Savitri Devi 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and Veer to part ways

Savitri Devi 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Sanchi what she needed that she accepted Dr. Kabir’s proposal and says I would have set your life being Dr. Malhotra’s son. He asks if she likes two guys to run after her. Sanchi pushes him and says enough. He asks what about you, you are running with the ring on your finger and acting to be sati savitri. He says I thought you as good character girl, but you turn out to be cheap and selfish, opportunistic girl. Sanchi slaps him. Veer gets teary eyes. Sanchi is teary eyes too. She thinks if your love is so weak, I will not justify myself.

Priya cries thinking about the humiliation which she faced because of Vikrant. Vikrant comes and says whatever happened was because of you and asks how can you be so stupid to think that I will let you sleep with a

stranger man, when I don’t let you go to your mayka. He says you wouldn’t have talked to Sanket openly and says he heard Sanket and her conversation and that’s why made this plan. He says I feel sad as you became bad in everyone’s eyes because of me. Priya thinks Sanket suffered much because of me today. Vikrant says Sanket left, I will bring a gift for you seeing which you will forget everything. Sanchi thinks of Veer’s accusations and cries.

Pragya tells Sanchi that Veer is like a kid and took out his anger on her seeing the ring on her finger still. She says I will talk to him and will make him understand and will bring him here. Sanchi says nobody will go to him and says I was just hurt loving him, and says I have nothing to do with him from now onwards and I really don’t care about him. I will return the ring to Dr. Kabir and clear all misunderstandings, not for Veer, but because I don’t want to hurt Dr. Kabir. Veer comes to the storeroom and looks at Sanchi’s pic and recalls the moments between them. He takes off Sanchi’s pic from his wallet and says it is enough of love and tears the pic, saying his relation ended.

Dr. Malhotra calls Dadi and tells about his photo shoot with his wife. He asks Savitri to get ready and sees Gayatri, gets tensed and goes. Veer thinks if Sanchi returned the ring to Dr. Kabir. Garv scolds Veer for taking out anger on Sanchi. Dr. Kabir comes to hostel and sees Sanchi going. He asks her to sit and says he came directly from conference. She sits in car and goes. Dr. Kabir tells that conference was good, it seems like life is contented. He asks what she wants to say. Sanchi is about to say when his car stops. He gets down to check and thinks whenever I try to talk to him, something happens. Rain starts. Dr. kabir holds her hand and runs with her to shed. He moves her hairs and looks at her face. Sanchi feels uncomfortable and shivers. He removes his suit and gives to her. Sanchi says she wants to talk to him. Dr. Kabir says they can talk while having food.

Pragya and Isha see Veer with Sanchi Agarwal. They go there. Veer asks where is their friend Sanchi Agarwal. Real Sanchi Agarwal who is in comatose state responds and moves her fingers.

Veer tells Pragya and Isha that he will show them Sanchi’s truth and takes them to Dhaba. They see Sanchi and Dr. Kabir dancing happily as a couple and get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Riyarocks

    enough of this drama……..its not a medical drama….rather a triangular love story……fed up with the makers……atleast on the eve of Diwali, kuch toh acha dikha dete…..but no…….uff…..

  2. This is my opinion-today’s veer starting scene was horrible….he literally deserved that slap….unfortunately even these type of things happen in real life…..why cannot a girl has a dream….if she is ambitious why she has to prove that she is good…..why money comes in the way of a relation…it is expected from a girl she should think twice before speaking y this does not apply to guys….sorry readers for boring with my horrible comment….there was something which I could not share with anyone…I guess after seeing the scene it got triggered in my mind….once again sorry….I doesn’t mean that all boys r bad or only girls suffer in a relation

    1. I completely agree with you dear. In this society only girls have to suffer. Guys can do anything but not girls. And yes I loved the way garv scolded veer.

  3. thank god i didn’t watch today
    good to see online only for kanchi and their scenes
    don’t know kab tak ye jhelna padega stupid drama

  4. I don’t why they are dragging this much.I want to know who is the actual pair……I am fan of veer…..not able to see him in that pain….

    1. Shidhana shukkoor

      In each and every serials there would b some sort of misunderstanding?
      But how long?feel bored
      actually who is the real hero in this story ?there are eyelocks btwn both kanchi and sanveer so how can we decide the hero
      Fed up with this serial!so plz think something differently and make the viewers happy not make them bored!

