Savitri Devi 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya coming to Dr. Malhotra and asks did you call me. Dr. Malhotra asks why did you burn a patient’s record. Pragya gets scared and thinks what to tell him. Sanchi comes there and tells that she asked Dr. Pragya to burn that file. Dr. Malhotra asks how can you be so careless and asks do you think that this hospital is yours and asks until when she will break the rules. Sanchi says she didn’t do anything wrong and have saved Patient’s life as she was in danger. Dr. Malhotra says this is unethical. He asks if you could do same thing if you was on patient’s place. Sanchi says yes, sir. Dr. Malhotra thinks she is so stubborn and cuts her 5 marks from her exam. They go out. Pragya asks why did you tell the truth. Sanchi says it is just marks and will come again. She asks

her not to take tension else wrinkles will come. She asks her to go for her duty.

Gayatri and Vaidehi are restless, and thinks Neeta haven’t come till now. Vikrant tells Dr. Malhotra that Neeta is missing and they shall file police complaint. Gayatri says she must have gone for shopping. Vaidehi says if she don’t come. Dr. Malhotra says matter is serious and calls commissioner. Just then Neeta comes back home with bruises and injury on her body. Adarsh asks what happened to you and makes her sit. He asks who did this? Neeta says I didn’t know and tells that she fainted when she reached hospital. Dr. Malhotra asks Adarsh to take her inside. Dadi asks what happened? Neeta says she is fine and needs rest. Gayatri says she is thankful to God that Neeta is fine and will offer Prasad. Vaidehi says even she will offer Prasad for making her lose memory. Neeta recalls her kidnapping. Dadi brings haldi milk for Neeta. Adarsh asks her to come out. Neeta thinks Gayatri and Vaidehi have invited trouble for them, and thinks she will play trick to defeat them.

Kusum waits for Sanchi. Ria comes and tells that Sanchi went to hostel early. She asks didn’t she give you food. Kusum says she seems to be good. Ria says people can be deceptive and says she will bring food for her. Kusum marks +1 for Ria and -1 for Sanchi. Ria brings food and says she will feed her. Sanchi stops her and tells that aunty can’t have this food as there is garlic and onion in the food. Ria says she checked her chart and brought it. Sanchi says Dr. Kabir said that you don’t eat onion and garlic today. Ria goes angrily. Sanchi says I brought fruits for you. Kusum writes +1 for Sanchi.

Priya and Vikrant come home in the night. Gayatri asks if this is fine. Vikrant asks Pandit ji to tell the truth. Pandit ji tells that Gayatri asked me to lie to Vikrant and make him fear of death, and made Priya fast forcibly. Gayatri says he is lying. Vaidehi asks why is he lying? Vikrant says because of this woman, my wife suffered a lot. Dr. Malhotra asks Gayatri. Gayatri says he is lying. Pandit ji says she gave me money for this. Vikrant asks Dr. Malhotra to say. Dadi says now we have proofs for her crimes, I never liked her. Dr. Malhotra asks Gayatri to be silent, and says he always had a doubt on her and that’s why he never change the hospital name from Savitri Devi. He asks her to get out and kicks her out. Priya smiles hugging Dr. Malhotra. Gayatri wakes up and thinks it was her dream, and thanks God. She thinks she has to teach a lesson to Priya.

Sanchi tells Isha and pragya that she is going to see Veer and Sunny, don’t know Veer studied or not. Isha and Pragya pray on Sanchi’s behalf for Veer. Sanchi asks them to get lost. She thinks where is Veer? And why he is not replying. She comes to Sunny’s ward and sees him not there. Gayatri waits outside Vikrant’s gym and pretends to buy flowers. Vikrant sees her and asks what she is doing here? Gayatri says she came to buy bouquet for Priya. Vikrant says she will buy all flowers for her. Gayatri asks him not to give red flowers to her as she will feel pain and think about Sanket. Vikrant asks then who is Siddharth. Gayatri tells him about Sanket. Vikrant says I wanted to be Priya’s first and last love. He asks her to give Sanket’s number and address. She massages him. Vikrant thanks her. Gayatri says bye. Vikrant asks won’t you will give bouquet to me. Gayatri says she will. He says let it be and orders florist to give 7 red roses bouquet. Gayatri thinks now Priya will know what happens.

