Savitri Devi 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi tells Truth to Dr. Kabir under Bhaang effect

Savitri Devi 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer telling Pragya and Isha that Sanchi Agarwal is enjoying. Isha and Pragya see Sanchi Agarwal reacting hearing her name. Pragya asks him why he is getting affected. Veer’s friends come there and informs him that they saw Sanchi with Dr. Kabir at dhaba. Veer gets angry on them. Pragya thinks he loves her so much. Sanchi tells that he wants to say something. Dr. Kabir says he is hungry and will eat first. He orders food, but seeing waiter forgetting, he orders just lassi. Waiter serves them bhaang lassi mistakenly. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi drink it.

Waiter comes to change bedsheet of Sanchi Agarwal. Veer asks him to get out. Pragya asks if he thinks of himself as raja, maharaja. Veer asks her to go. Pragya says I will not go anywhere. She makes him sit and asks him

to have trust on Sanchi. Veer says do you think she shall be trustable, she acts to love me and is roaming with Dr. Kabir there. Pragya says she went to tell him truth. Veer says it is good technique of hers and says he has understood her type..They turn and see Sanchi Agarwal moving her eyes and fingers. Pragya says she might be cursing you for badmouthing about a girl. Veer says whenever I took Sanchi’s name, she responded and has sympathy with me. Pragya thinks if Sanchi’s truth will come out.

Sanchi and Dr. Kabir gets affected by Bhaang. Sanchi says I am trying to talk to you, but you didn’t hear me, my destiny is bad. Dr. Kabir says your destiny is good and asks her to tell. Sanchi says there is a misunderstanding and tells that she thought Bittu was someone else and when he said that, she thought it was for someone else and the mistake happened. She says I don’t love you, and I never loved you. She says whatever happened was a misunderstanding. Dr. Kabir hears her and laughs. Sanchi also laughs.

Dr. Kabir says what a twist. I love you so much and you don’t love me. He says my love is one sided and I had done so much for you. He says he is a fool. Sanchi says I am big fool than you. She says I would have returned your ring technically. Dr. kabir says you are right and tells that he is feeling pain, as she was her first love and he has seen many dreams. Sanchi says but you are very good and anybody will love you, but I don’t love you. Waiter asks do you want to take anything. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir laughs.

He says she has broken my heart and my stomach is full now. He asks waiter to go and tell everyone that the girl don’t love me. Sanchi manages to get ring off from the finger. She says I can see you from it. Dr. Kabir says even I want to see you. She returns ring to him. Dr. Kabir asks what I will do with this ring. Sanchi says you shall know. Dr. Kabir says I am laughing when my heart broke. Sanchi says I am helpless and laughing. Veer looks at Sanchi Agarwal. Pragya tells him that Sanchi likes him a lot and tells that whatever he did this time, crossed all limits. Veer says you see my mistakes and says she has broken my heart and hanging out with Dr. Kabir. He says come with me to Dhaba and see her reality. He leaves. Pragya and Isha also go with him.

Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that baraat is going from there and they shall dance. They join the baraat and dance. Veer, Pragya and Isha come there and see Sanchi and Dr. Kabir dancing with baraat and laughing. Veer gets furious.

Veer hears Sanchi telling Dr. Kabir that you are good, but I can’t try you as I love Veer. Later Sanchi Agarwal have a movement in her hands.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a episode yaar

  2. Horrible episode….instead of that laughing anything else could have done… was better if I had stopped watching show last week……if the pair is not kanchi then LET SDCH GO OFF AIr SOON….. I can’t see kabir heart broken

  3. Feeling heart broken for 2 mrw promo. just the director is bringing Kabir nd saachi closer nd the next day seperating them. i wish Veer did’nt heared Saachi’s confession. hope misunderstanding happens b/w Saachi nd veer. or may be due to real saachi’s truth distance may increase b/w saveer. and distance b/w Kanchi decrease. hope it happenes.

  4. Happy Diwali and Suvo Deepavali to all such fan????

  5. I just hate hate hate today’s episode……the show is going somewhere….. It would had been better if the show had gone off air before this episode…..poor kabir I felt so sorry for him……the worst show I have ever seen in my life

  6. Kabir and Saanchi was never planned, it’s already seen thought out the whole serial its Saanchi and Veer.

  7. Y the hell they showed hopes of kanchi….I just wish veer has not heard sanchi & the misunderstanding of sanveer increase

  8. i love the precap #love sanveer…

  9. I liked this episode. Waiting for monday. Love u sanveer

  10. I liked the episode .Hope all misunderstandings clear between SanVeer and waiting for Monday’s episode. Love u Sanveer.

  11. Niyaaa

    someone said that kabirknows the truth but with a twist miss it at ur own risk especially kanchi fans nd actually i missed it and thankgod i missed it ummm dekha maine ye risk liya kyunki mountain dew wale hamesha kahte h naam bante h risk se aise risk ho to m her roz risk lun??? arreyy wahhh CVS ki tarah sanchi ki ring bhi apne rang badalti h jai cv har week pairbadalte h wase ring apna size baalti h ab tak nikal nahi rhi thi or ab bhaang piye hi nikal padi lagta h sanchi se jyada asar bhang ka ring pe ho gaya..haha.. agar aisa hi tha to pehle hi usse 2 peg de dete kaam ho jata.. na veer rota na hum or na hi kabir.. ab gaya melodrama karenge kabir ko kuch yaad rahega bhi yaa nahi… nautanki seriels nd dramaebaaz makers

  12. I hate this episode….I want kanchi to be pair

  13. Intresting you #sanveer??

  14. Love sanveer..veer is so cute and Kabir is also very nice.. problem toh sanchi Hai?

  15. loved sanveer..

