Savitri Devi 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi breaks mangalsutra, Veer breaks down and signs divorce papers

Savitri Devi 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer blaming Dr. Kabir for snatching Sanchi. Dr. Kabir asks him not to forget with whom he is talking to. Veer beats him and says I wish I could have forget it, and blames him for ruining his life and asks what do you want? Dr. Kabir holds his hand and starts beating him. Both of them have a fight. Veer says you can’t snatch her, she is my wife. Dr. kabir says she came to me by herself and says you have manipulated her. He beats Veer badly. Sanchi comes there and stops their fight. Veer tells her that Dr. Kabir is playing game with them and separating them. Sanchi asks him to accept the truth and tells that she is breaking their relation with her wish. She asks him to just leave. She goes to Dr. Kabir and asks how dare you to raise hand on Veer and says if he gets even a scratch

then she will not leave him. Dr. Kabir says everything is happening because of her delay to give divorce to Veer. He says if Veer does anything then I will kill him next time.

Savitri cleans Veer’s wound. Veer tells her about Gayatri’s words. Savitri asks him not to think much and asks him to rest. Priya brings haldi milk. Veer says may be you are right. Savitri asks him to agree that Sanchi can’t leave me, I trust her fully. Sanchi feels helpless and acts as illiterate, and thinks to Dr. Kabir’s words. She thinks I can’t think of harming Veer even in my dream. She thinks she has given enough pain to him and can’t hurt him more. She thinks she can’t bear if anything happens to him and says what ever I am going to do now is for everyone betterment. She prays in the temple and comes home.

Servant comes to Veer and says Sanchi came and calling you all downstairs. They all go there. Sanchi tells Veer that time has come to remove her mangalsutra and says our relation is over now. She is about to remove her mangalsutra. Veer says don’t do something because of which you will repent in future. Sanchi says I am repenting and that’s why want to end this. He leaves her hand. She breaks the mangalsutra, all its beads fall down. She drops mangalsutra on floor shattering Veer and everyone. Veer brings her bag and the divorce papers, and signs on it. He gives papers in her hand. Sad song plays…..He holds her hand and takes her outside the house. He tells that it seems you don’t want to be in the relation and says relations are made just once, but here there is no relation left and says I have freed you from this relation. He closes the gate.

Sanchi comes to Dr. Kabir house. Dr. Kabir’s mum and him take mahurat of marriage after 3 days. Sanchi is shocked. Kusum says it is good that you came back in Dr. Kabir’s life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dumas001

    Saashi is such a loser so mahaan when Kabir rapes she should remember she let it happened .She did everything because she could not trust her mother o r her husband she does not deserve Veer.

  2. Don’t worry ur that mahan sanchi will again ditch Kabir. I was just thinking what is Kabir upto because the whole sequence is repeating. Earlier to save her mother sanchi was marrying Kabir and now to save her brother she is back to Kabir. As Kabir did not let Gayatri harm jaya it proves that still there is goodness in Kabir. It is is sure that kanchi marriage won’t take place. But kusum is also supporting Kabir it seems there is something fishy. Can’t expect the CVS to show something logical. Let’s see what’s going to happen. And sanveerians don’t worry kanchi marriage won’t take place you Will get your sanveer back. Breakup k bad patchup to hoga hi. Starting se yahi to hota aa raha hai iss show main. Story k naam pe iss show k makers ko aur much bhi nahi aata.

  3. Wow doctor sanchi you can’t see your veer in pain. But can give pain to others pain for your love without thinking that other people also have heart they also get hurt and feel pain. What a double standard women you are. I hate this character named doctor sanchi selfish woman.

  4. Sachi saw only kabir hit veer .she not saw veer hit kabir .and first veer started fighting . Even starting kabir not beat veer but when veer not stop kabir started .but mahan sachi mata ko veer ke alawa dekhta kaun hai . Sorry sachi mata no one sympathy to you and your veer .kuch kum kand nahi kiye hai tum dono ne bhi . Viewers not forget anything

  5. Anu88

    You’re right riddhi………iss mahan sanchi ko srief veer or veer ka pain dekhta……….or kisi ka pain toh uss ko dekhti nahi or specially o kabir ki pain ho toh tab sanchi pura blind.kabir ne sanchi ke liye itna kuch kiya phir vi ek vi episode mae vi hum log nahi dekha sanchi kabir ke liye soch rahi hae

    1. Hey anu when u uploading next episode of my brother in law , m excited to read next episode . Plz Post soon dear.
      I only read fan fictions stopped watching tht serial those CVS makes only sanveer . And in fan fictions u peoples make kanchi together m after reading fan fictions gets happy so plz post soon writers don’t disappear plzzZz

      1. Anu88

        I will post very soon yaar……….. actually I am not well that’s why I don’t write the story yaar……… please yaar don’t mind…………I will be post soon………..

  6. I always wished to see pair kaanchi together…bt not like this,sanchi acceoring kabir whole heartedly,not by forcing…..wish to see kanchi together

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