Savitri Devi 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir telling that Veer has topped in the exam so he will become head intern. Dr. Malhotra comes and says Veer don’t deserve to be head intern and says if we make him head intern then he will make hospital as circus. Dr. Kabir tells him that Veer has worked really hard and we shall give him a chance. Adarsh says let him be naa, he is our son. Dr. Malhotra says this hospital is his child and he can’t give it in wrong hands. Just as he is about to go, Sanchi gets up and tells that Veer is a prankster and don’t take things seriously, but today he has proved that he is a hard working guy. She says if he is given a chance and encouragement then he will do it. She says we all get chance which we deserve, if I am made head intern then Veer shall also. Dr. Malhotra says this

is my hospital and I will decide. Sanchi says he should be fair to everyone and says if we don’t trust us then how can we trust you. All interns tell that management is doing wrong. Dr. Kabir asks him to shut up. All interns tell that they will go on a strike if Veer don’t become head intern. Adarsh asks Dr. Malhotra to agree and says we can handle Veer, but not all interns. Dr. Malhotra agrees and goes. Sanchi smiles.

Priya and Vikrant are in the car. She thinks he is in a good mood and may be trying to change himself. She tells him that the weather is good and she likes long drives Vikrant asks her to give her phone and tries to call his dad, but there is no network. He brings her to their ancestral haveli. Servant greets them and tells that his father is ill. He stares Priya. Vikrant asks him to go. Priya says we should have come here for few days with all the family members. Vikrant says we will stay here for few days.

Veer regrets for not understanding Sanchi, and tells Vinod that the stranger girl helped me a lot and questioned me daily to train me. Vinod have the food. Veer asks him, shall I say her sorry and then thank you. Vinod says yes.

Isha and Pragya teases Sanchi for supporting Veer infront of Dr. Malhotra. Sanchi says I did this as I saw potential in him. He has all the qualities of a good doctor and I tried to take out his qualities out. Veer hears her and thinks Sanchi knows him since few weeks, but understood him and at the other end is Dr. Malhotra for whom he is a useless trash. Praagya asks Sanchi and Isha to come as she is feeling hungry.

At the party, Neeta gives drink to Dr. Malhotra. Vaidehi tells Gayatri that Neeta is talking to Anand. Gayatri says let her be happy. Mr. Manchanda comes. Dr. Malhotra introduces his family and asks where were you? He says I am here only,you didn’t come for club meetings too. Dr. Malhotra says he is stuck in work. He tells him that this year batch is weird and strange. Mr. Manchanda tells him that he had his student in the hospital, and says she is Sanchi Mishra, very hardworking girl. Dr. Malhotra is shocked and says they have strike off her name. Dr. Manchanda tells that he had seen her outside his hospital. Dr. Malhotra invites him to his hospital.

Sanchi calls jaya and tells her that she didn’t top in the exam this time. She looks for Veer. Isha and Pragya teases her. She gets shy and goes. Khushboo gives Sunny’s watch to her dad and takes 2000 Rs. Her dad asks her to steal more stuff. She says very soon she will get jewellery etc.

Priya is enjoying the rain watching and feeling it. Vikrant calls her. Priya says we would have come with all family, it is so perfect here. Vikrant asks her to open the gift. She finds stick inside. Vikrant asks I want to know that my wife loves me or Sanket. Priya thinks how does he know about him. She says Sanket was her past and he is her present, and says I am married to you. Vikrant says I want to know where did he touch you. Priya says I can’t tell you. Vikrant asks her to get ready to bear the punishment and asks her to get drenched in rain. He makes her stand in rain. Sanchi comes out of hospital. She hears the footsteps and says you both came again to tease me. She turns and sees Veer. She says sorry and says I thought Isha and Pragya are here. Veer holds her hand. Rain starts.

Sanchi asks him to come inside. Veer apologizes to her for his all misbehaviors and pranks. He holds his ears, bends down infront of her and says sorry. Sanchi says it’s ok. She says lets go inside. Veer holds her hands and pulls her towards him. They have an eye lock….Mausam sirpira ka plays……..He asks why did you do this for me Sanchi. Sanchi says you have saved me from goons, and helped me also. Veer asks her to tell truth and asks why did you help me so much. She doesn’t reply and goes.

Servant sees Priya getting drenched in rain and brings umbrella. Vikrant scolds him and asks him to go. Priya asks Vikrant why can’t he stay happily with her. Vikrant asks her to tell everything. Priya begins telling about Sanket. Vikrant says he couldn’t listen anymore and goes. Later, Priya checks her phone and gets Veer’s messages. She replies to him. Veer thinks she is happy. Priya sees Vikrant coming and deletes all messages. She pretends to be sleeping. He checks her phone and says very smart.

Sanchi comes to the washroom and sees it empty. She gets Veer’s message pasted on the wall that 7 to 7:15 is only her time. Sanchi smiles and goes to bathroom. Flower petals falls on her. She smiles.

Dr. Kabir asks Veer if he has chosen his assistant. Veer says Sanchi. Dr. Kabir says ok and goes. Veer assigns duties to all interns. Everyone think that Veer will take revenge now from Sanchi and that’s why he made her assistant. Veer asks Sanchi to call him BEE (Before everyone else), be with him all day, will have breakfast, lunch and dinner with him, and says you will meet me alone after work for study.

Dr. Malhotra thinks if Manchanda is sure then Sanchi would have been here. Manchanda comes to hospital and is about to see Sanchi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. yaeee sanveer I love their chemistry super pls sanveer

    1. Sanveer nice pair

  2. Sanveer pair is nice

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    veer looks good with either pragaya or ish

  4. Sanveer is the best pair.sanbeer Mai Kabeer Mach nahi karata hai.i wish ki director sanveer ki hi pair banaye. Har serial ki tarah last Mai Badal na de. Agar Aisa hua to boring ho jayega.aur koi phark nahi rahega. I am big fan sanveer. Kabeer par Riya hi achi lagti hai.

    1. Yes kushboo u r right

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      Kabir will suit Isha

  5. I mean har serial Ki tarah sanveer ko last Mai badal na de

  6. I also want sanveer.and not kaanchi

  7. Pleaaseeeeeeee waaanttt Sanveer pair they make the best match now they must be best friends and never fight with eachother

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