Veer tells Sunny’s seniors that Sunny is dead. They get shocked. Veer identifies him as Veer Pratap Singh, FBI. The seniors get scared seeing Sunny. Veer asks them to give their parents’ number and says their case will come in fast track court and then they will send to Juvenile. They cry. Sunny gets up and laughs. Seniors get angry. Veer tells them that he can send them to jail for ragging as it is a crime. Seniors say sorry and runs from there. Sanchi sees his friends coming out from morgue. Veer tells Sunny that there is no FBI, but CBI. Sanchi comes there and scolds Veer for the prank. She asks if he has no shame and asks why did he bring Sunny to morgue and says they are kids. Veer says he don’t want to give her clarification and goes. Sunny tells Sanchi that Veer tried to help him and taught them a lesson. He says we didn’t harm them, but just showed reality. Sanchi feels apologetic and goes to Veer. She comes to Cafeteria and asks Veer to listen to her. Veer ignores her and says he needs to study. Sanchi says all the best for your exams. Isha asks what is the drama? She says both of them run after each other all day. Pragya says this is an unique story of Dr. Veer and Dr. Sanchi. Sanchi feels bad for scolding him and says she couldn’t apologize to him.

Vikrant comes home and calls Priya. Priya gives him coffee. Vikrant gives her bouquet for their one week anniversary. Priya says she really liked it. Vikrant asks her to come and says we have to go far. Priya says where? Vikrant asks don’t you trust me. Priya says ofcourse. Vikrant holds her hand tightly and asks him to trust him. Priya feels pain as the thorn hurts her hand and blood comes out from her hand.

Sunny comes home. Khushboo takes out evil eyes off from him. Dadi appreciates her. Sunny asks Jaya to make something for him. Jaya says ok. Sunny goes to bathroom. Khushboo steals his watch.

All interns are writing their exams. Veer thinks he couldn’t get time to prepare and thinks Sanchi couldn’t give him time to prepare. Sanchi looks at him and hopes veer remembers the answers. Veer recalls Sanchi questioning him and writes the answers. He writes the answers and thinks Ms. Golgappa had told him. Everyone finish their papers and submits them. Dr. Kabir says test results will come after 3 hours and asks them to go and do their duty. Sanchi asks Veer what he wrote in the test. Isha and Pragya tell that they are not in school and asks her to get back to duty. They go to resume their duty.

Sunny looks for his watch and calls dadi and jaya. Jaya asks what happened? Sunny says he had kept it here. Khushboo comes and asks if he had forgotten it. Sunny says no and says he had kept it here. He apologizes to Jaya. Jaya says you will get it. Dadi asks him not to worry.

Adarsh asks Dr. Malhotra not to make Sanchi as head intern again as they have to give her keys. Dr. Kabir asks if everyone came and is about to announce the results. Veer comes and apologizes. Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that she would have taught him punctuality also. He says this test topper will be head intern. Veer thinks Dr. Kabir is creating the suspense and says she must be sanchi. Dr. kabir takes Sanchi’s name and says she is not, and says some other intern have top the exam, and says his name is Dr. Veer. Everyone is shocked. Sanchi is happy and smiles. Veer is surprised. Dr. Kabir says Veer has topped in this test so he will be head intern. Dr. Malhotra comes and says Veer will not be head intern.

