Savitri Devi 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on


Jaya comes to her original house to collect rent. She recalls sweet memories. The lady there asks why she doesn’t live there when that house has so much sweet memories. Jaya says she can’t let her past destroy her daughter’s life. Adarsh comes there. Jaya sees him and hides. The lady says house belongs to her, there is no one named Jaya. Jaya wonders why he came searching for her.

In hospital:

Sanchi is busy in work. Pragya and Isha bring pizza and tell her to start taking time for herself. They all eat pizza together and have good time. They offer help to Sanchi so her work can finish faster. But Sanchi refuses it and tell them to go and sleep. Sanchi continues working and ends up sleeping there only.

In morning, she receives a call from her mum

asking whether she met Dr. Malhotra and whether he knows her full name. Sanchi lies that she did not meet and then she heads to Dr. Kabir’s office. Jaya wonders why Adarsh came to her house. This time Sanchi reaches before time. Kabir comes and Sanchi gives him completed file work. Kabir is somewhat impressed. Sanchi requests him to assign real work now. He assigns her one patient.

That patient is very sad. Sanchi cheers him up. Patient’s father thanks Sanchi for it.

In Malhotra’s house:

Veer pranks on his family bringing a driver and telling he’s Priya’s boyfriend. Priya also plays along as Veer tells her to. Dr. Malhotra gets angry and slaps Veer. He tells him that he’s tensed already and asks him to stop playing his pranks. He also announces that he has fixed Priya’s marriage with the guy whom Priya met in the party. Priya asks how he can make a decision without asking her. He says her life is given by him, so he doesn’t need anyone’s permission to take any decision.

Priya is sad and wishes Savitri Devi was there, then she would have talked to her dad. Dadi encourages Priya to fight. Priya decides that she won’t give up easily.

Dr. Malhotra searches some files at his home. He finds his, Savitri Devi, Jaya and her husband picture. He throws it away. Adarsh comes and informs that Savitri no longer lives at her address. Dr. Malhotra says they must find her. Adarsh’s wife hears it.

Priya asks her boyfriend to meet her. Gayatri and her mum listen that.


Priya informs her boyfriend about Dr. Malhotra’s decision and asks him to do something. Gayatri takes their photo and sends to Dr. Malhotra as a proof of Priya’s affair. He gets shocked and angry.

In market:

Adarsh sees Jaya and gets shocked.

Precap: Same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: Kanika

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  1. show is nice but i think.bhola.should be in negative character because osko garwalu ne itni beizzati ki…

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    So late updates
    liked todays episodes

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    I think BHOLA should be in negavite role. Wo priya ko ab torcher karna chahiye i love you bol.kar because wo badla lena chahiye garwalu se…

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  5. Nice episode.. I like pragya sachi isha….can anyone tell who is bhola…?


  7. Uff i forget today there is no Episode ?
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