Savitri Devi 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and Veer gets married against Jaya’s will

Savitri Devi 20th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi fainting in shock as the bullet goes past her. Dr. Kabir checks her and says she fainted in shock. Ayesha tries to kill her again, but Veer holds her. Pragya brings Police and gets her arrested. She shows the pendrive and says it has proofs. Veer asks Inspector to arrest Gayatri as she is the one who shot Savitri and not Jaya. He says she hired Ayesha then to separate Sanchi and me and then kidnapped Pragya and tried to kill her. Sanchi gets happy and tells Jaya that she knew that she will prove innocent. Veer asks why did you agree for Dr. Kabir and Sanchi’s wedding. Jaya says as he is right for her and says you were not suitable for her and gave her pain always. She asks Sanchi to marry Dr. Kabir. Veer says Sanchi can’t be happy with Dr. Kabir and asks Jaya not to

do this.

Veer tells Sanchi that he will not force her, and says I always make you cry and let you down. He says he is not perfect like her, but will try to become. Pandit ji asks them to take rounds. Veer promises that he will shield her and will face all troubles, as Dr. Kabir and Sanchi are taking rounds. Pandit ji says second round. Sanchi stops and looks at Veer. Dr. Kabir holds her hand and starts taking round. Veer gives promises in their marriage and tells that he will work hard to fulfill her dreams. Pandit ji says third round. Veer promises that he loves and will love her till his last breath. Pandit ji asks Sanchi to come forward from 4th round. Sanchi looks at Jaya and steps ahead. Veer turns to go. Pandit ji asks Sanchi to take round. Jaya asks Sanchi to step ahead and asks Dr. Kabir to help Sanchi complete the rounds.

Dr. Kabir looks at Sanchi and sees tears in her eyes. He gets upset and pushes Sanchi towards Veer. Veer holds Sanchi. Sanchi is shocked. Dr. Kabir tries to walk out. Jaya tries to stop him, but Dr. Kabir tells that if Sanchi marries him then she will be Veer’s incomplete love and not my wife, asks Jaya to leave her stubbornness. He leaves. Jaya asks Veer if he got happiness now and says she will not let her Sanchi marry him. She says my Sanchi will not become your husband. Sanchi holds Veer’s hand. Jaya says if you step ahead then consequences will be bad. Sanchi says Veer is innocent and have saved three lives. She says she loves him and will be happy with him. Jaya says it is a nonsense.

Veer says I will give all happiness of the world to her. Dr. Malhotra tries to stop Veer, but Veer signs at him asking him not to stop him. He asks Pandit to start the marriage rituals. They sit for marriage. Pragya ties their ghatbandhan. Pandit ji asks them to stand up for rounds. They completes the rounds. Pandit ji asks Veer to make Sanchi wear mangalsutra. Veer makes her wear mangalsutra and fills her maang with sindoor. Jaya and Dr. Malhotra looks on upset. Pandit ji says this marriage is completed, you both are husband and wife from now onwards. Sanchi and Veer looks at each other.

Jaya breaks relation with Sanchi. Veer brings Sanchi home. Savitri slaps her hard. Veer asks her not to think of doing it again as Sanchi is his wife now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Anu88

    That’s not fair rs mam…….hum logo ka feelings ki kohi value nahi hae app logo pass………..ak bar ki liye vi toh app log kanchi ko pair bana sakta hae………itna request app logo kohi kar ta hae app bataya……….kanchi ko separate karle or hum logo ka heart broken karke app log bhot khush or happy hae na…………..I don’t why I get so much emotional ………….

