Savitri Devi 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri And Ayesha conspire big against Sanchi

Savitri Devi 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Isha and sanchi taking unconscious Ayesha to lift. Ria sees her and calls Gayatri. Gayatri asks her to keep eye on them. Sanchi gives injection to Ayesha and thinks she will tell only truth. Ria sees Dr. Kabir and pretends to talk to someone and says she saw Sanchi taking Ayesha on wheel chair and says don’t know what she will do with her. Sanchi asks Ayesha if she is a doctor. Ayesha says no. She asks why did she come there. Ayesha says to separate Veer and you. Sanchi asks who hired you. Ayesha is about to tell her, just then Isha sees Dr. Kabir coming and tells Sanchi. Dr. Kabir comes there and sees Isha and Sanchi there. He asks you both are alone here. Sanchi says we were not alone. Isha says we came to discuss about case. They hear someone shouting and go there.

Ria comes back and takes unconscious Ayesha on wheelchair. Patient complains to Sanchi that his son’s appendix operation bill is 2 lakhs rs. Sanchi says it is printing mistake and gets the bill corrected. Sanchi and Isha come back to ward and sees Ayesha missing. They understand someone took Ayesha from there and is helping her.

Later Ayesha stops Sanchi and asks how dare you to kidnapped me and giving me medicine. Sanchi says I can do anything to save veer and says now I know the truth, that guy was your boyfriend. Ayesha says you will tell whom and says whatever you have done is illegal and you will be just Sanchi, from Dr. Sanchi. She says you don’t have Veer, on whose shoulder you will cry. Sanchi says Veer will never like such girls. Ayesha shows her intimate pictures with Veer. Sanchi thinks what you have done Veer. She says it is easy to have physical relations, but difficult to connect emotionally, and says you will never get any guy’s love. I feel pity on such girls and says you can get many men, but can’t get any man’s love. Ayesha says you have hurt my ego, I will make your Veer as mine and will separate from you, just wait and watch. Gayatri asks Ayesha how she can be so careless and says Sanchi knows your truth now.

Ayesha says I can handle her, and says she did illegal thing with me and she will never accept doing it. Gayatri asks her to do just as she says and asks her to win Veer’s trust. She says if this happens, then he will trust you more. Sanchi checks the video which she recorded and thinks to tell Dr. Kabir. She collides with Veer and her phone falls down. He checks and asks why she has done illegal thing. It turns to be her imagination, as Veer asks her to take phone. Sanchi pretends to be angry on him. Veer twists her hand and says I will see what is in it. He is about to check, but couldn’t as her mobile screen is broken. Sanchi thinks she needs proper proof and evidence to expose Ayesha.

Dr. Kabir comes and checks a patient. He says someone gave injection wrongly and that’s why patient is critical. He gives him injection and asks Nurse who gave injection to him. Nurse says Dr. Ayesha.. Dr. Kabir thinks she is a fake Doctor and goes to tell Sanchi. Sanchi also thinks to Dr. Kabir. They tell each other at the same time that Ayesha is fake Doctor.

Gayatri gets Savitri gains consciousness and tells Veer that she got out of coma because of Ayesha. Veer gets touched by her gesture. Sanchi asks Ayesha to go away from Veer’s life and offers double money. Ayesha says Savitri and Veer, both are on her side now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I like the way the story is going on?….I wish sanchi and kabir get married in the serial???

  2. I like the story and Sanchi to succeed freely her mother from prison?

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