  16. yaar kabir ke liye sorry feel ho raha hai don’t know yeah serial wala kya kar rahe hai kaash kanchi lead pair hota

  17. I feel sorry for kabir don’t know yeah serial wala kya kar rahe hair kaash kanchi lead pair ho.

  18. I am a silent reader…..but today I can’t stop myself from writing this comment…..I am big kanchi fan….even now I have a hope that the final pair is kanchi……even though I felt bad seeing kabir in yesterday episode I can’t stop thinking abt the creative idea the writer came up with…..kabir was laughing in the heart break( s it is weird but it is my opinion)

    1. Niyaaa

      Hey vandana dear actually mere dimag me bhi yahi aaya per phir sochti hun agar kabir ko sab yaad rahe toh to ye scene achcha h otherwise pta nahi wo kaise handle karta haste haste bechra ro raha h.. Really feel bad for my kabir.. Ye cvs wale bhi sare duniya bhar k faltu ideas inhi k dimag me aate h.. Namoone kahin k

      1. Hi Niya yesterday after seeing kabir laughing I literally felt like crying….I don’t know y I was feeling so bad… the end it is just a serial….after that I thought if they had shown him crying it would have been better……s even I hope let him remember everything or else once again his heart will be broken(even once again I will feel bad)…..I don’t what they will show next…hope pair is kanchi

    2. Hi u r not the only one…..with the twist & turn they r successful atleast in keeping me hooked……one big problem with this serial is it is slow….one imp thing sweetie while watching daily soaps keep ur brain aside

    3. Dhruti

      aaj dekha mene online show kya he ye sab muje itna gussa aa raha he abhi matlab kya he sab??? now onwards i’m not going to watch this nonsense things………per achchha he kabir ko sab pata chal gaya per usko sab yaad ho jo sanchi ne bataya he…………..heartbreak hone per bhi vo has raha tha……….per achchha hua na varna bichare ye pain kese bardash kar pata……………..cvs walo ko dikhta nahi he kitana achchha chemistry he dono ka…………they both were so cute in bhang effect………..or sanchi’s ring vo to kitna jaldi size badalti he wah wah kya baat he!!!!…………………but when they get out of bhang effect how sanchi and kabir react this is a big question now?………yes niyaa mountain dew pine wale ye bada wala risk le sakte he mene bhi aaj liya tha online show dekh kar………………ab to pata hi he ki sanveer hi final he per why i don’t know my gaut feeling says to me that kanchi will be as pair…………….hope for kanchi…………….

      1. Hey dhruti tumne dekh kar risk liya maine bina dekhe aise faltu k ideas inke dimag me aate kaise h.. Well kuch bhi ho per story aage to badhi hope kabir ko sab yaad rahe nd jaldi se agarwal mishra confusion durr ho tab pata chalega kon sanchi ka sath deta h… Nd veer ne sanchi ko itna kuch bola h uske baad bhi agar usne usse maaf kar diya to usse shameless character i don’t think tv industry m koi FL ka hua hoga..

  19. I am a big fan of kanchi….I want them to be together…. Plz rashmi mam don’t show heart breaking scene like yesterday…..kabir is so cute plz don’t hurt him….I watch sdch daily just to see him

  20. Kabir n sanchi pairing iz slaying …. Hope we hear der alliance soon …. If CVS r nt planning 4 pairing of sanchi n kabir , thn thy ought not give any aspirations of sanchi n kabir union … Vry NYC as well as desponding episode …

  21. Sanchi and Kabir a best couple they are so good. Kabir ka heart break hotel hua fekh ke bhut bura lag raha ha bang ke nase me has raha that per vo bhut sad tha. Sanchi and veer ki misunderstanding clear na ho kas veer or sanchi me or increase ho jao . lead pair kanchi ho I wish.

  22. Shabnam

    kuch bhi kaho kannchi fan but un dono ne ek baat to sahi kahi ke dono hi fool he kitni misunderstenig ek ring ki vajah se precap is lovely saanchi said i love veer but scary that saanchi agarwal ko hosh aa gaya hope savitri veer ki galat fehmi door kare jaya and saanchi mishra wali love you sanveer sorry if I hurt kaan chi fan

  23. Even I want to see kanchi as couple

  24. I agree with Niya….after hearing so much from veer if sanchi forgives & accept him then she will be the most shameless, no self respect character….. If the pair is sanveer….I will stop watching the show……I used to watch the serial bcoz of her strong & never quitting character

    1. Dhruti

      i also agree with you sindhu and niya………..if they make sanveer as pair then i stop watching sdch……i watch this show because of imp reason is sanchi’s strong and never quitting character as you mention sindhu

  25. If the pair is sanveer then I will stop watching the show….I don’t know how makers r not seeing the sweet chemistry btn kablr sanchi…..even in the bhang scene they were looking so good & cute

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