husband as ram. I m not on Twitter or Instagram so I request u to send msg to makers they want to show that ghatiya couple as sita ram then good but should stop hurting Kabir fans again and again don’t compare him to ram. Pls kill Kabir we will all tolerate this but can’t tolerate this shit. Fir dikhate rehana apane sita ram kA drama atleast hum hurt to nahi honge.

  6. Anu88

    Me to wish same kill kabir character

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