Savitri Devi 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi gears up to expose Ayesha

Savitri Devi 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi coming to Veer and sees him throwing dart on Dr. Kabir and her magazine pic. She tells him that Ayesha is not a nice girl and wants to ruin him. Veer laughs and says when you don’t love me, then why you are getting jealous seeing our closeness. Sanchi tells him that I don’t love you, but can’t see anything bad happening to you as you are my good friend. She tells him that she heard her conversation with someone and she was telling that she will go to any extent to ruin you. She sees his injured hand and bandages it. She asks him to get tetanus injection.

Sanchi tells Isha about Ayesha. Isha says so much happened here. Nurse calls Isha and she goes. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that they have to expose Ayesha. Dr. Kabir asks her not to interfere

between them. Sanchi says although she is moved on, but will protect Veer. She thinks of an idea and shares with Isha. They go to OT. Ayesha says she can’t operate as she is having back pain. Sanchi says ok, but you can assist me. Isha coughs. Sanchi asks her to go out.

Ayesha feels vomiting sensation seeing blood and go out. Sanchi thinks what happened to her. Isha unlocks Ayesha’s phone and messages Rahul to come and take the money from the canteen. Sanchi asks Isha to keep an eye on Ayesha and goes to veer. Isha asks Ayesha to have coffee with her in canteen. Sanchi comes to Veer and asks him to come with him, she emotionally blackmails her. Veer says you are hurting yourself and me also. Sanchi takes Veer to canteen. Rohit comes to canteen and hugs Ayesha. Veer asks Ayesha who is he? Ayesha says he is her brother and they couldn’t meet at home, as he is kicked out of house. She goes with him. Veer tells Sanchi that she shall be ashamed to think wrong about sister and brother’s relation.

Dr. kabir tells Sanchi you have gone mad. Sanchi says yes I am mad as only I can see the truth. Dr. Kabir says sorry. Sanchi says I need your help. She shares her idea again with Sanchi and tells that she will everything to protect her. Ayesha comes to Isha and asks why did you call me. She blames her. Isha says I am not liar like you. Ayesha threatens to kick her out of hospital. Sanchi gives her truth serum. Ayesha faints.

Sanchi asks Ayesha if she is a doctor. Ayesha says no. Sanchi asks why did she come here? Ayesha says to separate Veer and you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yaar I miss pragya lot she us the jaan if the set
    And this sanchi is completely physco of veer y can’t she c kabir.
    Hope for kaanchi

    1. Dhruti

      sahi me yaar ise worst to me bhi nahi soch sakti sanchi ko to bas veer hi padi he vo use kitni baar misunderstand kare per fir vo to veer veer veer…………………

  2. No comments….. Kya hogaya sabko I think sab ne chod diya hoga iss serial ko waise bhi kaun dekhega story mein kuch changes nahi kiya……..Maine kab ka chod diya dekhna lekin socha Tha ekk bar padlethi hoon telly updates mein kuch change hua ki nahi…………….lekin ab lag raha hai updates padna bhi bekar hai…..And off course nahi mujhe sanveer chahiye nahi kaanchi thag chuki Hoon……
    And finally frnds aap sabka ffs bahuth acha hai aaj kal mujhe vakth nahi mil raha hai lekin time padlungi…….I miss all ur ffs?☹️?

  3. time *nikalke jarur* padlungi

  4. How long will they stretch the same track I just want to know the pair .kanchi kanchi kanchi plzzz …episode is too boring .where the hell did kabir’s dad he alive or dead….??

  5. AJ Kabir me Kaha that ki he loves Sanchi..but Sanchi ne Suna nahin

  6. I am getting negative vibes from kabir. I didn’t understand today what he meant
    I just hope veers assumption doesn’t come out true that kabir is taking advantage of sanveer tension. Plz plz plz don’t turn Dr kabir negative in the show. He was not like that . None of the kabir fans are happy with Dr kabir turning neg.

  7. How boring sanchi sirf apna matlab ki hi baat sunti hai kya…..pahla bhi kabir ka pura proposal suna except yeh ki bitto hi sanchi hai and now itna kya kho gyi ki kabir chala bhi gya tab bhi kuch nahi suna uff fed up of this………aab to sanveer ki saadi karo aur ye show off air chala jay jahi aacha hoga and please kabir ko bachelor hi rkna and don’t turn him negative

    1. Me too. I also prefer kabir being single than turning him negative. Waise I think kabir is going to be single throughout. There is no girl who loves kabir in this show. Everyone is after only that veer ?. Kabir gets screen space only when vk is not there ?
      I don’t feel like watching the show thinking that kabir is turning neg. It really puts me off. Still watching it only for dr kabir. I really hope that they don’t turn him negative. Where is his family. I miss his scenes with his mom.

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