Savitri Devi 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Gayatri blackmails Dr. Malhotra showing CD

Savitri Devi 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Komal lying to Jaya that the CD was broken. Jaya says that CD was my last hope and tells that now she can’t get justice for her husband and cries. Komal thinks she is doing wrong. Savitri calls Jaya and asks her to come to Police station. Jaya cries and tells her that she didn’t get the CD. She says she couldn’t become a good wife or mother. She has risked her children life and today she has failed. Savitri also cries.

Vaidehi and Gayatri return home. Vaidehi calls Servant. Gayatri calls Savitri by her name and asks her to masala tea for them. Savitri asks what did you say? Dadi says she is real bahu. Gayatri says your son married me too and says what wrong did I do by asking Savitri to make tea for us. Dr. Malhotra comes home and asks Gayatri about her misbehavior.

Gayatri says you came at right time and takes him to room as she wants to talk to him. Savitri is shocked.

Veer is sad and heart broken. Hamari adhuri kahani plays…..He recalls proposing her and then her truth coming infront of him. He takes out Sanchi’s pics and gift and burns it. He thinks Sanchi is playing tricks and determines to expose her.

Sanchi recalls Veer saying I hate you. Pragya comes and asks what happened? Sanchi says Veer came to know about the truth. Pragya is shocked and says she will talk to him. Sanchi says no. Madhu and Bala hears them.

Dr. Malhotra asks Gayatri why she is misbehaving? Gayatri asks him to keep quiet and asks him to listen. She says she has given her 15 years to him and he made her secretary infront of Savitri. Dr. Malhotra tells her that Savitri is his wife still and he can kick her out.
She says she is scared and laughs. She threatens him and shows Sunil Mishra’s surgery CD. Dr. Malhotra thinks all CCTV footage was deleted and thinks how did this CD come from? Gayatri asks if he is shocked. She tells him that Jaya and Savitri wanted to send him to jail and ruin his career through this CD.

Dr. Malhotra is shocked and says I can’t believe this. He says Savitri is fooling me since long time and thanks Gayatri. He asks her to give the CD and says he will keep it safely. Gayatri asks are you kidding and asks him to let her take advantage of the CD and asks him to be quiet. Jaya calls Komal and asks her to give the broken CD and cries saying she wants justice for her husband. She asks her if she don’t want Sunil to get justice. Komal ends the call. Sanchi comes to Jaya’s house and cries telling her that Veer came to know about her truth and he hates her. Jaya says my revenge has ruined my daughter’s life. Sanchi says mistake is mine, and says now he will tell truth to Dr. Malhotra.

Ms. Dsouza gives lie detection trial test results CD to Dr. Mahotra. He is shocked to know Sanchi is Sanchi Mishra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So so interesting episode

  2. Thanks a lot for update fast☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  3. Now who will save sanchi? Waiting for this day.

    1. Abhilasha

      Are u same Trisha…our is queen …if u the same then laut so Trisha…queen ki gaddi tum wait krri hai!!! Plz comeback!!

  4. I think Sanchi forgot her mission….

  5. wah
    aaj tho kabir dikhi nahi
    acha hua aaj ki epi dekhni bhi nahi padegi
    hope anand confront sanchi tomorrow

  6. No kabir today episode….thank God I didnt watch the episode

  7. Dr malhotra may decided to marry veer and sanchi for revenge n all

  8. Kabir nahi SDCH bhi nhi….a big Thank of God….k tonight episode I wasn’t watch

  9. NerdyBirdie

    Oh my goodness, everything is going so downhill for Jaya and Sanchi who’ve worked so hard to get justice for Sunil! God! I really am beginning to hate this Dr. Malhotra. Seriously?! He’s literally going to put the blame on Savitri when she’s spent YEARS as a living corpse.

    Veer’s character is beginning to make me really, really annoyed. I could write a megalist of things that Sanchi has done for him! Also Sanchi has flaws, she’s made mistakes too. I think that’s fine because she’s human but I don’t think Veer realizes what he could potentially be doing to his mom by acting out of “betrayal” and “anger”. Very disappointed in you right now, Veer. You’re going to have to do A LOT of work to redeem yourself in front of Jaya, Savitri, Isha, Pragya, and Sanchi’s efforts. Oh, and also, learn to respect your seniors, Veer. If I was Dr. Kabir I would’ve kicked Veer out of my office, whether he would be the son of the owner of the hospital or someone else.

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