  5. Niyaaa

    Hey guys chodo aaj CVS walon ko maro goli aaj k liye is faltu show ko… wish u all happy diwali just be happy nd enjoy..

    1. Ohh… .God aaj mujhe pehli bar bhot bura lag raha hai Sanchi ke liye di…..Kuch bhi ho par humein kisi ko judge nahi karna chaiye….Veer deserve many slap for this….this is unbearable …..I don’t get it if CVS make girls character fearless, then their so called ego is hurt….kabir sun hi nahi raha Sanchi ki baat aur Sanchi to aise tortoise wali speed se bol rahi thi Kabir ko ki din se raat ho jayegi….uff…itna melodrama…..precap is horrible….Now Isha & Pragya too misunderstood Sanchi…..just hate this crap from my bottom of the heart.

      1. Yes niyu veer deserve many slap as well as cvs… Kya kamaal character dikha rahe h ladikyon ka had h sanchi bhale hi veer se pyaar karti h per usne kabhi nahi kahaa usse to wo kaise usse two timing nd characterless bol skta h if she not accepted his purposal nd wearing kabir’s ring??? Kya itni hi value h ladki ki haan bol diya to sita naa bol diya characterless…. In cvs walon ki toh m sach me pungi bajane ka mann ho raha h.. Samajhte kya h apne aap ko.. priya ka melodrama kam pad gaya tha ab sanchi bhi samil kar li… Nd ye kabir had h sun le naa kyun bhav kha raha h… Ab to mujhe iss show se itni nafrat hoti jaa rahi ki aisa lag raha h agar aise hi chala to mujhe wo din durr nahi jab kanchi pair se bhi nafrat ho jayegi(ye baat m apne dil per paththar rakhkar bol rahi hun per sach h ab mujhe kanchi se bhi chid si hone agi h fed up with this crap show.. If show contiue like this nd somehow kanchi gets paired afterthat may be or surely i quit this show)

  6. This cant happen sanveer has a good chemistry. Love u sanveer. Pls clear the misunderstanding between them.

  7. The kanchi scenes were awesome….kabir giving his coat to sanchi was romantic…loved the episode

  8. In precap sanchi & kabir dancing was nice….they were so happy and comfortable….seeing such a good chemistry I felt that they r perfect for each other…I guess shyness which was there in kanchi is reducing slowly…..the whole scene was more than nice…

  9. Please CVS clear the final pair????Happy Diwali to allllll????

  10. Mariyam Shoeb

    Kanchi should be paired

  11. Personally I loved the precap……love kanchi

  12. Veer….. Should be with sanchi just because it will have a purpose… As misunderstanding between malholtra and mishra I personally think sanveer should be the final. Pair as they love each other and equally are hurt by each other and sanchi respects kabir as a mentor nothing more

  13. Today’s kanchi scenes were awesome…… Loved precap… Waiting for next episode

  14. Loved this episode (kanchi part)…..I guess swada loves dancing…. She was so happy dancing

  15. I guess kanchi wil get marry in the bhang effect…..if that happens it will be more fun to watch the serial

  16. I wish kanchi to be the main lead

  17. Happy Diwali lovely readers……I wish let this Diwali brings lots of happiness in ur life

  18. Kanchi scenes stole the episode…loved it so much
    Such an awesome chemistry they have…I just want them as final jodi.they are just perfect for each other… kabir in wet hair????

  19. Wow,,mindblwing kanchi scene.. Lv u kanchi..

  20. As usual nothing happened inDhaba. Sanchi will tell truth and obviously kabir cannot hear him as usual maybe veer who is far from him will hear the truth. What a RS production making fool of us

  21. Love veer..cant see him with broken heart…

  22. Can any one tell how these girls know who is sanchi agarwal and her sister I’m following this serial since day 1 but still no idea

    1. Hey actually sanchi mishra nd sanchi agarwal dono ka name internship k liye selected tha per as u know malhotra nd mishra r enemy so malhotra cut the sanchi mishra name.. Sanchi cry nd then trio know the sanchi agarwal not came for counselling so pragya suggested sanchi to give interview on behalf of real agarwal nd after a long convo. She agreed.. But one day she recieved a msg from unknown number who blackmail sanchi for her fake identity… the trio reach at place given by unknown number is none other than rashi… sister of sanchi agarwal so she offered a deal to sanchi for using her sister identity for making carrier on one condition she had to take care of her sister nd giving treatment in sdch…hope all missunderstanding will be cleared..

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