  2. Anu88

    Or new montage hum logo ka dard ka uper or vi jayda dard hae……….. please mam I request you please change the montage we cannot tolerate this…….if you are all forget that we are also a human being……..hum log or kita tolerate karungi…….. please mam and cvs stop it……. please please please please……….we can’t tolerate this please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please Please please please please please please please please please please please please please…………

  3. Santana Russo

    Wow many r complaining the show. I don’t c what the big deal is. If u were watching the show from the beginning anyone can c that Vanchi love eacg other. U should be happy that 2 people who loved each other from the beginning and still love each other end up 2gather. FYI why would u want Kabir 2 be with Sabchi when she isn’t into him. U should be happy that they aren’t 2gather because Kabir deserves a woman who adores him not someone who loves another. He is a gallant and will get his match soon so no worries. Think of another pairing 4 him because Kanchi ship has sailed and actually it was never there 2 begin with. Kabir with Pragya or isha or someone new. The show is truelly going great and kudos 2 Reshmi madam

    1. Anu88

      I asked you one think friend if sanveer is not happening or sanveer marriage is not happen s then you can say this word about kanchi friends…… vikram or swarda ko acha lagta hae bol kar hum logo ko itna dukh ho raha hae……..if kanchi marriage is happen in the serial then how you are feel friend…….. please try to understand our sorrow……… sorry friend if I hurt you…….and thanks for your view……..

    2. Anu88

      You say that sanveer love each other so their marriage happens it’s right thing………Iif you forget that in swargani,both laksh and swara love each other but their marriage didn’t happen…….then rs mam ka love story ka win kaha gaye thi………..if kanchi marriage is happen in real serial then you are all understand that we face what misery……..but friends we are don’t want that you are all also face that things…… sanveer ka shadi hoga ya…….so tum log enjoy karo sdch……….but hum log hamesha kanchi ko chate rahunga

  4. New montage shows that now no role left for any other character in the show. So i hav already said bye bye to the show and watching bhooto nowadays to increase its trp . So that it will be clear who is responsible for low trp kanchi or sanveer.

  5. Anu88

    Aj vi hum logo ka dil me ak hi wish ………kash rs mam and cvs make kanchi pair……….we miss kanchi pair so much……. vikram sir or swarda mam please come to us with a new serial where you both are pair……’s our humble request please vikram sir or swarda mam please fulfill our wish………..

  6. Anu88

    Rs mam and cvs for one time make kanchi pair for other new serial it’s our a humble request please fulfill our this wish………..

  7. Anu88

    Please please please please please please please please make our kanchi(swaram)back in a new serial……… please rs mam……..

  8. Anu88

    We are really so so much heartbroken mam……….. please mam give us back our kanchi…….

  9. Anu88

    We are gone mad mam…… that’s why we request you several time……. please for one time hear our talk……we miss our kanchi so so much………. please mam for one time fulfill our wish please mam please………….

    1. Relax Kanchi kanji ek nah I hope agar ab Gayatri sure Jaya milk at koi plan bantered to acha Hogan kuki Sanchi Korea’s deserter Nani kartja and Sanchi Kabir Korea’s deserves karthi hai koi nahi I sank a Ana chaeye show me in and the main point ye Sab Pragya ki Wannasee hula hai sabse phele use show chodna hoga use me bad he Kanchi ek hopayege n. Agar hum show deckhand chodege tho trip girjage and show b Latham hojege ye backwash show ko deans zaariri nahi hai

    2. Once think everyone! If Sanchi marries Kabir, then just Veer would trouble them. Kanchi would just romance and do their medical work. But if Sanchi and Veer marry, their family will trouble them but they take stand thus creating a dramatic romance. Understand the difference? Gayatri, Anand Malhotra, Riya and others will trouble them while Savitri and Jaya might turn to Sanveer side. As you all know this series is not finite, the cvs will extend it by family plotting. Medical drama >> Family Drama
      I’ve seen the montage of 21 March. It’s Sanchi who would give hospital responsibilities to Veer and become just his wife. I used to watch this show as it doesn’t have any saas-bahu drama, ugly plots, but now I dropped the idea to watch.

  10. Anu88

    Please rs mam and cvs please make kanchi pair……. We are die heart fan of them please please mam

  11. o thank you so much… finally my favourite couple got married ????????? i only wants sanveer happy marriage

  12. 21st march ka written update???

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