Savitri Devi 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer decides to know the reason behind Sanchi’s bad behavior

Savitri Devi 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi walking on road while being fully drunk and devastated, when Dr. Kabir comes in his car and stops the car before her, but she gets hit and falls down. Dr. Kabir gets down from the car and asks what happened to you. Sanchi says congratulates, everyone hate me now. Dr. Kabir asks her to come with him. Sanchi says you can make me separate from everyone, but you can’t make me come closer to you as I love just my Veer. Veer’s friend Ram sees Dr. Kabir taking Sanchi in his car and informs Veer. He tells him that Sanchi was unconscious. Veer says what? Dr. Kabir takes Sanchi to his house. Sanchi says I have hurt everyone, now nobody is with me. She says my best friend hates me and Veer will also hate me. She says I am really bad? Dr. Kabir bandages her head and says stop blaming

yourself, it is not your mistake, whatever happened is for your betterment, that Veer don’t deserve you. Veer comes to Dr. Kabir’s house. Dr. Kabir says Veer’s chapter ends now and I promise to love you more than Veer. Veer comes inside and calls Sanchi. Dr. Kabir smirks and says you will stay here with me here. Veer checks in the house. Dr. Kabir says what did you see in him that you don’t want to leave him. Veer comes to that room and sees Dr. Kabir sitting on bed while Sanchi is unconscious.

Dr. Kabir gets shocked seeing him there and says I found her on road. Veer gets up and says thank you Dr. Kabir for bringing her here and keeping her safe. He says I know that you will never hurt Sanchi. Dr. Kabir nods. He thanks him and says I am taking her home. Dr. Kabir nods. Veer takes Sanchi with him. He brings her home and sprinkles water on her face. He holds her hand and says thank god…you are fine. He asks what happened to you, I know you are not like that, and asks why did you tell wrong things about everyone when you have nothing against them in your heart. Sanchi says I did everything for Sunny. Veer says from where he is involved? He asks what is Sunny’s connection with this and asks her to tell. Sanchi sleeps. Veer thinks why did she take Sunny’s name, what is his connection with everything. Savitri asks Veer why did you bring her here and says she has no right to stay here. Veer asks her to forget everything. Gayatri says if media would have been here then we would have been humiliated.

Dr. Malhotra says she has crossed all limits. Savitri says she will not stay here. Veer says I know Sanchi can’t do this without any reason and there must be some reason behind it. He says I am sure and will help her. Savitri says until Sanchi will not apologize to everyone especially Priya, she will be on sofa and will be stranger to us. Veer says ok, and says if she will be here then I will be here too. Gayatri smiles. Priya and Savitri go. Veer tells Sanchi that everything will be fine and kisses on her forehead. He is about to go, but Sanchi is holding his hand. Veer says I will be with you and will always be with you. I will know reason of your tension. In the morning, Sanchi wakes up and finds herself in Malhotra house. She thinks how did I come here? She is about to drink water, but Savitri takes the glass. She asks did you nasha gone? She says Veer is mad about you and that’s why brought you home and asks her to apologize to everyone. Sanchi thinks Dr. Kabir will not like if they forgive me. Veer asks Sanchi to just say sorry and says it is not a big deal. Sanchi says I haven’t done any mistake and says I will see who kicks me out from this house, this house is mine and I will not go from here.

Precap: Veer asks Sunny to tell what happened? Sunny tells him something and cries. Veer is shocked. Dr. Kabir warns Sanchi and says I told you to keep Veer away from Sunny and says once he gains consciousness, he will go to jail. Sanchi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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