Dr. Malhotra tells his friend that this year, all interns are weird and tough to handle. The man says I thought you have best interns and says you have my scholar student too. Dr. Malhotra asks whom? He says Sanchi Mishra. Dr. Malhotra is shocked and asks how do you know that she is working in my hospital. Man says I met him outside your hospital and she was wearing your hospital lab coat. Sanchi and Veer gets into the lift. The same man sees Sanchi and runs towards the lift.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I knew Sanchi wouldn’t be the head intern!

    Looking ahead for whom Malhotra is going to assign as head intern maybe Ria or Sanchi itself.
    Let’s see what happens 😉
    I’m glad Sanchi Mishra truth is coming out soon…

    1. Par ye log veer sanchi ko frnd hi rakhe to accha hai… no pairing pls???

  2. VINAL

    Awesome episode veer topped in class
    & Who is that man itne jaldi sachi ka trth bahar nahi aana chahiye abhi to revenge lena baki hai malhotra se

  3. Aaj us paglet kabeer ka expression 0.000000000001% sudhra.Chalo kuch rha hai bechara.

  4. Apoorva shetty

    Wow nice episode loved it ?? sanchi ,veer and kabir and pragya ????

  5. Again no sanchi nd kabeer…..i dnt wat r the spoilers upto

  6. Again no sanchi nd kabeer…..i dnt knw wat r the spoilers upto

  7. Be_Witch

    I think Kabir will fall for Sanchi but Sanchi will fall for Veer, Beer already fallen for Sanchi… So they will decide to get married, but papa malhotra will emotionally blackamil Kabir and ask him to marry sanchi at the end minute…. Kabir will marry her.

    My POV

    1. nice story

    2. Abhilasha

      Even I have th same feeling….. And beer’s character only prankster side is shown… Something is left…….
      But te biggest suspense is Dr kabir….. Actually I think that prohibited area is somehow connected to sanchi or kabir…. May be sanchi’s father is alive or maybe kabir’s some bitter past is there an even kabir is showed very strict and arrogant so I think that there is lot in him…. Maybe he is waiting for right tine and is known to malhotra’s dirty tricks… Bcoz just think that one pillar of hospital is unknown to malpractice… An emaybe kabir is ready to revenge…. Or he will… Bcoz somewhere kabir has something wrong in past whose reason can be malhotra…. Kher its all my POV
      But yar just hope as u said that veer and saanchi fall for eeach other but at last moment swapping happens and we get our kanchi!!! ???

  8. hadd hai yaar,seems like sanchi has forgot her and her parents’ goal, how could she do this….we know she was feeling bad for veer,but she wasn’t concentrating on her exam…. this was for sure that she purposefully didn’t perform her best in exam………now its been a bit boring, like other shows sdch started with a bang, and now the same old love story waala track…………uff……..disgusting……….worthless expectation of some uniqueness from this show…..

  9. I knw veer hi top krega phle sanchi head intern thi or veer uska assistant ab iska opposite karenge or sdch k pas story kya h dono ko kareb rkne ki ab veer sanchi ko tang karega bus yhi sab bakwas

  10. This is not done.. We want Dr. Kabir and Dr. Sanchi pairing not veer and sanchi.. Pls… If you will show sanchi and veer pairing… I will stop watching this show…

  11. sherin mehtha

    i think saachi n veer will be better than kabeer n saachi.
    Guys whats ur opinion?

    1. I think Kanchi would be the best option.Riya tries to get Kabir and Veer tries to get Sanchi.Both Riya and Veer shake hands to create misunderstanding between Kanchi.So lambi judaii and blah blah blah.
      This way the story can progress.If sanveer happens then I don’t see much scope for other characters.

    2. I think from all hints so far,it is evident that it is Sanchi and Veer,kabir’s mom may choose Sanchi but probably that time she will realise love for veer, after all for malhotra to learn lesson it has to be Sanveer.

  12. Only n only kanchi r best

  13. I think Sanchi and veer are the best pair love them a lott

  14. Love Kanchi

  15. I love sanveer pair

  16. Sanveer is loving pairing

  17. i want only kabir aur sachi to join becs there are made for each other

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